Sunday, December 30, 2012

Beach Wedding Sites & Honeymoon Resorts from Long Island, The Gulf Coast to California's Pacific Coast

Pacific Sunset - Photo by Judith Rivers-Moore

There are a huge variety of beach wedding sites, romantic beach vacation rentals and beach resort hotels in the USA and the world.  Long Island and Virginia Beach in the East Coast  to California offers a multitude of coastline favorite wedding sites and honeymoon resorts. We cannot forget the beautiful lake regions in our USA that provide the lakeside backdrop for wedding celebrations and inspiring honeymoons. 

We have found beautiful settings from the tip of Florida to Maine where beach weddings flourish along the Atlantic Seaboard.  From Newport Beach, the beautiful New Jersey coastline, Chesapeake Bay, Virginia Beach, South Carolina and the Atlantic coastline of Florida around to the Gulf Coast reveals hundreds of remarkable hotels bed and breakfasts, inns, vacation rentals and resorts.
 Beach view bedrooms & Sound of the Ocean Waves

These wedding venues and honeymoon locations provide many styles of services and you can discover these as you open up links on Some will house your guests making them a perfect wedding destination. Event sites sometimes have all-inclusive planning, while most give you a list of recommended local reception services eager to complete your celebration in style. 

We know many couples desire a private and/or small family wedding or choose to elope.  Often this is where the vacation rental on the beach works well for couples and they are great ideas for housing wedding guests for a nearby celebration.

Tips on Hosting A Beach Wedding: 
  • Consider the time – the tides come in and where it ends up on the beach
  • Choose a season with less seaweed or sea nats
  • The owners of the property will suggest best times for ceremonies
  • Not all beachfronts are safe for swimming – if this is a beach party or vacation time please inquire.
Find Beach Wedding Sites LINKED on

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Engagement Rings On Your Finger & Wedding Planning Leadd To Wedding Bells Soon

So many couples become engaged at various times during the year.  We would like to congratulate each of you as you begin your wedding planning journey. Instead of a bike to take the journey - read on to find out about the vehicle of tools we offer you.

You will soon find out, there are a multitude of decisions to make. Many of you understand the steps toward a well planned wedding, how to stay within your budget, timelines and prep time you need.  For others, you will need some help - especially with lowering your stress over all.

I spent years in the wedding planning arena and have taught at several California University extended education class on Event Planning for their certification programs the materials in my new book comes from an experienced background.  When you sign up HERE, we send back the Wedding Manifesto
 e-Book  on  with your management forms and gifts.   You will also gain your budget forms, timelines for rehearsal  and for the day of your celebrations. There is a wealth of advice from former brides and myself.
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Planning to be in California for your wedding celebration - We just released our 2015 "Best Style Wedding and Honeymoon e-Magazine with ten distinct regions throughout the state for easy reading from IPAD or PC.  Colorful, fun articles, and Award Winning Businesses for each region.

There are many great planning tools available on WeddingLinks - that include a gallery of Bridal Dress Designers on - our mobile friendly website....Also the Local Bridal Shows are linked. From magazines to books and we offer an audio book for those commuters.  You will find detailed wedding planning articles addressing every subject on  Plan your honeymoon from our complete travel resource on with great ideas for destination weddings and honeymoons.

This is a wonderful time of your life and we hoped to lower your stresses by placing
everything in one spot for easy planning.

Best Wishes, Judith Rivers-Moore
Author & Publisher    Best Style   & Wedding Manifesto


Monday, December 17, 2012

Wedding Flowers, Bridal Bouquets & Table Decor That Reflect Your Wedding Style

Set your style with wedding flowers, bouquets, ceremony and reception table decor.
This takes several concerns into consideration.  Determine your love of flowers, your favorites, whether the chosen blossoms FIT the venue you have selected and your budget!

Choosing who will complete this for you also rests on your passion for flowers. 
(Find all types of florists for every budget in and there are several articles and a LIST  regarding flowers and florists links on


                                                          Photo by
Floral Designers - Can pull the aisle, ceremony area, bouquets and reception flowers together to enhance and complete your theme.
Full Service Florist - Often have someone in their shop that specializes in floral design.
Grocery Stores  - Will often have someone who can create the basics of most arrangements, but do not deliver - nor do your cake flowers (if necessary). 
Do Them Yourself - Buying wholesale and creating the bouquets is NOT for the bride's hands.  Your hands are in many photos and flowers are not easy to do - staining and breaking nails.

Often I am in awe at what a floral designer or florist will create. This photo of a design specialist brings a soft combination of flowers into a pure romance bouquet...and this photo does nothing to really show you how beautiful the above creation is with sea shells for a beach wedding.

Your altar or ceremony flowers, arches, canopies and settings for your nuptials bring in the romance and can key the color theme you choose.  We see so many exciting ideas and unique floral displays. There are a few concerns for the tables and I will address these.
                                                         Photo by
Special Tips:
1. Centerpiece flowers on your linens should display low (no higher than 12 inches) or quite high 1.50 to 2 feet.  The ability to talk across the table without hindering the view is important for your guest's enjoyment.

2. Most flowers hold up well, but choose wisely as some have excessive perfume and may give a concern for hay fever/headaches.  

3.  When your colors from the ceremony work well with your reception room selection, your flowers from the ceremony can be transported to the reception and used at the head table and/or on the cake table or as an entry display.

4. Understand prices and availability have a great deal to do with the season of the year.  ie  Valentine weddings are sooooo romantic, but trying to put your flowers together for a wedding is often a challenge, and much more expensive. (Place your order early on these).

   Photo by Evening wedding reception
notice how the floral color choice pops in the photos.

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Friday, December 14, 2012

Wedding + Flowers = Beautiful

Photo by
Custom Wedding Flowers and Decor
            Whether you are attempting to achieve a loud WOW or a hushed awesome wow, you will want to set the style and add romance to your wedding with flowers. They are at the top of the list in achieving themes, fantasy, passion, flirtation to your wedding and reception. They also bring creative beauty to indoor and outdoor settings.  
Photo by

Wow your guests with the vibrant hues, exotic or traditional blossoms available today, or draw them into your romantic setting with soft floral shades, tulle and candlelight. With our worldwide flower markets anything goes in today’s wonder of flowers. Imagine the remarks from the guests if you had no flowers… We have many local florists linked in for every budget. 

 No matter where the wedding and reception are, it is important to work with a local professional florist who offers you several recommendation letters to call and confirm his/her standards from prior clients.  Yes, call those recommendations -- who knows better than someone he/she has worked for previously? You’ll want to know …
·         if the flowers were delivered on time and was the order what was talked about and requested?
·         if the order was filled completely and marked for who gets what?
·         if the flowers were fresh and held up well throughout the day?
Your best question is ....Would use that florist or floral designer again?

Photo by

We will discuss table flower decor in the next blog. Questions, join Judith Rivers-Moore on Facebook.
Enjoy the new honeymoon travel articles from your mobile phone on shares 3 articles for ideas about flowers and ways to purchase rose petals and Hawaiian wedding flowers.


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Beginning Your Wedding Planning

Photo by

Congratulations!! That ring looks wonderful on your left hand.  He popped the question and you said yes.  You’ve set an approximate date and now all the decision-making begins.  While it may all seem exciting, I often hear from brides-to-be … it can be  overwhelming.  There are hundreds of decisions to make from the engagement to when you finally sit down at the reception.  It is important you enjoy and remember those wonderful moments.

So take a deep breath and go take the online wedding planning class at  After teaching the subject of wedding planning at several California University extended education classes, it seemed natural to turn it into a WEBINAR for brides. 
Reception Photo by

 Things have changed so much over the years that even if you helped your sister or were married before, this will inform and encourage you to develop you and your sweetheart’s wedding – your way. You receive the wedding timeline, part of a planning book, budgets and some audio clips to move you through the process.  You will find humor, colorful photos and guidance - are all part of the enjoyment.  No sign up –other than your e-mail address and the class is 90 minutes at your computer.
Join our blog and stay current with trends, photos and enjoyable ideas for your wedding.

Judith Rivers-Moore is the wedding coach on Facebook.  Give us your questions.

Part of our family of websites to assist you from beginning to completion of all your planning. Looking for venues and services on or honeymoon or destination wedding ideas on  and use our mobile app to access from your smart phone.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

The New Color Trends Toward 2013

Everyone is buzzing about the new color trends for 2013.  Understand no Bride has to follow the trends...if you have always dreamed of a all white wedding or envisioned pink, gold, blue or black, people will still happily attend your wedding day celebration!!!

But if you want to know.... Emerald Green is showing up everywhere.  From the deep emerald green to various  teals, aquas the trend is showing up on movie stars, in clothing, table settings and mmmm beautiful emerald rings.  This trend combines with the last several years trends in having your engagement ring with your birthstone or favorite stone.

Found some beautiful ideas on

Now you know what color I am referring to - enjoy the search for your party rentals and bridesmaid dresses on

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Vendor Communication Tips For Successful Weddings & Receptions

It take a multitude of services and clear communication to send a bride down the aisle.  Much of it leverages on being clear about what you want, setting those specifics into a contract and reminding your vendors/services near the date of your agreements.

I hear both sides in the business - bride's upset and the vendor's bewilderment.

Understand these wonderful wedding services bring a vast number of talents to your wedding day celebration!!! Many have business degrees, a passion for what they do, and tons of education on their subject.  You really want to look for wedding services with five or more years of experience. For better service, make it clear - they are not to drink alcohol nor do drugs, nor be involved with your guests - while working for you. Be clear about their breaks, food provided and any other specific details.
Find great services with five or more years in business on and mobile friendly

Things that create problems ...
Bride's & Grooms can change their mind and not communicate it to the vendor.  Or a specific piece of music was requested and not added, and sometimes cars break down, people get sick, addresses were not given to reception halls or ceremony areas.....etc.  But the one thing we all know...

The Vendors/Wedding Services are not mind readers.  
They will do a better job for you when they are informed of last week changes, and that you understand,
it is very difficult to do last minute changes. They need to know who is in charge (wedding planner) and who else will be assisting in directing the vendors.

At the time of contracting .....Please outline with them the specifics that mean a lot to you.  Go back and review that list or update accordingly to your changes.  Not everything goes into your contract. If they have asked YOU to to provide a music list, or YOU want special photos or unique details on food preparation or film presentations for a videographer - do this quickly so they have time to map it out.  Make your list, go over it in person and/or e-mail it.  Call to confirm they have received you e-mail and they understand your list and can provide what is on it.
Communicating the details of what you want is important!!
Photo by

We have posted a number of lists for the various vendors on in the Articles Area  Please bring a witness to vendor meetings.  You will then have evidence to prove you did notify them of your requests.    
Join Judith's Blog and Please Add Your Input To Our .... Tips!
1. Remind the vendor (such as the videographer) to call you prior to leaving anything out of your video.....that scene may be what you wanted more than any other.
2. Get music requests in early, so the dj or musicians have time to find the music or practice the request.
3. Your wedding or reception may begin at certain time, but you will need to give services an earlier time to set up decor, audio, cameras, cakes, flowers, food, etc. They will go over this with you, find out your contact person for the site or wedding planner and determine their set-up times.   Best Wishes, Judith

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Friday, November 16, 2012

Ease Your Bridal Research Strategy

Photo by,

It’s a “Given” - Brides surf the web when shopping for all their bridal needs. We all get busy reviewing designer gowns and styles of wedding dresses, tuxes and want to find our local shops. We explore hundreds of links to wedding venues.

We are driven to use the lunch hour at work and stay up until 1 or 2 am to surf.  So here are some tips to help get back to that perfect wedding dress you saw and find those exciting wedding venue, reception services you liked or honeymoon location. So between our work computer and home, we become “frazzled” when we cannot find the item we liked.  We have all signed on to so many websites we become deluged with e-mails. Even the professional Wedding Services ask you to sign in to enter their websites….

So here are a few helpful tips and I trust you will sign on to the blog and add your tips to the following:

  1. Take out an e-mail address – specific to your wedding planning time and dump it after the wedding. This way your personal e- account can continue for your friends and family.
  2. If you are going to sign up everywhere, use the same password
  3. Find and use “Free Access Web Portals” where all your shopping can be completed from one or two geographical areas (menu).
  4. Shopping for wedding locations can be difficult – find a website that shows the number of guests in the description, so you do not spend hours looking inside the websites for this information.
  5. Look beyond the first two pages on your Search Engine searches – there are amazing companies.
  6. Bookmark a web address you like or e-mail to your bridal e-mail so you can get back to it quickly.  Research is difficult enough without losing your favorites.

You will find all the above tools on…

  • Free access to all the venues and services
  • Thousand of links to low budget and elegant locations
  • Wedding Planning Classes (online webinars that provide budgets/timelines and more.) 
  • Worldwide destinations for the wine country wedding regions, beach wedding sites, garden venues, major hotels, religious settings and castles
  • Ease to bookmark and e-mail your findings.

ã 2012, J.R. Publications, Inc. – use of any part of this information requires a link back to or to

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Rehearsal Dinners

You are probably saying, "Why is she talking to me about a rehearsal dinner, when I have so many other things to think about!!" Correct, but in the forefront of stating who will be responsible for what and number of guests to invite, there are some quirky concerns as you work on your budget and speak with your future in-laws. So lets consider them and you can add your questions or ideas right here on the Blog.

1. Financial and Planning Responsibility for the Rehearsal Dinner has historically fallen on the family of the groom. Leaving those concerns out of the bride and groom's worry area. It is vital to communicate in early planning WHO will be responsible for this event.  It is also vital the couple communicate the number of guests to the host of the rehearsal dinner - so they may look for a site.
Also, we are seeing some changes in this area as many couples are paying for their weddings and take on this in their scope of planning.

2. The guest list has historically been just the immediate wedding party (groomsmen, bridesmaid, officiant, parents and siblings of each side and the coordinator plus their one guest).  We do see changes in the destination wedding group as they ask many of those who traveled in early for the wedding to join them at the rehearsal dinner. This can get pricey and should be discussed completely with the host/hostess of the dinner.

3. Reason to set the number of guests is because some restaurants do not have room for a larger group than anticipated.  Many rehearsals fall on Friday nights and it is a task to gain a restaurant that wants to serve a group. Friday is one of their best commercial nights. If the final number is less, that is so much better than more.  

Crab Feeds and Beach Parties Are Fun 

4. Even tho there are children in the wedding, remember a babysitter is an asset as they will be a happier child/children on the wedding day if they go to bed on time.  

5. Some times the groom's family cannot afford to pick up the tab on an entire rehearsal dinner.  They may be able to provide a portion and require support from the couple. This is a time where we bring understanding to a situation. Also, couples deal sometimes with the rehearsal dinner being more grand than the wedding day celebration.  Again flexibility is needed and open discussion is necessary.
Awesome Picnic Areas You Can Reserve

6. Consider some different ideas for Rehearsal Dinners.
  • Evening picnics in parks or beach parties with games 
  • Art Gallery, Museum or Aquarium dining with a caterer to serve
  • Roof Garden Restaurants overlooking a city
  • Out on the bay in one of the exciting tour ships
  • Backyard swim party
  • Pizza Parlor (at a favorite)
  • Wine country - cave dining or picnic ground use
  • Hotel where most of the out-of-town guests are staying
  • If you have rented a house or a condo in the wedding area, plan the dinner there. Caterers, chefs or potlucks work well, as do pizza take home and salads.
A Historic Restaurant In Your Area

You will find hundreds of ideas for pre-wedding parties and rehearsal dinners or your date nights on  Photos by JR Moore

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Men's Tuxedos, Suites & Casual Dress For Weddings

Wow, we see everything today for men's wedding attire. It has to do with where, when and what the couple believe works best for the setting or style wedding they are planning.  From black tie formal, ethnic styles, and great looking suites to exciting floral shirts, the selection is fun.  We'd love to have your input on what you have in mind for your wedding day celebration!

Brown Suites by Judith Rivers-Moore

Photo by

Photo by

Photo by

So many great ideas to choose from that adhere to themes, ethnic styles, formal and informal wedding ceremonies. Tuxedo shops and costumers introduce the preferred styles. You will find many of these great stores in the region where you are making plans on

Friday, October 19, 2012

Creative Ideas & Fun Things To Do For Your Destination Wedding Guests

Castle de Amorosa in Napa Valley, Ca. photo by Judith Rivers-Moore

So why publish a photo of this castle in Napa Wine Country.  We know you cannot get married at this Napa Valley castle, but you can have fun tours, events and dinners. There are many wineries who will not do weddings & receptions but will do unique and wonderful tours, picnics and dinners for your guests while in the area.

Request a free copy of our "Best Style California Wedding & Honeymoon" e-Magazine for inspiring wedding venues & award winning services throughout Ten Regions of California. 

Couples realize many of their wedding guests are coming from far away and some think about giving them a nearby accommodations list.  Many couples hosting destination weddings in regions will make it part of their plan to have tours available they may all go on.   includes most area's Tourism Bureaus in the Area's Services Menu. Many of the wedding venues and hotel websites include a list of local tours.  

I have listed a few ideas below and we would love to have you join us with your ideas regarding your wedding region.

Sonoma and Napa wine regions: wine tours, private wine tasting, hot air balloon rides, Safari West tours, Coppola's swim and museum, Charles Shultz Museum, Green Music Center and the Napa Wine Train are fun experiences. There are hundreds of wineries in these counties.

San Francisco night club tours, walking the Golden Gate Bride as a group, Greyline city bus tour and take the Bart around the Bay Area if you do not have local transportation. The museums and art are amazing.

Los Angeles and Orange have the Disneyland idea with MGM as another favorite tour. Greyline takes you to Grahams etc for a variety of tours.  From Gene Autry to Getty -- the museums are awesome.

New York City holds a vast array of nightclub and top theater musicals and plays for enjoyment. We also found tours for the Rockettes to the Statue of Liberty.

The Caribbean Islands include a nightclub evening, snorkel day cruise, Ragga music and dances, moonlight cruises on sailboats and beach parties.

Hawaii is one big beach party and awesome hikes, sailings and water sports. While Pearl Harbor is somber, we know you will enjoy the unique trips to a live volcano and furtherest views of the stars!!. 

Take a look at where you are hosting your wedding and determine what might be of interest to your guests.

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#destination weddings
#wedding guests

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


 Planning a wedding can be very stressful.  This is a given. It is also stressful for the person who shows you their venue and the services with time set aside for  appointments for your interviews.  Time is a precious commodity for everyone.  I would like to give you a few tips on the bridal world management etiquette.  

Your decisions will run from budget to venues, to choosing a marriage officent, where you register for your gifts and your honeymoon.  Join us on the blog to discuss YOUR viewpoints.....We wish you the best with some of the tips below

Photo by JR Moore

      Photo by JR Moore
                                                                                          Photo by

1. You are dealing with people who have amazing knowledge regarding their services and many have schooled themselves for years. They set time aside to listen to your requests, and then explain how they can create their part of your dream wedding and reception.

2. If you are not planning to show up for the appointment, give them a call, leave a message about whether you decided on someone else, or need to move the date and time.

3. Last minute Changes can be difficult.  To change flowers after the florist has gone to the market for your selections. Caterers who have to add more food, or less food, designs on decorations and table placement settings.  These all add up to stress between bride, groom and the service.

4. Go over your reception timing with person in charge. This could be your wedding planner, your dad or mom, your musicians or venue hostess.  This way things run smoother with a timeline.

5.  People forget verbal instructions. Make certain things are written down and given to attendants, services and groom.  Addresses with zip codes and delivery times are very important to your services and the attendants.  I have done a few "day-of"  weddings where after the rehearsal the attendants did not know where the rehearsal dinner was being held. Wow!

Please understand when you sign a contract, there may be paragraphs regarding deposits. Read them carefully.  Please never sign an agreement the first day you meet someone.  Review their name and reputation prior to contracting.


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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Beauty Tips That Add Up To Spectacular Brides

Share with us your favorite beauty are a few of mine for brides and bridesmaids.

Being frazzled up to the last minute does not equate to an elegant and beautiful bride.  You want to get everything done ahead so you can take it easy and pamper yourself the last several days. Too many last things to do toward the wedding, the wrong foods, not enough rest and drinking alcohol all show up on your face the day of your wedding.
Make-up is a wonderful thing, but it can only do so much.  Here are a few suggestions:

1.  Tips for your skin - shampooing your hair in the shower allows the water to cascade down over the face.  Find a new method to shampoo and rinse that keeps this off your facial skin. Most hair shampoos are so strong, they can scrub your tub. Many ladies complain that it make their skin breakout and never let the color rinse or  color treatments get on your face.  Drinking lots of water and good amounts of fresh veggies and fruits bring a glow to your skin.  Because toxins store in the lower tract, keep the lower tract clear, and daily or bi-daily exercise will bring a healthy glow to your skin and firmness to your body. Always cleanse the face before retiring for the night. Perspiration, makeup and dirt will go down in the pours at night. The back of the neck receives major dirt from the hair.  If you work at a computer, this electric device draws dirt and dust to your body.  

Photo by
2.  Tip on dieting - many of us go on extreme diets, cutting out various foods, drinks etc.  These changes in habits are what is needed for a diet, BUT nearing the time of the wedding, there are parties, rehearsal dinners where we introduce food and drinks back into our bodies.....these can have a very adverse affect on our system.  Small amounts of these "new foods/drinks" can cause major headaches, stomach aches, nausea and the jitters - so be aware.

There are several articles on health, beauty and apparel on We have links to skin and makeup professionals in most cities on

3.  Tip for photographs - Make-up artists are a great idea so you can gain a better visual impact on your wedding photos.  It is surprising how a white dress can fade out our natural appearance.

Photo by

Photo by,

4.  Traveling for your destination wedding or honeymoon??  The airlines are very determined we do not bring specific size items off hair and skin (solutions) aboard.  Place what you will need in smaller plastic bottles. Check with the airlines for what is recommended, where it may be carried and what is not allowed.  

5.  There are many beautiful wedding veil ideas available. Look for the styles and sheerness that allows people to see your glow.  Sometimes brides walk the aisle and no one can see how happy and beautiful they are because the veil overwhelms they and their dress.

P.S. A series of facials scheduled months in advance of your wedding date will do a lot to add to your glow. Always see a trained and certified professional that uses the best products and offers years of experience. No matter how much of a do it yourself gal you are, please find a great pro in your neighborhood.  Do not leave this to just before the wedding.

For your honeymoon make-up - remember the sun blocks, a small medical kit and any medications - we have great travel articles, ideas and input on romantic travel on

Partner Websies:
Weight Loss Information on


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Wedding Cake Alternatives & Fun Dessert Ideas For Wedding Receptions & Life Celebrations

Everyone wants to be different!  It’s chic, classy and innovative.  Wedding cake alternatives and fun dessert ideas will often add uniqueness and interest to your wedding reception and life celebrations. Little touches here and there never hurt your guest’s memory of your big day!

It frightens me, when I meet ladies at a bridal shows who say….  “My sister is handling my wedding or my girl friend just got married and she is going to coordinate it for me or mom says, we’ve married off three others, we know who to call.”  My inner question is…. Are you getting your wedding, or her old one?  Same vendors, same wedding site, same style, food, dessert, etc…Tell us how you feel about this on the blog.

You Are You! Remember that, and don’t get locked out of how you and your intended reflect it on your wedding day. You will find many of my weddinglinks blogs endear you to being your own unique self.

Cakes are glorious and very photogenic!  The ingredients offer a multitude of choices and creative icing decor.  The groom’s cake is an excellent addition and a great tradition to your cake table. Whether butter cream or fondant, they look and appear exquisite in the photos and an amazing centerpiece to your reception room.  We see, carrot and spice cakes plus the red cakes taking a spotlight at receptions. Photos by

I personally love the beauty of a wedding cake, excitement of a birthday cake, etc.  But I love to bake pies, eat pies and share pie recipes.  Just a knack picked up from mom.  Guess what? Just met a gal who provides a pie service for weddings and events. Men Love Pies!!!  So if you are considering doing dessert stations for your event or wedding reception, you might consider this.

A while back we discussed different desserts or reception confections. We concluded there are many new and exciting ideas to add sweetness to your celebration.   You will find links on and we would love your input on this subject. Many ideas for dessert we have seen so far include:

  • Cupcake Tiers
  • Various Candy Treats to pile on your plate or cup
  • Dove Bars
  • Ice Cream Cakes
  • Make Your Own Ice Cream Sundaes
  • Pie Bars
  • Chocolate Fountains with fruit, cookes and marshmallows
  • Frozen Yogurt Bars
  • Vegan, Gluten Free and Sugar Free Desserts
  • Fudge Brownies
  • Frozen Cheese Cake Bars
  • Personal Photo-Enhanced Icings
  • Personalize initials on the cake
Along with the many exciting traditional cakes and ethnic wedding desserts we are finding, couples want crème brulee or baked Alaska served.  Elegance and luxury do turn the corner on these desserts as they must be served by the staff in a grand presentation style.

Talk it over, see what you both want served.  Find a tried and true professional baker or dessert maker to complete this for you.  Believe me, I have seen cakes fall apart because great aunt Mary did not know the dynamics of a tiered cake, or the best friend did not understand you cannot set a cake out in the sun for three hours prior to serving.  Most of all – allow your dessert be a personal signature to your celebration!

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LUXURY Ideas For the Wedding Ceremony & Wedding Reception

Rose Petals,                     
Wine Cave Reception
Photos by Dennis Urbiztondo 

Adding Luxury Ideas to Your Wedding Ceremony Whether it is a beautiful church, cathedral or natural environment in the woods, beach, garden or vineyards, we find it is important to be heard and seen. A raised platform for the ceremony, good microphones, ample lighting, shade (when outdoors) a printed program with names of the presenters, languages, explaining ethnic customs. All allow the guest to feel included. Select a location in a nice section of town with an impressive entry or      drive and top the luxury with valet parking services.         Please add your luxury ideas to our Blog.

Photo by
 With an outdoor environment, make certain there are no apparent car sounds or flight patterns overhead. Choosing a setting with fountain, waterfall or lovely stream, beach and waterway views can mesmerize your guests. Nature has a way of enriching every part of our soul. Staging and lighting of the ceremony and/or reception are a real trend in luxury weddings. The outer building or interior lighting will excite your guests. Top the luxury with a light show during the reception music and or/ fireworks and sparklers (depends on the fire laws and your event site rules). Outdoor weddings and evening weddings often have wine and cocktail services with canapes’ (hors d’oeurves) served prior to the party guests being seated with one or more instrumentalist to set the mood of the day. As ceremony time nears, the seating or gathering time is announced.

Waiting for newlyweds to arrive prior to serving food and drink is passé! Adding Luxury to Your Wedding Reception Location entry door greeters to direct the guests to their seating adds to the glamour. The male ushers generally take on this task but we see luxury style weddings hire staff to complete this duty so the wedding party is exempt from these duties. Romantic outdoor evening weddings in full moonlight with flickering votives and oil lamps. Aisle decor, an altar cloth or arbor includes the use of the poly tulle that reflects twinkle lighting.

Luxurious Ideas For Your Wedding Reception Venues Most weddings require two or three venues that include; bachelor/bacholorette, the rehearsal dinner and a variety of sites for guest lodging. While proximity may be important, we also see a high-end wedding can be a destination wedding to unique parts of the world. While finding an opulent site with beautiful wall hangings, frescos, crystal chandeliers, gold leaf trim, marble dance floors and velvet curtains rein high on the list, luxury and opulence can include renting a winery, wine cave, skyscraper roof garden with magnificent views, mansion or lovely beach house that has been well cared for. We see historic sites, unique museums, botanical gardens, observatories, aquariums all work allowing you to utilize the backdrop to its fullest while increasing the interest and enjoyment of your guests.

A couple often chooses an event site that reflect their interests. Find these locations in each county of California, the USA and parts of the world on

 Luxurious Ideas For Your Reception Room Look: Ideas for a luxurious appearance for a wedding are features you can look for prior to booking a location. Entries and ceilings are key to visuals. Room appearance is directly affected by the look of flooring, chairs, full-length tablecloths (or pooling linens) and overlay cloths of unique fabrics. We find larger rooms incorporating a furnished areas near the bar and away from the music Complete dinner service, centerpieces and setting the table with specific folds to napkins for the dinner menu, plus unique favors all enhance the table appearance. Candles, votives and favors enrich the mood.

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Friday, August 24, 2012

Seven Tips On Wedding Flowers, Bridal Bouquets & Table Centerpieces

Love to have you join the

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Brides are as different about choosing wedding flowers as they are about selecting a wedding dress. Many brides-to-be could care less about the floral décor while others, must be surrounded by specific blossoms or they will not think this, “the wedding of their dreams”.  Share with us on the blog, your flower ideas or requests!

I Want - What I Want - When I Want It

We all get a bit cheeky about it being “our day” and “we can have what we want”, but with everything there is a plus and a minus. Your mind may dance with a wedding and reception profuse with flowers, but certain blossoms will cost you two to three times more out of season and other favorites do not hold up well in heat, or after they are picked. We quickly understand there is more to planning the flowers than we anticipated.
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Trust these tips will help:
1. Understand if you order from the web, they may not get there on time or will need to be stored in a cooler to keep them fresh. With wedding flowers it is best to work with a local professional florist who will contract to create them “just as you requested and deliver them fresh and on time.”
2. Order early (6 or 8 months in advance) when you are married on or near popular flower gift times.  Mothers Day, Christmas, Valentines and Easter for the USA and other countries have specific celebration dates.
3. If you must keep your floral designs within a specific budget, it is important to have your bridal bouquet with your favorite flower(s). This is the most photographed and memorable display.
4. Flowers may be transported from the ceremony room to the reception room and decorate the front table, the cake/dessert table(s) and we have also seen them on the reception tables held in vases.
5. Allergies to flowers can sometimes require the removal of the flowers from a reception table. No one should be embarrassed by this request and made to feel at ease. Most people come prepared for their allergies, but new things (flower types) can set them off.
Please note the centerpiece height. Photo by JR Moore

6. When designing the individual reception table centerpieces, they should be kept very low so people may talk over them, or built high so people may talk through the base to their table partners.  
7. During Victorian Times books on flower meanings were the rage.  Bridal bouquets and hair flowers in particular give unique messages. You may want to study this and often your florist has a list or books.  We will be blog posting some of these meanings in the near future.

You are welcome to add your input and ideas to our blog.  

For local floral designers in your area or destination weddings, offers a wonderful variety of articles and links to professional florists. We have also placed a link to growers of Hawaiian flowers and rose petal companies.

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96 Years - Happy Birthday To USA's National Parks

Having traveled most of the United States and a great deal in California, our United States National Parks System is a crowing glory to those who desire an exceptional destination wedding area.  The dynamic park systems are in all states across this great nation, preserved for us to enjoy a multitude of ways.  We are so thankful for those who preserved and continue to take care of these great places from the Olympic Park to the East Coast Lighthouses.

We have experienced; magnificent water falls, forests of every magnitude, come to understand desert life and walked and swum in beautiful beaches and unique mountain parks. We have hiked in Bryce and Zion, camped in the snow at Yosemite and enjoyed everything in between in various states.

Join The Blog - Let Us Know Your Favorite National Park!!!

Many do not realize the Washington DC moments are part of the National Parks System.  Some of our favorite days were spent frolicking on the beaches and savoring moments no one can take away from us. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!

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Many of these lovely areas are available for wedding planning. Our website links the national parks .com,  a state parks .com for every state, county parks and city parks plus community  recreation center .coms in our  

Donations of funds and your volunteer hours are always welcome to continue these inspiring areas. 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Bridal Shows & Wedding Fairs To Meet Los Angeles to Miami Wedding Venues, Services & Travel

Brides attend local bridal shows for a variety of reasons. The colorful wedding fairs are highly publicized on radio, TV and in the media, plus now on the web and Facebook.  It is fun to attend and can get you in the mood to begin your planning.  The shows offer many exciting prizes, booth prizes and discounts if you book the wedding vendor at the show.  Most have inspiring bridal fashion shows with the recent designs, tuxedos and bridal attendant ideas.  There are workshops at some and speakers who nail specific subjects for couples. Looking for a bridal show in your region - Look to BridalShowInfo and for current dates and places.
 Table Linens by
Often the wedding shows are held in lovely hotels and wedding locations where the site manager can introduce couples to their venue and tour them through the setting. We occasionally see wedding shows held in shopping malls.  There is also a variety of price tags on the entry fees ranging from free to $25. 

Many couples have never planned a wedding before and in our recent economy, their combined funds are paying for the wedding celebration. Couples need to set their budgets and find out what the local price ranges are in the vicinity of where they plan to be married.  Though grooms do not always want to attend, we do meet many more of these wonderful guys at the shows now. 
                                                     Photo by JR Moore - The Wedding Coach

Through the years, and hundreds of bridal shows we have attended, people ask me if it is better to attend a very large show or a boutique style show.  The larger, over-crowed shows do not give time to speak with the booth vendors.  You might gain some brochures and hardly talk to the owner or representative.  Lets face it you have questions for the wedding photographers, the florist, the party rental company and the various services. Most services discuss their various packages and bring their appointment books.

Here are a few good tips and find current show dates on  WeddingLinks.CO 
(The Web address gives you California to New York, Canada & Worldwide Bridal Shows, Wedding Venues & Services Links - We link businesses with a history of five or more years in business.)
TIPS ...
  • Bring your groom or a friend to bounce the information off of later
  • You want to hire businesses that have been around for several years and worked on many weddings and/or receptions
  • Wear comfortable shoes
  • Sign up for the door prizes - winning a prize can off-set your budget in great ways.
  • You do not have to contract with anyone without checking their references first
  • Take a pen to note on a brochure when you want to call a person or price quotes
  • Most shows give you a bag, but sort it out when you get home for people you want to call for appointments. 
  • Understand when you call these venues and services, they consider Monday and Tuesdays their off work days – whereby you have Saturday and Sunday off.
  • Use your smart phone to store photos, names of businesses you want to contact in the future and find now that more businesses can be accessed through your smart phones.
  • Look for unique ideas, themes, party linen ideas and reception table possibilities.
Please ask permission before you take photos of dresses or the displays. Those are considered creative ideas.

Best Wish