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Seven Tips On Wedding Flowers, Bridal Bouquets & Table Centerpieces

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Brides are as different about choosing wedding flowers as they are about selecting a wedding dress. Many brides-to-be could care less about the floral décor while others, must be surrounded by specific blossoms or they will not think this, “the wedding of their dreams”.  Share with us on the blog, your flower ideas or requests!

I Want - What I Want - When I Want It

We all get a bit cheeky about it being “our day” and “we can have what we want”, but with everything there is a plus and a minus. Your mind may dance with a wedding and reception profuse with flowers, but certain blossoms will cost you two to three times more out of season and other favorites do not hold up well in heat, or after they are picked. We quickly understand there is more to planning the flowers than we anticipated.
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Trust these tips will help:
1. Understand if you order from the web, they may not get there on time or will need to be stored in a cooler to keep them fresh. With wedding flowers it is best to work with a local professional florist who will contract to create them “just as you requested and deliver them fresh and on time.”
2. Order early (6 or 8 months in advance) when you are married on or near popular flower gift times.  Mothers Day, Christmas, Valentines and Easter for the USA and other countries have specific celebration dates.
3. If you must keep your floral designs within a specific budget, it is important to have your bridal bouquet with your favorite flower(s). This is the most photographed and memorable display.
4. Flowers may be transported from the ceremony room to the reception room and decorate the front table, the cake/dessert table(s) and we have also seen them on the reception tables held in vases.
5. Allergies to flowers can sometimes require the removal of the flowers from a reception table. No one should be embarrassed by this request and made to feel at ease. Most people come prepared for their allergies, but new things (flower types) can set them off.
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6. When designing the individual reception table centerpieces, they should be kept very low so people may talk over them, or built high so people may talk through the base to their table partners.  
7. During Victorian Times books on flower meanings were the rage.  Bridal bouquets and hair flowers in particular give unique messages. You may want to study this and often your florist has a list or books.  We will be blog posting some of these meanings in the near future.

You are welcome to add your input and ideas to our blog.  

For local floral designers in your area or destination weddings, offers a wonderful variety of articles and links to professional florists. We have also placed a link to growers of Hawaiian flowers and rose petal companies.

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