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Wedding Flower Ideas & Tips On Flower Selection For Brides In San Diego & Los Angeles To Sacramento & San Francisco

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Every Bride Has A Different Opinion On Flowers For Her Wedding Celebration
So much of a wedding has to do with your decisions. Some brides could care less about flowers and others want profusions of floral decor. It is a matter of taste and sometimes the allergy issues toward flowers.  Depending on your budget, your style and design, there are methods to cut costs or spend lavishly.  A professional florist is one of your greatest assets.
There are a variety:  Floral Decor Artists, Floral Designers, Flower Shops, Grocery Flower Shops, Discount House Flower Stalls, Mail order florists.

As a wedding coach, it is vital to say - please put someone in charge of your exact delivery and give them a list (guideline) of where you want the flowers placed.  Leaving them at a event site in the hot sun is not what you want for flowers. Also, if they are on the cake, you must have a pro do this. The cake maker may deliver, set up the cake - but if the flowers are not there to decorate at the same time, it does not get done - or done poorly.  While they are improving their services, mail order flowers are not my best wish for your wedding day.

You will find great florists on in the city/region where you want to plan.

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The Following List Will Give You Some Ideas on

 How Flowers & Green Decor Can Be Used At A Wedding and Reception
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Flowers, Herbs, Succulents & Silks
Table center pieces, petals on tables or down aisles, focus points, such as head banquet tables, stages, wedding altars,  ceremony area, food displays, wedding cakes, flower girl baskets, men's boutiners, corsages (pinned or wrist), or nosegays, flower bouquets in a tussy mussy or with ribbon wrapped stems, bridal bouquets, on chair backs, aisle flowers, serving trays and edibles in salads and potted plants, potted trees and flower seed favors. Ceremony arch decor and chuppahs, along with garlands, leis and many ethnic styles and color flowers. 
Green Decor
Reducing the size of a room or visual barrier with large plants. 
Tall plants or trees with twinkle lights.
Potted Ferns 

When making decisions on which flowers to use for your event it does help to understand:

  •  what flowers look like,
  •  how they smell 
  •  how they will hold up (wilt or bruise) after being picked
  • often brides want to know their meaning before including

I love the versatility of this Pinterest Board

The florist can help you understand them better, but do take the time to view some florist web sites or display books (found in floral shops)....or go to a Bridal Show and view some of the magical displays. This may give you great ideas and help you key into your choices and budgets with long lasting blossoms for events or weddings. Events and wedding days are often up to eight hours and often in warm weather or wind.

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Ten Honeymoon Regions & TIPS on Planning Tahiti to California to Caribbean Travel

                                                         Pacific Islands - Tahiti

Most of us have ideas on where we would like to go for our honeymoon. Surprisingly the USA offers you several of these popular and romantic areas. Find a list below for ten of the most romantic areas in the world. I would like to help you understand some timing and travel issues people deal with first.

TIPS from
1. Do some reading on the region you are going to. Look up on the internet the safety precautions for the region. Some places are not very safe to vacation in.
2. Find out if you will need passport or Travel Visas.
3. Find out if you need medical shots (immunizations) for the region or country.
4. Snow Ski or Tropical....Always bring sun block, hats and for tropical - mosquito repellents.
5. Bring a small medical kit with antibiotic cream.
6. Bring your medications in their own bottles. Count out enough for 2-3 days more (in case flights are canceled or delayed). Rarely happens.
                                            Sonoma Wine Country Photo by

Great Favorites  For Honeymoons
1. Hawaii Islands
2. Tahiti Islands
3. Belize
4. East Coast Costa Rica
5. Venice, Florence & Rome
6. Island off of Thailand (Phuket)
7  USA - Niagara Falls
8. USA - Sonoma & Napa Wine Country
9. USA - Sedona & Grand Canyon, Ar
10 USA.- Yosemite Valley
11.USA - Lake Tahoe

Enjoy the exciting Destinations and Honeymoon Locations outlined in the 2015 release of "Best Style California Wedding & Honeymoon" e-Magazine.  Go to for your free copy.
                                                Pacific Sunsets off the California Coast

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Chico, Paradise, Redding and the North Valley Have Unique Wedding Venues & Vendor Services

This beautiful areas of Northern California are an amazine backdrop for your wedding and reception.  The terrain, gardens, historic mansions, vineyards, views and cities invite you into the environment.
                                                             The Paradise Canyon
Paradise sits on a V with dramatic canyons on each side with rivers flowing year round.  Weddings are held along the river and parks tucked along the rim of the canyon walls. We found the Butte County region brings you easy wedding planning with talented services, delightful shopping for gowns and is also a lovely area to plan your elopement.  The parks system handles many of the venues.

                                                       The Bidwell Mansion In Chico
Chico is an amazing city with many historic mansions and delightful bed and breakfasts with gardens. The college town gives you well trained events professionals and enjoyable vendors to work with.  The parks are stunning with oak trees, and the ranch lands are beautiful in this area. There are new wine country venues to enjoy in Butte County.

Oak covered hills and beautiful "rustic bride" ranch settings with barns are found in the
Red Bluff and Tehama County area.  The modern hotels and quaint town of Red Bluff are fun.

                                                    The Spiritual Shasta Mountain Region
The Redding and Shasta area is amazing. The areas of Lassen further north and Shasta Mountan and Lakes have a variety of enjoyable , environmental and green wedding attitudes. The region if filled with amazing wedding services where the couple's dreams of a luxury or affordable wedding venue comes true.

Gain your free Wedding Planning Book with Management Forms by Signing Up at and also receive our "Best Style California Wedding & Honeymoon" e-Magazine.
Our Award Winning Venus and Services are linked in this January 2015 issue.

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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Romantic Valentine Ideas and Valentine Day Gifts From Washington DC to Seattle and Spokane

It must be that time of year again. Valentines Day, February 14th, 2015 is heading our way.  There are amazing cupid ideas springing forth for enjoying this celebration of romance. Many couples become engaged or get married on Valentines Day. Personally, I would love to see the emphasis and action on love year round. As Anne Wycoff says in her Essay on,  "Love Is A Verb" on

                                                 LOVE IS AN ACTION WORD

For those of us who are out of touch with creative thinking, I would like to share some valentine ideas.  First of all romance does not mean you must spend enormous amounts of money to prove your affection for someone. There are fun ways to valentine the man or woman in your life. If you are into gifting, preview some of the suggestions below...but fist here are some creative ways to valentine.
Join In The Fun...Please ADD Your Ideas To This Blog
Take note of hints and desires, not needs - being impractical at times is fun because not to many of us want brown socks on Valentines Day. Maybe socks or undies with hearts will bring an endearment. But endearment and memories is what you are after.  Consider the following:

If your love interest takes their lunch to work, pin your valentine on their fruit or slip it in the bag/box. Maybe you love to bake and cookies are a favorite. Say it first thing in the A.M with an amazing breakfast. 
                                                         photo by Forest Park Library

Find 10 ways to make your Love Interest happy and write it out as a proclamation or a coupon book to collect on.  Do at least two on the list - on Valentines Day- take action of the rest through out the weeks ahead.
    ie      give you a foot rub  - cook your favorite meal once a week  -  have your ladies night out here or poker night here once a month -  start a new sport together - take you to dinner at our favorite restaurant - wash your car once a month - (do what continually makes them happy).

Create a romantic dinner for two at home. This really takes effort if you have children requiring care.
Work on the details (babysitter) days ahead, menu, shop, cook... so you are not worn out that night.

If you - are or your love interest is into APPS - download their phone or IPad with... A Free App

Free Apps are found on
(You can often gain an APP for free on one-time-offers - as they will be temporarily offered on the website.)
Pick out a children's APP, game APPs, adult use APPS for the entire family to enjoy.  I have posted some great travel apps on

Unique APPs for small fee
Paper By Fifty-Three Make your own designed paper APP
Red Stamp Cards   are so much fun when you have a long list of valentines to send out.

TOP favorite gifts for Valentines:  Sports Equipment or Tickets, Perfumed Items, Flowers, Champagne or Wines, Underwear Garments, Chocolates or Candy Favorites, and Cards. Big Priced Items appear to be Kindles, Phones, Unique Electronics and Items for Cars.

Dinning Out:  Did you know this is the most booked night of the year at restaurants. This is a do-it-ahead reservation, weeks in advance at popular restaurants.

                                                   photo by


Give a Unique Experience To Your Sweetheart

Spa Products Are Long Enjoyed Gifts

Life Can Be A Box of Chocolates   Especially Dan's Chocolates & Truffles.

Create A Memorable Photo Scrap Book, Cards or Fine Leather Bound Book

Valentines Day Jewelry

Give Tickets To Far Away Places For A Lover's Escape

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Expert Wedding Services & Wedding Venues In Sonoma, Lake, Napa & Mendocino, California

You search the web, the bridal shows and still are not finding the perfect venue or wedding service for your budget or wedding style. Maybe you are planning a destination wedding or a same day wedding for two.

We offer you Award Winning businesses and venue in ten great regions of California to shape up your wedding, reception and honeymoon. The "Best Style California Wedding & Honeymoon e-Magazine.  It is free when you sign up to receive it at that link.  You will open to find fun articles, a top California fashion designer, Award Winning venues and services in ten regions of California - along with award winning vendors. 

The Coach will be adding links on this blog for venues & services - find a few below:

Wedding Photographers

Disc Jockey and Photo Booth Fun


Party Rentals

Venues for Elopements and Large Weddings        Santa Rosa             Napa          Mendocino                    Lake

Wedding Dresses

Wedding Planners    Sonoma & Napa

Wedding Cakes  Napa & Sonoma

Wedding Flowers

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Brides Love Wedding Magazines, Wedding e-Magazines and Digital Bridal Magazines

As a wedding coach, it is a pleasure to introduce Time Saving Ideas to brides...

It is a known fact a newly engaged bride-to-be will shop for beautiful bridal magazines as they begin to plan their wedding. They are searching for ideas, gowns, inspiration and services to assist in their wedding and reception.  We are seeing a growing trend toward wedding e-magazine (digital bridal magazines) that open from their e-mail, a sent web address and from web magazine stands.

This fast growing trend is toward the e-magazine with the major publishers offering both print and e-magazines. They titles have doubled over the past year and new regional magazines added. Some are free and others are paid per issue.

We ask brides why they prefer digital e-magazines and we found these common answers.

  1. We have a Kindle or IPad for reading e-magazine. We can go directly to the advertisers website and review their information. 
  2. I am doing everything on my I-phone and my I-pad. 
  3. e-Magazines work for for how I live my life.
  4. Area defined digital magazines save me time.  I scroll through the magazine, click to persons' website and gain complete information for shaping up my wedding. I don't need the PC
  5. They are easy to access with so many web news stands on the internet today.
  6. I commute and can open and plan everything with the WIFI available.

You will seen from the links below... why a Wedding Coach would find the versatility amazing!!
These are free to read.

*Ideal for any bride hosting a wedding in California that wants proven venues and expert services.

 Best Style California Wedding & Honeymoon

*Ideal for brides who want to capture the Paris Trends in their wedding celebration.

Paris Publication Fearless Bride

*Unique application of bridal ideas and trends for brides of color.

Munaluchi Spring & Summer Bridal e-Magazine

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Best Style's Los Angeles Wedding Venues, Services & Honeymoon Hotels in Southern California

Announcing the 2015 release of 

"Best Style California Wedding & Honeymoon" e-Magazine
The digital magazine that links directly to the venue or vendor in ten beautiful regions throughout California.
We would love to e-mail you a copy.
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You will find award winning venues, vendor services and honeymoon hotels. All award winners offer you over five years of business experience and great reviews.
       2015 Wedding Trends
       Personal Couples Stories on proposals & unique celebrations.
       Feature Article on Popular California Wedding Dress Designer
       WOW Factor Ideas

Desire other parts of the USA or the World For Your Wedding, Elopement, Honeymoon.... please go to  where you will find thousands of links to wedding locations and expert services.

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