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Sonoma Wine Country Wedding | Sonoma Vineyard Wedding Venues & Wedding Services

Sonoma Wine Country Provides The Most Beautiful Wineries & Vineyard View Settings

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To Plan an elopement, same day wedding, or large wedding celebration in the Sonoma wine country of California is a "very special memory"!!
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From Simple to Elegant - The Sonoma County Wedding Venues Are Breath Taking - Inspiring - Romantic - Experienced In Events


The Sonoma Caterers Offer Fresh Sustainable Foods & Event Services Are Highly Polished Professionals To Assist In Your Planning.


The Wines & Desserts Are  Award Winning:


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The - Wedding Coach: Quick TIPS On Selecting Your Wedding Dress

The - Wedding Coach: Quick TIPS On Selecting Your Wedding Dress

Quick TIPS On Selecting Your Wedding Dress

It is perfectly normal for a young lady to head toward websites and bridal shops to review wedding dresses and gain ideas toward what would look nice on her wedding day.  You can shop forever and wear yourself out. 
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Save some time and gain some understanding of terminology,  and decide on the time of year, and style of event - before you enter the shops. links over 300 design houses for wedding dresses, bridesmaid, flower girls and tuxedo designers.  We also link local bridal shops in the GLOBAL SEARCH Page leading to each area menu,

We continue to encourage you to NOT purchase a wedding dress, until you have determined your wedding site, your budget, and the style wedding you want.  We know the shops tell you to purchase, but understand you will not want to arrive down the aisle with a winter dress in the summer and/or an inappropriate dress for a church wedding, or to formal ....or not formal enough for the wedding you finally create.  Once you create your budget, determine your style wedding, then consider shopping for your gowns.

1. Learn the names of the styles prior to shopping at a store so the stylist can fetch the correct styles for you.  This link will give you guidance  regarding:  LENGTH, Short, Long, Knee Length, Tea Length, Mini and Assemetrical.  STYLE,  Ball Gown,  A-Line, Princess,  Chapel Train, Trumpet,  Modified A-Line and Sheath,  Most shop owners train their staff to understand body shapes and to be good listeners.  Sometimes a dress on a hangar looks awful, but put it on, and  WOW !

2. Please do not buy something online, or on sale and expect another shop to FIT it for you.  You will need to find a local tailor or seamstress.

3. Your body shape and size - please do not be insulted when the dress comes in a larger size. The store seamstress must have enough fabric to work with to complete your fittings.  You want a dress that is flattering.  Looking back at the puffy sleeves they put on Princess Diana is a pure example of what NOT to do to your body.

4. Understand the difference between summer satin and heavy winter satin.  Lace gowns are very popular in the past five years and the trends will continue.  You can enjoy the videos of current designer bridal gown fashion videos HERE.

5. When you shop, take a friend you trust or your mom, your bridesmaids when you shop.  Sometimes the first gown  we try on - ends up being IT.  But we do recommend trying on several gowns.  

6.  If you are having your dress made.  Please go to a professional seamstress.  It is a lot of responsibility to hand a friend, or your mom, or your sister.  Just cutting into expensive fabric takes a lot of nerve.  I know, I have done it.  
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Best Wishes From Your Wedding Coach,  Author & Publisher, Judith Rivers-Moore

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FIVE Great TIPS For Hosting A Summer Wedding - Beach Weddings and Lakeside Weddings

                                             TIPS For Hosting Summer Weddings
Pajaro Dunes, California

Destination Weddings and Local Brides Planning a Wedding in California may find planning for wedding celebrations easier than those who live in the tornado or rainy mid-east USA.  No matter where we live, a bride will find herself dealing with weather conditions and problem solving.  I used to think tents were for rainy days, but umbrella tables and tents and awnings are really important in the heat of sun. Here are some tips regarding weather.

1. Even if your wedding and reception are indoors, couples often like to provide water bottles for the guests between the ceremony and reception.  They can be labeled with your names and wedding date, and placed in a basket near the exit.  Offered by the flower girls and ring bearer.  You can also ask for a "water service" set up from your caterer at this time.  

2. Tents today come with misters, air conditioning and heat.  They are amazing, and work well to house your guests.  The protection from the elements is a great asset and they can be beautifully decorated for ceremony and include dance floors, audio etc.   The biggest concern for tents is to not place one of their stakes into your water lines. So if you have a water sprinkle system, you must give them the diagram.  Also anything on a lawn party, your watering systems must be taken off of their timers, so the grass will not be over-soaked and soggy.  Shade the food with  awnings - colorful or white. 

3. Beach weddings are a major concern for those who sun burn easily.  We see a multitude of creative ideas for beaches that include:  Everyone gets, sun block lotion, a large sun hat and sandals to wear - small individual tents are placed on the sand for children to play in, beach umbrellas, awnings affixed in the sand and sometimes the ceremony on the beach and the reception in a nearby ballroom or hall ... away from the elements. 

4. Coastal communities often cool off quickly with fog rolling in. So brides may choose a specific time of day for garden or beach weddings that can move from super hot to down right chilly for their guests.  Encourage many to bring wraps, or you will see your guests leaving early out of desire for warmth.  Many couples rent fire pits for those possibilities and the party rentals also have gas heaters that cover a great deal of area with extra warmth. 

5. Food can really be an issue with a beach or lakeside wedding.  This is one time you want to take the caterers advice on best foods to serve.  Warm sun contamination sets in quickly and dryness to breads and ice melts quickly.  Barbecue and picnic style foods work very well. 

Please join the Wedding Coach - Judith Rivers-Moore to add your ideas, tips and concerns on her blog. We love your input.

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Writing Our Wedding Vows, and What is Love, and The Meaning of Love

Deciding to write your wedding vows is an exciting idea and VERY romantic.  Yet it does add to your Stress levels and lead to arguments in your relationship.  So discuss this carefully with your intended before going forward with the idea.  

This decision can hinge on several things:  
1. How a person feels about public speaking.
2. Whether each of you wants to participate.
3. If you are good writers.
4. Whether your officiant or clergy will assist or encourage this.
5. Lead time before the ceremony.
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There are many websites, books, video and special areas of great interest you may want to investigate as you begin to write and make valid points for a brief, but meaningful message
to your bride or groom.  I have listed a few links for you.

Anne Wycoff's White Paper on   LOVE IS A VERB

Love Poems and

The Poetry Foundation

Video   Couple saying their marriage vows

Video   10 tips on creating wedding vows

Please give us your comments & ideas on wedding vows.  
Check in to
to find: how to plan info,  what to ask your services articles,
links to thousands of venues and wedding services & our
"Best Style California Wedding & Honeymoon" magazine.

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6 Tips Regarding Wedding Veils and Hair Style Ideas

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The Big Day is coming up and you are still trying to decide on hair, make up and whether you want a wedding veil.  As a wedding planner I've seen a few mishaps with veils, last minute hair dos and these are a few tips worthy of being passed along. 

1.  When at all possible, consider having one or two pre-style hair salon appointments with your beautician.  Even if your stylist will not go onsite to a destination wedding, it will give you the photos and vocabulary to direct the person who will be completing your look for the day.

2. If you are having a veil with your dress, bring the veil to your hair stylist to understand how this will be attached to your hair style.  The pre-day appointment helps you relax and feel prepared. See the video below.  Also find exciting designer house dresses and veils on plus your local bridal shops are linked in each area.

3. If you are having an outdoor or beach wedding, the long veils can get away from your head in a stiff breeze.  Consider a shorter veil  or hair clip style, and/or flowers - securely attached.

4. Some alternatives to veils are the beautiful designer hair clips, flowers placed on combs that the florist creates for you, and delightful hats that match your dress.  Hats too can fly off with a brisk breeze.

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5. If  you have decided on a very long chapel veil, consider having some help lifting this as you go down the aisle.  Jr. Bridesmaids can help ease the strain on your head.  Yes, the veil looks light and airy, and barely weighs a pound or two, but it can really tug on your head and neck.  No bride needs a headache on her special day.

6. Flower garlands and floral clips on the head are lovely for those who do not have allergies.
Consider this problem for your groom too. Either take a pill or plan to sneeze your way through.  There are many less-allergic flowers to choose from.

We thought this video might be helpful.

Planning A Wedding Is Made Easy With Our

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12 TIPS on Selecting An Engagement & Wedding Photographer in New York City to Los Angeles, Sonoma, Napa, San Francisco, Bay Area, East Bay & San Jose

Subject:  Tips on Selecting Your Engagement & Wedding Photographer
We would love your input & ideas on selecting a photographer.

Whether a local wedding or destination wedding, YOUR  PHOTOGRAPHER  provides you with the history and record of your wedding day.... many years later. Those photos trigger your memories of a very happy occasion.   

When selecting a photographer you will want to review several websites for their work. The internet websites gives you an idea of how creative they are in capturing the backdrop, as well as the couple's love for one another.  Here are some tips for your engagement and for your wedding day:
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#1. Select a photographer according to their time in the business and number of photo sessions they have done. Ask for references and call them to find out if they would hire the same photographer again.
#2. In evaluating the photographer's work... Look first for the clarity or unique styling or capturing of the couple. Then the wedding party and children, and then the guests
#3. Look at their various packages.  Some include a free engagement photo when you book them for the wedding.
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#4. Often a very popular photographer offers lower prices for Friday and Sunday weddings.
#5. With the exception of a destination wedding, Couples also consider using the same photographer for baby, family, business and boudoir photography. 
#6. You may also want the convenience of reviewing your proofs online. 
#7. Understand, the albums offered by the photographer are often at a lower price than what you would find outside of their services.
#8. Many photographers provide a multitude of "unique photo services" and most can photo shop skin and weight in the photos upon request.
#9. Look for humor, romance, story-telling and intimacy in their work.
#10. You may also want a photographer who does video or a photo booth service combined with photography.
#11. Often couples seek a photographer who will travel with them to a destination. While this may add to your costs, it can be very worthwhile.
#12. We suggest selecting three photographers and then interview each to find your personality fit. 
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With a destination wedding, you may want to interview online with Skype or come into the area ahead of time to interview and sign a legal contract with your services.

Questions For Interviewing the Photographer and the other important services you will hire can be found on              Join us on The Wedding Coach Blog to discuss your ideas?

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