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Wedding Rings & Men's Wedding Bands

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Subject:  Wedding Rings & Men’s Wedding Bands

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Most of you have favorite jewelers in your neighborhood and some may be shopping for rings for the very first time.  When selecting rings, couples sometimes look for a 3-ring set to match between them. While this is romantic, it may come with a few concerns. You like diamonds – he does not want them in his ring.  You like certain metals or have a metal reaction (allergy) to gold that is less than 18 carat. You are both very strong individuals and require different looks. He does not plan to wear a ring.  Whichever it is, you may appreciate some of the tips below.

  1. You are looking for the 4-C’s when shopping for diamonds; cut, clarity, color and carat size.
  2. We see many rings including the birth date gemstones or her favorite stone in the rings.
  3. Platinum, Gold, Tungsten, Silver and Wood appear to be favorites. In some parts of the world Ceramics are used. We are seeing couples purchase designer rings, vintage rings and those specifically created by goldsmiths.
  4. Many couples seek the jewelers who carry specific companies. Hearts on Fire, Graff, Genisis, Cartier, Tiffany, Verraigo.
  5. Even stones graded SI1 -- seven levels below flawless -- can seem perfect to the naked eye if the diamond is well cut.  There are some amazing cuts available on the market.
  6. Online shopping for rings might be fun to review styles, but think about the romantic connection of selecting your rings together at a local jeweler.
  7. Saving Money can be done by: look for less-popular shapes, notably ovals, hearts and marquise. In jewelry retailers, not purchasing name brand rings, purchasing only matching bands, use of a cubic zirconia as the main stone in the engagement ring, purchase from reputable pawn shops and consider an inherited family ring, plus jewelry wholesalers are places couples save.
  8. Should you purchase ring insurance. Some swear by it. Losing a diamond of any type can be pricey to replace. So much has to do with your budget and what you do with your hands.
  9. Always ask about the store warranty before purchasing.   You should have a 30-day return policy at a reputable store. Also your credit card or a department store will have a warranty on purchase.
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P.S. He has surprised you with a ring and you do not care for it. Re-sizing is one thing, but replacing the look takes a delicate discussion to not hurt his feelings. This happened to me. He knew I loved hearts and he purchased a heart shaped diamond. I loved it, but because I type/write so much, I knew it would be off my hand all too often, and with the chance it might get lost. I explained my concern, so we went in to see if we could find one that was a solid piece – both engagement and wedding. It never swings on my hand, and I always wear it.

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Brides-To-Be Love WeddingLinks Mobile Access.

Yes, we have gone mobile in a big way.  You can plan a wedding or honeymoon throughout the United States and in most areas of the world, that can take quite an mobile site to design.  We trust you will enjoy the following ...

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Some Great HOT Weather Wedding Tips

Most of us understand timing for a wedding or event can run into some very hot circumstances.  There are methods to be more comfortable when the days are hot. It all begins with the location you choose.   When booking the location ask about the weather for the dates you are considering. Ask how they handle the extremes. If the site is not air-conditioned, you might consider booking the venue for early in the day or an evening wedding and celebration.

                                                        Photo by Judith Rivers-Moore - Tahiti Hot

Try to stay away from ceremonies during the hottest part of the day - from 1 to 4 pm in the afternoon. Also look for tree shaded event location if outdoors, or you can use umbrella tables for the lawns. We have found the modern tents can be rented with an air-conditioning set ups.

TIPS For Hot-Weather - Wedding Planning:

1. Beat the heat at your event by providing misters, now available from the party rental companies.

2.       Old fashion remedy under dresses is good old talcum powder near joint areas.

3.       Rent Shade Awnings for lawn areas, especially helpful over food and beverage tables.

4.  Choice of lighter colors when it is a summer/fall wedding. Dark shades, black tuxedos or dresses make people hot and they do absorb more heat.

5.  Plenty of water.  In pitchers, punch bowls and bottled, will quell the heat. Alcohol drinks heat up the body. A bottle of beer, hard liquor, or a glass of wine all have the same alcohol content. 

6. Hand held fans imprinted with your date and photo are a great keepsake and to provide guests. They can be personalized with significant photos, dates and event info for the guests.

7. Collect some fun sun hats at the used clothing stores and offer them at the entrance to your ceremony or reception.

8. White parasols are lovely for the guests, but as a guest sitting behind, it is difficult to see past an umbrella.

9. Someone feeling faint, seat them – place head down to knees, and place ice pack or cold cloth at back of neck.

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Holiday Weddings & Receptions

Many brides & grooms love to plan a 
Thanksgiving or a Hanukah or a Christmas & New Years Holiday Wedding

Why not??? The temples, churches, synagogues and reception rooms are often pre-decorated, this saves you some money and gives you an automatic theme and decor. Sometimes you may consider a similar menu.  I've known some delightful friends who threw a Winter Holiday party and surprised their guests with their officiant performing a ceremony. What Fun!!!

The holidays offer a warm, cozy feeling and creative styles with use of vintage ornaments or modern chic ideas.  Here are some timeless tips.
  • If you are planning on your venue to have their holiday flowers out as part of your decor, you need to ask their delivery dates and set up.... prior to scheduling your wedding day.
  • Rustic barns nor outdoor venues... do not work as well for this time of year. With the exception of tropical areas of the world.
  • Consider taking snow wedding photos if you are being married in snow country.
  • Once you have your event location, know where the thermostat is.
  • Often churches and religious locations have dress requirements. Know these concerns prior to purchasing your gown.
  • New Years Eve may be a higher price on vendors and services for your event. 
  • Winter wedding dresses may require a shawl or one of the great cape styles available to keep you warm.  
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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Top-10 Honeymoon Regions & Tips On Planning Honeymoon Travel

Most of us have ideas on where we would like to go for our honeymoon. Surprisingly the USA offers you several of these popular and romantic areas. Find a list below for ten of the most romantic areas in the world. I would like to help you understand some timing and travel issues people deal with first.

Love to have your input on YOUR favorites. - You will find hundreds of great honeymoon locations on

I quiet shoreline in the Caribbean, Hawaii or Tahiti -  Photo by JR Moore

Honeymoon Articles, & TIPS from
1. Do some reading on the region you are going to. Look up on the internet the safety precautions for the region. Some places are not very safe to vacation in.
2. Find out if you will need passport or Travel Visas.
3. Find out if you need medical shots (immunizations) for the region or country.
4. Snow Ski or Tropical....Always bring sun block, hats and for tropical - mosquito repellents.
5. Bring a small medical kit with antibiotic cream.
6. Bring your medications in their own bottles. Count out enough for 2-3 days more (in case flights are canceled or delayed). Rarely happens.
Visit The Wine Regions of The World or Sonoma & Napa Ca. -. Photo by JR Moore
Great Favorites  For Honeymoons
1. Hawaii Islandans
2. Tahiti Islands
3. Belize
4. East Coast Costa Rica
Go To Venice & Europe - Photo by JR Moore

5. Venice, Florence & Rome
6. Island off of Thailand (Phuket)
7  USA - Niagara Falls
8. USA - Sonoma & Napa Wine Country
9. USA - Sedona & Grand Canyon, Ar
10 USA.- Yosemite Valley
11.USA - Lake Tahoe

 Take a honeymoon cruise - to different parts of the world. -  Photo by JR Moore

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What's NEW With The Fall Trends

With so many fun ideas for weddings and receptions on the horizon this fall, it is no wonder, decision making is tough for brides-to-be.

If you are looking for the 2014 trends in wedding dresses please see our videos on the  Great tips on shopping for dresses, and inspiring ideas for gowns. From simple wedding dresses to sexy lace and amazing plus sizes too.

It is important Your Wedding Dress Says YOU and is appropriate to the style event
you have chosen - rustic chic, luxury, beach, outdoor, church...etc
Photo by has some of the most popular Bridal Shops in each area of the country and some cities throughout the world.

We find the Photo Boards are a big help in choosing a dress. The photos provide great impact.