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Best Questions To Ask When You Hire Wedding Services, Caterers, Florists, DJs, Musicians & Photographers

Planning A Wedding & Not Understanding The Best Questions To Ask Your Wedding Services is much like being in a driver-less car.!!!  You, The Bride & Groom must take the wheel of the car, and be in Control.  Interviewing, Hiring and Contracting are all part of the process called...
                                                              Wedding Planning

True, maybe you have never hired any type of event professional before.  Yet here you are confronted with appointments where THEY ask all the questions and YOU come away thinking I know what they can do....but do they THEY know what I want and expect to have happen. One of the things I learned years ago as a wedding planner - was people were afraid to ask questions.

                                                         photo by
                                          You have enough mountains to climb together ...
                                           Why make your wedding day be your biggest ...
                                                        Ask The Right Questions Now!
Trust is one thing, but letting the event pro understand your exact needs and desired outcome are some pretty important goals for your perfect wedding day.  We have a great new series added on WeddingLinks.CO      They are the serious questions you may want to print out and bring to your interview time with your florist, wedding planner, musicians and photographer, etc.

Communicating Your individual style, your ideas and your budget are all part of gaining a memorable wedding celebration.  Remember, you are spending the money and your best questions are important at the beginning so you can frame your decisions of your comfort level and how they best answered your questions.  You will find VENUE review questions also.  

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2016 The Hottest Bridal Trends & Wedding Dresses On

                           2016 Hottest Bridal Trends

Planning a wedding is filled with decisions.  While your bridal shop may say your wedding dress is your first decision - lets not hurry that too much.  Consider your theme, time of year, what statement you want to make with your wedding, your comfort level, traditional or non-traditional flavor of it all....  

Do you want the newest trends, or do you already have a plan or vision that has been in your heart and soul for years.  If so, use it, to heck with the trends.  But in case you don't quite know where to begin, then enjoy our tips.

2016 Bears Witness to... the hottest trends in designer wedding dresses on   while you are there, send for our Free Wedding Planning Book.

The Couple's Authenticity and Uniqueness.
Who are you, what are your interests, your favorites and your style? Find a setting where you can express this.  From affordable to luxury is out there and easy to access on   You may enjoy classic chic to modern, vintage, mother earth, bling, retro and historic.  Your passions can come forth in invites, food, decor, desserts and a wedding program stating a specific message.  
                                                           Photo by
Craft Cocktails
While I did mention these in a prior blog, this has really caught on nationwide.  Find a mixture/recipe you both love and give it a fun name.  "They call it mixology.....Serve it at your reception.  Believe me, when I say it does not have to have alcohol.  We see couples doing this with wine cocktails also.

Great entertainment
While  we are not inclined to say you need to pay for a high priced anything, Take a good look at those you have invited to the wedding celebration.  Maybe they would like to offer a special dance, or they have a fun musician or comic routine at the reception.  My attitude is toward entertainment for the children who might be in attendance.  Consider the fact that parents need a little time to enjoy the reception,and the children could have a separate room or tented area set up with videos, books, games or an entertainer -  just for their fun with a good supervision expert. 

Guest Appreciation
They are arriving from various directions, some are elderly, some know hardly anyone.  Consider providing a driver who will transport elderly to and from the locations for wedding and reception and hotel or house they are staying in.  Have a nice welcome basket placed in their room with a print out of directions & phone numbers.  A page of photos of the wedding party with their names, history, how you came to know them.  

Non-Traditional Bridal Parties
While most brides-to-be ask their peer group or family to participate as bridesmaids, we are seeing a growing trend toward inviting gay friends, seniors, great aunts, grandmas, etc.
                                                                    Fun Pinterest Board

Buffets, Sit Down/Plated or Station Style Catering
California has been big on station style reception serving for many years, we are now seeing more of this nationwide.  WHY - because it gets the guest up and moving, meeting more people and not experiencing the dry-formal wedding feeling that many wedding have.  It adds decor and color with tables draped or designed to bring interest.  Believe it or not the catering trucks are a growing trend.  They bring gourmet food on to the property with people standing in line for service. A carnival atmosphere!!!  Sometimes brides add these for gourmet coffee or desserts and occasionally feeding the few lasting guests at the end of the reception. 
Sweets - Traditional & Non-Traditional!
Traditional Cakes are giving way to non-traditional desserts.  It began with chocolate towers, cupcakes and brownies, but now we see ice-cream tables, candy buffets and  pies, shooters, cookies. Guests can enjoy what they want. Couples are pairing the sweets with coffee and espresso bars as a perfect way to wrap up the perfect evening.

Blog with us - please give us your comments 
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FIVE Unique Catering & Beverage Decorating Ideas For Wedding Receptions or Special Events

We  would like to stimulate your thinking and tickle your budget with some inspiring ideas.  Money and budgets are often a concern with any type of catering, but some of these ideas are not to pricey.  From various styles of drinks served to fun desserts. Enjoy!

There are so many fun ideas for couples to use in their wedding reception.  Even if you are a vegetarian or vegan and require gluten free, you will find caterers who specialize in all types of catering. From barbeque, Spanish Paella, colorful sushi, Thai foods and amazing local, sustainable farm to table ideas.  Floral decor and fruits are beautiful & elegant accents.

Image result for buffet table with flowersImage result for buffet table with flowers
              Buffets                                          Dessert Tables                                                              

                                    Inline image                                                                                         Image result for free catering photo ideas

  • Decorate the buffet tables, salad, and dinner plates with carved vegetables and fruit. Adds a splash of color and a fun way to serve.  
  • Edible flowers can pull your color theme into play on the plates and drinks served.
  • Your signature drink served with your recipe note and an orchid on the drink.
  • Candy Favor Bar - set up so your guests may help themselves.
  • Ice cream sundae making bar for dessert - instead of cake.
  • Fresh fruit instead of cakes.
Image result for free food photos with flowersImage result for free food photos with flowersInline image          Inline image

Notice this ice tea has various garnishes.Inline image

A final tip...
A toast to the happy couple:  Does not always have to be in champagne, consider sparkling cider or punch.  

Find thousands of local wedding venues and services on WeddingLinks.co

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Monday, August 31, 2015 Can Assist In Planning Weddings from Hawaii, Sonoma Wine Country to Roof Gardens In New York City

While offers thousands of links to venues & services, we also realize a picture is worth a thousand words.  You will find these on

How Exploring Can Assist In Wedding Planning

As a wedding planner I have worked with brides to narrow down what they want from everyone's tips, ideas, themes, facts, etc to what THEY WANT.  It would have been great to have the to assist years before.  We would show them photos of theme ideas, and advise with tours to locations, and still do, but now a bride can wiz through Pinterest and come up with many details on her own....making decisions much easier while achieving her budget.

#1.  Pull and pin photos onto your personal/non-public board.  Begin to enhance with wedding dress ideas, themes, desserts, food, photo ideas and unique ideas.  

#2.  Narrow down into a theme that carries out through the ceremony

#3.  Narrow out into a theme that carries out through the reception

#4.  Pull hair styles, decor styles, etc. jewelry and gift ideas

#5.  Pull together photo ideas for your honeymoon

Add the link to your pages on your smart phone I-Pad or PC for quick reference

We would love to hear back on how YOU use  
                                                Photo by 

When you want help with the details of HOW TO for wedding planning. We offer a free
digital wedding planner with forms & management.  Just Call 707-539-3585 and leave your name, approximate wedding date... and e-mail address or 800-233-3850.   Or e-mail us at 
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Engagement is a wonderful time of your life -  Make it easier by using many of the exciting tools and services made available to you.

We will send this EASY & FUN wedding planning BOOK filled with your step by step process.  
It includes budget, management forms for each part of the wedding & timelines.
Judith Rivers-Moore is the author of the Wedding Manifesto. and creator of ... with thousands of links to venues and services for every budget. 

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TIPS On Attending Bridal Shows & Wedding Fairs In Santa Rosa, Napa & San Francisco Bay Area, Sacramento & Los Angeles

             Attend the SonomaWeddingShow - September 13th, 2015 - 11 am to 3 pm - Santa Rosa, Ca
             Find more local & national wedding shows on

Brides enjoy shaping up their local budgets and gain some insight into the newest bridal trends at their local bridal Shows.  Late August and from September through late October, you will find creative shows in the San Francisco Bay Area & The Sonoma and Napa Wine Country.  They begin again in January.
Inspired by unique themes, displays and meeting many wedding experts and often finding exquisite wedding venues, WE offer some great tips on attending and getting the best from your time at the show of your choice.  Many show links are found on  There You can Shape-up Your Local Wedding Planning. from our resource links to wedding venues and expert wedding services for every budget. (Each offers you five or more years in business & good reviews).
When shaping up your budget and wedding celebration, we encourage you to receive our free digital
Wedding Planner - found on the home page of or call 707-539-3585 with your name and email address, and we will e-mail it the next day.  The Digital Wedding Planner has management forms including a budget sheet.

Before you attend, make some labels of your name, phone, e-mail, aprox. wedding date and year to be wed
Before you attend, charge your I-Phone
Before you attend, check their website for address of show, map, time and date. Most shows are on Sunday, but some are on Saturdays.

#1.  Most shows charge you.  You can purchase tickets ahead from their websites, and at the door. Some let the groom in free. Others give the bride free attendance and let the other guests in for a fee.  If they are serving any alcohol in the show, they will want to card bring your ID.
#2.  It pays to bring your friends/family in to gain information.
#3.  Many of the booths encourage you to sign up for their booth prize.  Using the won prizes will help offset the cost of your wedding expenses.  But do not feel pressured to hire them, just because you won their prize.  We encourage you to interview and check references on anyone you hire for your wedding.
#4. Mark your program, or make a special mark on the service's business card/brochure, you will want to make an appointment with.
#5. Before you go, make a list of questions you believe important to ask prior to attending.
#6. Wear comfort shoes, come casual.
#7  Use your I-Phone to record names, phones, website addresses and photos. If it is important to you, Ask if they text.
#8. Sometimes booking a venue or vendor at 2015 prices can save you money.  Most businesses change their fees by January.

Please Remember :  Any business can purchase a booth - whether a new, old, etc. it pays to check into their history and references before you hire them.  You will find many wedding service interview questions on    ENJOY The Shows - they are fun!!

                                                             The Wedding Coach

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Five Tips on Hosting Big City Weddings in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston & New York City

Exciting cities provide amazing backdrops for weddings and receptions.  The skyline, the skyscraper atmospheres, elegant ballrooms and drama of the lights coming on across the city in the evening.  

                                                        Photo by
Many event and wedding spaces provide rooftop gardens and terraces bringing the outdoors in to enhance your wedding and reception.  There are specific details we encourage couples to look for beside the pricing, size of the space, and overall upkeep of a site. 

#1. When food is served, the proximity to the kitchen and being out doors can lead to cold food.  With cocktail receptions, this is not a concern, but with seated receptions, it can be a big one. You can off-set this by asking questions ahead of time:  How do you keep the food hot for the guests?  Can you serve barbecue or grilled items?   

#2.  We are never in charge of the weather.  So much for thinking so.  Select a site with indoor and outdoor terrace to be your less stress situation.  With an interior ballroom and windows looking out on that view, adds to the flavor of your day....and moon filled nights - even more so. 
                                                 L.A. Skyline at dusk by
#3. Indoor ballrooms with windows to the world are often elegant and add a great deal of atmosphere to your reception.  Our tip here is to consider the carpet and flooring colors of the ballroom.  Your selected theme colors may not work well with what is there.  We can do a great deal with lighting, but the flooring cannot be changed easily.  

                                                           New York City Rooftop Wedding -

#4.  Big City Weddings incur parking problems for your guests. Some locations offer free parking for up to a certain number. Other sites require valet parking.  It is nice to include a note in your wedding invitation regarding parking options.  Also, we see couples block off fees at a specific garage as part of their budget.  Always ask what the hotel or building management suggests.
#5.  Your guests entering a hotel or major building may not understand which elevators or which ballroom you are in.  Prepared Signage is a great assistance.  Well placed at the hotel/building entry and near the elevators, or ask a building personnel or friend to the wedding party  direct from these areas. 

Trust these TIPs and ideas have helped, we would love you to add your ideas. 
                                                Join In The Conversation !

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The First Four Things You Need To Know Before You Look At Wedding Venues

He Popped The Question!!  
Savor and enjoy your engagement time together.  After awhile begin the discussion of how far out you want to set the wedding date.  So now you need to consider the process of the wedding planning.  We have a great deal of help for you on with links to venues, services, the questions for interviewing the wedding services, and a free online wedding book, plus our "Best Style Wedding & Honeymoon digital magazine for California.

Your first four questions to answer prior to shopping for your wedding venue (site, location, facility) are:

#1. Approximate time of the year and theme/style wedding you want.
#2. Your number of guests from family, friends and business relationships.
#3.  Your budget.  This involves 50% to make deposits for venue and service reservations.
#4.  Do you want it catered by professionals.

The size and The catering can be the tricky questions.  A catered hall or hotel, you may not like their food, but love the hall.  You may have friends who want to gift you with catering services - and many venues do not allow other chefs in their kitchens.  Also falling in love with a facility that does not have enough room or is too pricey, can be a threat to successful planning.

First of all, you want to look for a large planning portal that lets you know the number of guests and the general ambiance of a location and its city. Couples want ambiance:  Beach, Garden, Vineyards, Historic, Mansion, B&B or Inn, Major ballroom in hotels and restaurant banquet rooms.

The Wedding Coach at