Friday, June 19, 2015

Can You Count on Wedding Services' References & Reviews? What Can You Count On?

Please DO  Count On Your Due Diligence ...

                Call The REFERENCES  Before  You  HIRE  The  Wedding Services

         People are hired to write, and  there is software designed to ADD reviews to Yelp, etc. 
                                        Now you are engaged - & thinking about wedding planning.

You are about to spend thousands of dollars -- this is one time you need to ask questions of the people who were suggested you call for a reference. Yes, you do see references, reviews... but where do they come from.  Don't use a wedding planning web portal that allows anyone to add their links.

The  and criteria are: they must be in business five or more years and have good personal reviews.

This is a very tricky area for corporate, bridal and social events.  It is beyond me how people can book just by calling a visitor’s bureau and asking for a referral -- businesses PAY to be members and referred. There are weak QUALIFICATIONS to become a member of a CVB or Chamber.  

Some publications & websites state they only do business with “quality vendors” and when you look at the complaints lodged against some of the businesses, it is amazing the publication or website would be able to make this statement.

Hiring people from magazines, web sites and/or a  friend’s recommendations can be “a road down buyers regret” when you do not check the references out by calling a them and asking specific questions.

ALWAYS Ask for three references from the people you are really interested in, and call each one -- questioning them regarding:
1.        How the business performed -- were they on time, have the proper attire for the formality of the event.  Did they provide the exact services requested, and were there unusual charges on the bill? 
2.        Ask if the business followed through on their contractual agreement?
3.        What was their WORK PERSONALITY like?  Same as when they interviewed them?
4.        Is the same person going to be at your event - as who you interviewed with?
5.        If the references check out -- then finalize your investigation by going on  The and find out if there have been any complaints lodged against the business.  Or you could type their business name in the Google cursor with complaints against as the searched business name or owner.
6.         Keep good notes on your calls.  If some references do not call you back, ask for MORE references regarding the business you are interested in.


From the Wedding Coach - Judith Rivers-Moore

Friday, May 22, 2015

Adding Luxury Ideas To Your Wedding Design - Part I of 3

The following are TIPS and Ideas on design that can move your wedding and reception from a nuts and bolts, mechanized, ho-hum experience into a celebration reflecting your…

Standards for elegance
Electrifying personalities
Joyful, LUXURY surprises
Stylish Additions
Out of the box ideas
photo by
Luxury statements can be placed throughout the entire wedding or focused on one area of the wedding day celebrations. We will cover methods in this three-part-series. Join Judith Rivers-Moore, The Wedding Coach on  and add your ideas to to this topic - here on the WeddingLinksBlog.
                                         Remember, you are the royal couple on your wedding day!
#1. Meeting & Greeting the Guest With Luxury: Everything from your personal website, save the date card, list of local hotels, maps to your event sites in the invitation to ample parking and good signage on where to go or adding transportation will lead to less-frazzled guests.

An Entry Host to direct the reception guests and  a water or ice tea service are especially appreciated on hot days. Depending on the venue, we see couples setting up a cocktail or wine bar ahead of the ceremony with music favorites being played. This provides an added luxury to greeting the guests. We also see couples providing a water service or bottled water just after the ceremony on hot days.

Making certain seniors and senior guests have someone assigned to pick them up and deliver adds to their luxury and welcome. Finding one's way in a region can be difficult. Very formal weddings often have a reception line. More casual methods are for the couple to go to each reception table and greet guests.

#2. Flowers & Decor & Lighting Enrich  Your Setting. Brides love garden settings with beautiful backdrops and environmental views. The ceremony aisle being spread with rose petals is a royal carpet treatment and focal point for the nuptials. Even a simple room may be enhanced with flowers on the aisle.

#3. Luxurious Ideas For Wedding Invitations: Invitations set the tone of the wedding. Very high style custom-made papers that include eco-friendly types with beautiful, hand–written calligraphy are available and add a special touch on wedding invitations. The gold leaf border (or a copper wax seal) might be enough trim. Create a personal monogram or watermark on the paper with your initials. The style chosen can be used as a unifying element for your invites, reply card, menu card, envelopes and ceremony programs. Conveying your theme or the wedding colors on all the paper products including your Thank You Notes will add that touch of luxury. Whatever design you choose, make it's eye-catching. Be sure to indicate if your wedding celebration is a black tie formal affair, or a themed wedding with costumes etc. and/or is cocktails and dinner following and/or any uniqueness. There are specialty services to assist with this and some brides have the invites addressed and mailed by the services with special stamps or hand canceling. When weddings are in major cities, the added touch of messenger delivery is a possibility.

We have seen:
Fabric boxes with the invitation set inside to be an outstanding delivery through mail or messenger. These may also be placed on the tables at the reception as an added display with your centerpieces.

Gold Rose Boxes with flowers and invitations being delivered at the same time.

Wine or champagne bottles sent by messenger with the invitation affixed as a label or attached in the envelope to the neck. Additional bottles can be your wedding favor - set on the tables for the guests to take home.

Boxes of candy or chocolates mailed with the invitation inside - shipped to guests.
                                                  Your invitation to a sweet affair.

Beach Wedding Invitations with grains of sand or sea shells (not a real starfish)

Beautiful Invitations with initialed SEALS on the envelopes.

We will cover venues in the next blog, please give us you input.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Same Day Wedding & Elopement Wedding Venues In The Sonoma Wine Country & Napa Wine Country

Couples desiring a same day wedding in any part of beautiful California will find it easy. Many choose the Sonoma and Napa wine region for its romance, great food and hotels for every budget.  There are many experts to assist in the area -  found on ...  But I'll name a few below:

The Bridal Path in Santa Rosa gives you two non-denomination officiants, a romantic carriage ride and beautiful ponds and gardens for a romantic backdrop to your photographs.  Affordable & Picturesque.
                                                              Photo by Bridal Path

A Luxury Package with meals, your lodging, the ceremony and more is found at the Madrona Manor
in Healdsburg. This is amazing Victorina Mansion with beautiful gardens.  Very romantic.
                                                       Photo by

The Farmhouse Inn in Forestville is an inspiring venue with vineyards all around in the Russian River area.
Luxury, and several packages include fine dining, ceremony and romantic lodging.
                                                                      Photo From the Farmhouse Inn

Churchill Manor in Napa City is a delightful Victorian Inn with spa, bed and breakfast and lovely gardens. They offer several packages. Large groups and elopements are welcome.
                                                    Photo from the Churchill Manor 

The Meadowood near Calistoga in Napa valley is a favorite destination wedding venue that also does elopements. Luxury is the word for their amazing meals, romantic lodging, spa and gardens.

                                                            Photo by

You will find more venues for Same Day and Elopements on

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Monday, May 4, 2015

The Sonoma Wine Country To New York City - How To Give The Perfect Wedding Toast

Who gives a Wedding Toast????  
Anyone can after the maid of honor, best man & family first share theirs.

When are toasts appropriate?
Wedding Shower - Maid of Honor & Hostess of Shower
Girls Night Out - The Bride For Her Bridesmaids
Bachelor Party - Best Man For The Groom
Rehearsal Dinner - Fathers and/or Mothers of the Bride & Groom 
Receptions - Best Man & Maid of Honor & Parents

Every culture is different on this sign of respect and celebration process. 
                                                     Photo by:

TIPS On Giving A Wedding Toast For A Bride & Groom

You know you will be making a toast very soon for a wedding celebration.  Even though the event is still weeks away you are already fretting about what you are going to say in you your wedding speech.  This is one of the most important duties, and even tho the movies show people flubbing up - most speeches go well and are long remembered.

Gather a few tools before you begin.  There are some great articles and books written on speech making, books on romantic quotes and read Anne Wycoff's paper on
                                 Love Is A Verb - to gain insight on the meaning of love.

The words spoken to the bride and groom, and their wedding guests should convey the importance of the celebration and connect the guests with the couple on a more meaningful way.  With a bit of early preparation and creativity, you speech can easily become one of the highlights of their day.

Before beginning any toast, find the microphone that will help carry your voice to the back of the room.  Arrange with the servers to make certain the guests and couple's glasses are filled, and call their attention to your beginning the toast by telling the DJ/or tap on a glass for attention.  Having the crowd hang on your every word is easy by following the simple tip outlined below.

1. Don't forget the basics.  It's easy to forget to begin your speech by introducing yourself and sharing how long you have known the couple, as well as what your connection to the bride or groom is.  Many of the wedding guests may not know you, so this information is important.

2. Remember to thank the bride and groom for allowing you to be a part of their special day.  The bride and groom could have chosen anyone, but instead, they chose you to play such a important role in their day.  By acknowledging this in your speech, it shows the couple, and the guests that you appreciate them placing you in this special role.  It also shows you are honored by their trust in you to carry out the responsibilities.

                                                       Photo by

3. Use your history with the bride/groom/couple as a foundation for your speech.  Whether you have known them since childhood, or only for a few months, sharing a special memory between the two of you shows the significance of your bond.  It also highlights the positive aspects of their personality that may have been a factor in drawing the bride and groom into their relationship.  Remember, however, not to embarrass the couple with overly personal stories.

4. This is not a comedy act, but you can infuse your speech with ta bit of humor.  The last thing you want to do is offend the bride, groom or any of the wedding guests.  Keep the joke simple.
With this type of speech making, the governing rule is: stand up, speak up and very quickly shut up.  Appropriate speech times are 2 to 4 minutes - unless you are showing films & a story.

5. Don't be afraid to use a quote. There are thousands of wedding appropriate quotes in books and on-line with a quick web search.  The most important thing to remember is to choose a quote that rings true to the couple and the celebration.  If you want to play it safe, a sentimental quote on everlasting love can be your best choice.

6.  Get Creative!  If you don't want to go the typical route, consider doing something a bit different to honor the couple.  Maybe a song, dance or photo/video could add a new demension to the usual speeches.  If you decide on this, remember to choose something that is in line with the couple's taste.  A poem is also a nice touch to a maid of honor speech.

7.  Always end on a positive and uplifting note. Wish them a long and happy life together, and remind them of your continued support.

PREPARATION - Prepare your speech well in advance, collect your items/books/readings/quotes to create the speech.  Review your statements. Place them on 3 x 5 cards or on a paper to remind you. This tracking helps offset the nervousness. Until the speech is over - do not drink alcohol. You need a clear head.  Above all have fun and remember you are honoring their special day. Your speech is a very important extension of their wedding ceremony and often recorded by video. 

A SPECIAL GIFT - record the speech for them, or give them your words on nice paper for their memory book.  

Please, Join in the conversation with your ideas and tips for others.

Find Wedding Venues and Expert Wedding Services on

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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Wedding Flower Ideas & Tips On Flower Selection For Brides In San Diego & Los Angeles To Sacramento & San Francisco

photo by
Every Bride Has A Different Opinion On Flowers For Her Wedding Celebration
So much of a wedding has to do with your decisions. Some brides could care less about flowers and others want profusions of floral decor. It is a matter of taste and sometimes the allergy issues toward flowers.  Depending on your budget, your style and design, there are methods to cut costs or spend lavishly.  A professional florist is one of your greatest assets.
There are a variety:  Floral Decor Artists, Floral Designers, Flower Shops, Grocery Flower Shops, Discount House Flower Stalls, Mail order florists.

As a wedding coach, it is vital to say - please put someone in charge of your exact delivery and give them a list (guideline) of where you want the flowers placed.  Leaving them at a event site in the hot sun is not what you want for flowers. Also, if they are on the cake, you must have a pro do this. The cake maker may deliver, set up the cake - but if the flowers are not there to decorate at the same time, it does not get done - or done poorly.  While they are improving their services, mail order flowers are not my best wish for your wedding day.

You will find great florists on in the city/region where you want to plan.

If you want the AWARD Winners from our Best Style Wedding & Honeymoon e-Magazine
We will happily send you a copy.  

The Following List Will Give You Some Ideas on

 How Flowers & Green Decor Can Be Used At A Wedding and Reception
photo by
Flowers, Herbs, Succulents & Silks
Table center pieces, petals on tables or down aisles, focus points, such as head banquet tables, stages, wedding altars,  ceremony area, food displays, wedding cakes, flower girl baskets, men's boutiners, corsages (pinned or wrist), or nosegays, flower bouquets in a tussy mussy or with ribbon wrapped stems, bridal bouquets, on chair backs, aisle flowers, serving trays and edibles in salads and potted plants, potted trees and flower seed favors. Ceremony arch decor and chuppahs, along with garlands, leis and many ethnic styles and color flowers. 
Green Decor
Reducing the size of a room or visual barrier with large plants. 
Tall plants or trees with twinkle lights.
Potted Ferns 

When making decisions on which flowers to use for your event it does help to understand:

  •  what flowers look like,
  •  how they smell 
  •  how they will hold up (wilt or bruise) after being picked
  • often brides want to know their meaning before including

I love the versatility of this Pinterest Board

The florist can help you understand them better, but do take the time to view some florist web sites or display books (found in floral shops)....or go to a Bridal Show and view some of the magical displays. This may give you great ideas and help you key into your choices and budgets with long lasting blossoms for events or weddings. Events and wedding days are often up to eight hours and often in warm weather or wind.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Ten Honeymoon Regions & TIPS on Planning Tahiti to California to Caribbean Travel

                                                         Pacific Islands - Tahiti

Most of us have ideas on where we would like to go for our honeymoon. Surprisingly the USA offers you several of these popular and romantic areas. Find a list below for ten of the most romantic areas in the world. I would like to help you understand some timing and travel issues people deal with first.

TIPS from
1. Do some reading on the region you are going to. Look up on the internet the safety precautions for the region. Some places are not very safe to vacation in.
2. Find out if you will need passport or Travel Visas.
3. Find out if you need medical shots (immunizations) for the region or country.
4. Snow Ski or Tropical....Always bring sun block, hats and for tropical - mosquito repellents.
5. Bring a small medical kit with antibiotic cream.
6. Bring your medications in their own bottles. Count out enough for 2-3 days more (in case flights are canceled or delayed). Rarely happens.
                                            Sonoma Wine Country Photo by

Great Favorites  For Honeymoons
1. Hawaii Islands
2. Tahiti Islands
3. Belize
4. East Coast Costa Rica
5. Venice, Florence & Rome
6. Island off of Thailand (Phuket)
7  USA - Niagara Falls
8. USA - Sonoma & Napa Wine Country
9. USA - Sedona & Grand Canyon, Ar
10 USA.- Yosemite Valley
11.USA - Lake Tahoe

Enjoy the exciting Destinations and Honeymoon Locations outlined in the 2015 release of "Best Style California Wedding & Honeymoon" e-Magazine.  Go to for your free copy.
                                                Pacific Sunsets off the California Coast

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Chico, Paradise, Redding and Northern California Offer Unique Wedding Venues & Expert Vendor Services

These beautiful areas of Northern California are an amazing backdrop for your wedding and reception.  The terrain, gardens, historic mansions, vineyards, views and cities invite you into the environment.
                                                             The Chico/Paradise Canyon

Paradise sits on a V with dramatic canyons on each side with rivers flowing year round.  Weddings are held along the river and parks tucked along the rim of the canyon walls. We found the Butte County region brings you easy wedding planning with talented services, delightful shopping for gowns and is also a lovely area to plan your elopement.  The parks system handles many of the venues.

                                                       The Bidwell Mansion In Chico
Chico is an amazing city with many historic mansions and delightful bed and breakfasts with gardens. The college town gives you well trained events professionals and enjoyable vendors to work with.  The parks are stunning with oak trees, and the ranch lands are beautiful in this area. There are new wine country venues to enjoy in Butte County.

Oak covered hills and beautiful "rustic bride" ranch settings with barns are found in the
Red Bluff and Tehama County area.  The modern hotels and quaint town of Red Bluff are fun.

                                                    The Spiritual Shasta Mountain Region
The Redding and Shasta area is amazing. The areas of Lassen further north and Shasta Mountan and Lakes have a variety of enjoyable , environmental and green wedding attitudes. The region if filled with amazing wedding services where the couple's dreams of a luxury or affordable wedding venue comes true.

Gain your free Wedding Planning Book with Management Forms by Signing Up at
WeddingLinks.CO and also receive our "Best Style California Wedding & Honeymoon" e-Magazine.
Our Award Winning Venus and Services are linked in this January 2015 issue.

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