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 Planning a wedding can be very stressful.  This is a given. It is also stressful for the person who shows you their venue and the services with time set aside for  appointments for your interviews.  Time is a precious commodity for everyone.  I would like to give you a few tips on the bridal world management etiquette.  

Your decisions will run from budget to venues, to choosing a marriage officent, where you register for your gifts and your honeymoon.  Join us on the blog to discuss YOUR viewpoints.....We wish you the best with some of the tips below

Photo by JR Moore

      Photo by JR Moore
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1. You are dealing with people who have amazing knowledge regarding their services and many have schooled themselves for years. They set time aside to listen to your requests, and then explain how they can create their part of your dream wedding and reception.

2. If you are not planning to show up for the appointment, give them a call, leave a message about whether you decided on someone else, or need to move the date and time.

3. Last minute Changes can be difficult.  To change flowers after the florist has gone to the market for your selections. Caterers who have to add more food, or less food, designs on decorations and table placement settings.  These all add up to stress between bride, groom and the service.

4. Go over your reception timing with person in charge. This could be your wedding planner, your dad or mom, your musicians or venue hostess.  This way things run smoother with a timeline.

5.  People forget verbal instructions. Make certain things are written down and given to attendants, services and groom.  Addresses with zip codes and delivery times are very important to your services and the attendants.  I have done a few "day-of"  weddings where after the rehearsal the attendants did not know where the rehearsal dinner was being held. Wow!

Please understand when you sign a contract, there may be paragraphs regarding deposits. Read them carefully.  Please never sign an agreement the first day you meet someone.  Review their name and reputation prior to contracting.


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