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Go On A Date, and Lower Wedding Stress During The Engagement Period

Often something happens to a woman as soon as the engagement ring is placed on her hand. A frenzy of do this and do that! What do we want in a wedding? Where will it be? How do we set a budget? Select this and that. Interview this vendor and that vendor. Pretty soon the grooms tell me "They often become forgotten and no longer have the lady they intended to marry." While some of this is probable, there are ways to circumvent the larger problems and reduce the stress between the couple....that can prevent the "Throw Away Groom".

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1. Go on a date. Just the two of you or with friends. Be who you were while courting. Set rules to NOT talk about the wedding during that time and just have fun together as a couple. I know your friends will ask questions - but politely say - we're on a date and not discussing it tonight, give me a call, Ill fill you in.
2. Dating during the engagement period can be exploring fun dining places or as simple as cooking dinner together or stopping by a food take-out. It can be local parks, music clubs and city events.
3. Dating can include being a local tourist. Look up your region on the web. You will be amazed at the areas you have never explored in your own neck of the woods or the city next door.

          Find great dating ideas and activities on for the region you are in.

You will find in the right column of your regional menu an area marked "Area Activities & Dining" also Convention Bureaus (CVB's) and Chambers hosting links to the area activities. Enjoy!

Understand couples can set specific times to work on the wedding or share the concerns that develop. The date - night or day - is the time to be "the two of you" and not abused by airing concerns or leveraging deals.
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The Wedding Coach - WHAT Is A Wedding Coach

No we do not mean this type of Wedding Coach!

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We mean this type of Wedding Coach...

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Over 80% of the brides do not hire a professional wedding planner. They ask a sister or friend to assist and that can lead to huge problems in relationships. It can also mean you get her replica wedding celebration, vendors and all. We also see the mother-daughter relationship dissolve over the wedding. Worst of all, the bride who is a control freak attempts to make every tiny decision and handle every problem themselves - leading to huge amounts of stress.

We sometimes see...this undo pressure --undo the engagement.   

There is an old saying, "Hind-sight is often better than fore-sight." This is one situation where a little fore-sight goes a long way. You have this "one wedding and honeymoon" so why not make it happen smoothly.

What Is A Wedding Coach?
A wedding Coach has a back ground in professional wedding planning, she/he no longer works in the field, but offers advice, tips on planning, often great planning materials and has often taught professionals how to be planners. They are not with you on your wedding day, but TEACH you alternative methods to make it all run smoothly. Do they charge? Most do. How do they work. By phone, blog, skype, hangouts, e-mails to answer your questions.                                          Enjoy Your Wedding Day 

Intelligent women understand they may want to do it all, but with this they know there will be the dynamics of new, uncharted territory, lost funds over something that could have been averted (if they had only known), and last minute details. Many ladies get on the internet, in blogs, and the social networks asking "who knows" and this can lead down a path of problem solving or lead into murky waters - depending on who is answering.

Access to Judith Rivers-Moore as your Wedding Coach give you Access to a history of wedding planning, event planning. She is an author of books, magazines, her present e-magazine "Best Style Wedding & Honeymoon for California..... and websites filled with links to pre-qualified wedding and honeymoon services throughout the USA and parts of the destination wedding world.  Join her on Facebook or respond to this blog with your Q & A.   

Send my associate a brief e-mail with your name, wedding date, city to be married in... and we will send you a link to our online Wedding Planning Book with management forms,  and  a link to our exciting Best Style Wedding & Honeymoon Magazine for California.

LETS FACE IT...Isn't it better to put yourself in line with experience and gain the tools you need from an expert who knows how to communicate. Take advantage of Judith...go ahead it will be fun.  Check the blog for friendly input - we hope by many brides-to-be. PS grooms are welcome too.

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Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Wedding Coach - Solutions To Handling Your Wedding Stress

You are correct, there are bound to be some high stress times during the wedding planning. Many initiate from  disagreements during the planning of a wedding. Believe me, they can come from every angle. They frequently cause brides or couples to become stressed out. The end result of a loving, beautiful experience becomes ridden with bad memories. The following will give you some insights to these concerns. Please take a few minutes to analyze the following and let us know your thoughts on the subject. After thirty years of working with brides....Here are a few of mine...
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Understanding what flares anger will help calm and sometimes dis-spell emotional armament -- because it arms you with a CHOICE on whether you RESPOND or REACT.

Most ANGER comes from Blocked Goals, Someone's Lack of Integrity, Lack of Money and Dealing with other people's Critiques, Our Self Doubts, Other people's Self-Centered Attitudes and Hormonal Emotions plus good old Wedding Envy. This leads to Stress Issues surrounding a wedding day....and when it is your wedding day - who needs it.

Who is in charge? Couples are often afraid of letting any decision go because of family or friend interference. It is difficult to get the reigns back from a stagecoach out of control. Brides fear turning over one decision to another person...because they might take over the entire project. This can really exhaust a bride, especially if she has never completed a wedding before.

Notice if your anger builds as your goals and ideas become challenged? Often a Bride's Goal is to get the wedding plans completed - her way...yet she has to speak up in a very loud chorus of voices who are telling her what to do.... and still...publically.... be cheerful about it!

Also keep in perspective the dynamics of family and friends expectations, rifes, closeness, disloyal sisters, brothers and mothers who raised you both. If you tend to be a people pleaser - please stop - they can derail your personal goals. Pretty soon couples are carrying a huge backpack of people's concerns and input....that can lead to your feeling far to responsible for others. This leads to frustration, sleepless nights and stuffed anger that can come in on the days of your monthly cycle to haunt you.  As a bride, your first consideration is your groom and your second is your budget.

Suggestions: Make Choices ahead - on how you will respond to people. Stand as a couple - a team of two - for the strength to say what WE WANT if the situation occurs. You're not playing football where the best defense is an strong offense. Offense is part of the word offensive -- there are alternatives.

Sadly some brides grab the overused sentence of, "Its My Wedding!" which turns others off - like a switch. Being in charge of your wedding can be an excellent platform to show leadership skills - not dictatorial skills.

Alternative Statements "We value your input regarding our wedding, we will discuss this, and if we can use it (the idea) we will." OR... "Thanks for the helpful idea, I will discuss this with......"

What statement would you make??

When you begin feeling upset, analyze where the feelings are coming from and create a log. Set up your best way to respond to issues and honor your stated values.   Understand - we can select our friends, but we cannot always select our relatives. When people are nervous they react/respond differently. ... and that is true of family members and the wedding party.

Ask one friend, or your groom to be your sounding board on concerns - everyone does not have to know the problems that come up in the planning process or who did what to whom. Find methods to get rid of your stress as the wedding comes closer. Trips to the gym's punching bag or kick boxing and walks or running have high merits on lowering stress.  Take it easy on dieting - that really raises your stress level and remember, it also produces cortizone - a big weight issue.

The wedding videos, movies and t.v. shows often give us reactionary brides -- most do not show how to deal with situations, or show you how to be a "responsive bride".  You gain this from strong knowledge - that everything will be fine.  Gain this reassurance and confidence by using our good wedding planning book.

P.S. Sign up for our wedding planning book and management forms. They are filled with humor, organization ideas.  Please enjoy all the informative articles on wedding and honeymoon planning written by wedding experts.

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SEVEN Big Tips on Planning Your Honeymoon

Considering how the world has become smaller, the Honeymoon is often planned with as much detail as a wedding. Here are a SEVEN Big Tips for creating a fun time together.

1. Budget a third to a half more for excursions, tips and restaurants if the location is not all-inclusive. It really helps to lower your costs if the hotel serves you breakfast as part of the cost.
2. Several of the big name resorts for honeymooners are offering the airfare included through bonded travel agencies or a free wedding package
3. Booking online can be a “blind purchase” unless you have been there previously. Believe me, their websites can include the best photos and leave out the section of town they are in – which could be unsafe. Travel agents have often been to the resorts and know the type of service they deliver.
4. Discounted cruises can be a bargain but you will need funds for tips and a few excursions and served drinks while aboard.

5. Couples can be exhausted after planning a wedding. Getting on an airplane and flying through two or three airports of 6 to 12 hours will add to your honeymoon exhaustion. Many couples are opting to begin their honeymoon a week or so later after the wedding day.
6. Check the web for discounted excursion or entry fees grouped for the area or check with the Visitor’s Bureau for important things to see while visiting.
Final tip - first few days of sun can be disaster to cuddling on your honeymoon..... if you burn easily. General rule - 15 minutes first day and build to half hour – then maybe up to one hour a few days later….even sun block will not help with over-exposure to the sun.  

Find Articles written from actual travelers to areas on  Find honeymoon contests and highly qualified travel agencies along with bonded Honeymoon Gift Regristries.

Free Access to Thousands of wedding and honeymoon locations and wedding professionals linked on for local, USA and various areas of the world. This resources is great for planning a destination wedding. 

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