Monday, July 23, 2012

Destination Wedding, Elopements & Honeymoon Planning

If it is in your plan to create a romantic destination wedding for just the two of you or a larger group meeting in one spot from all over the world, we have some special tips to assist you in creating your dream wedding. Be concerned with:
§         The legal marriage license factor when traveling to any city/country to be married.
§         You are encouraged to have a wedding planner at the destination or use a hotel with services provided.  It is too frantic arriving and not having qualified services and difficult to interview from afar.
§         Expectations in remote regions must be lowered and then be delighted when the venue and services surpass your dreams. 
§         Go where safety is highest and there are less threats for health and safety.
§         Give your group 12 months to 16 months to save up for the trip and make personal arrangements with time off from jobs.
§         Understand food is often more expensive in other countries. There are so many favorite destinations worldwide and we offer you several in the USA. You will find many exciting wedding and honeymoon venues in these areas on
  1. Sonoma & Napa wine country weddings are the third most popular in the USA

  2. Hawaii, with Honolulu for honeymoons and Maui for weddings is tops.
  3. Las Vegas wedding plans are popular for elopements and destination groups.
  4. Galena, Illinois along the Ohio River is a very historic setting for weddings.
  5. Disney World and Disneyland continue to be favorites for the princess brides.
  6. San Diego beach weddings and resorts draw thousands to romance every year.
  7. The Florida coastal cities of Miami, the Key West, Ft. Lauderdale and Palm Beach along with a 
  8. Virginia Beach is fast becoming a top east coast wedding scene.
  9. New Englander’s love Newport, Rohde Island and the New York City skyline.
  10. San Antonio in Texas is the lover’s Venice of the southwest with its canal.
  11. Those seeking a spiritual center love Shasta, Ca,  Santa Fe, NM and Sedona, Arizona and the great Smokey Mountains  in Gattlinburg.

Our suggestions for other countries consist of:

  1. Tahiti or Fiji, they recently changed requirements on marriage and they are extraordinarily beautiful.
  2. Cancun and Cabo, Mexico cater to romance in a big way with amazing resorts.
  3. The Caribbean Islands have long drawn romance in the white sands of their shores. The leisure activities range from nightclubs to scuba diving.
  4. Banff and Jasper in Alberta, Canada appear to be drawing the movie stars.
  5. Belize and the resorts along the reefs on the eastern side welcome the adventurer.
  6. Italy, whether Rome or Venice, Tuscany and Florence and the waters of Messina and Sardenia enhance any wedding celebration or honeymoon.
  7. Paris continues its romantic call to couples and for the inquisitive or art lovers, you will immerse in unique restaurants and artist streets and the Louve’.
  8. Hong Kong’s bustle, Dubai sky scraper hotels and the Indonesia islands are great choices for unique honeymoons. 
  9. Many Australians and Zelander’s choose Tasmania and the South Pacific Islands.  
  10. However you choose... enjoy looking up links on

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Seven Economical Tips on Adding Glamour To Your Wedding Celebration

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So often brides believe adding a touch of glamour to their wedding will increase their expenses.  There are many small touches and big ideas that present a high quality look to your wedding day without being a drag on your budget. If you have additional ideas, please share them here.

1.  Linens at the reception instead of paper table cloths and plastic.  . Party Rental companies offer floor length table cloths for a dollar or two more than the shorter cloths. This one decision can change an entire room.  You will find many church reception closets are open for brides to use when they are utilizing their site.  These are filled with nice linens, silver, punch bowls and  elegant serving pieces

2.  The ceiling of a large auditorium style room can be lowered to 8 or 9 feet with the use of a hulu hoop and long swags of parachuttee silk or cheap lightweight fabric (of white or theme color) swagged to the corners and sides of the room from the attachment to the strong hulu hoop that is attached to the ceiling.  This one feature brings romance and elegance into the room.

3. Large rooms with small weddings parties can be made glamorous by sectioning the room off with the entry as a separate greeting or cocktail or punch area.  Soft music, hor d eurves, greetings from parents or even a reception line can be introduced into this spot. The guest arrive there and later move into the room. Furniture and tall tables can be added from furniture rentals.

Ways to section this off are with tall plants or trees from a nursery (rented). Screens and fabric curtains. Some locations have built in screens to divide their rooms.  You can place blown up photos of the couple on the screens/dividers and family history.  Run a video show of the couple's photos.  Adding a  photo booth for the guests to pop in and out of gives them a special welcome and a fun wedding favor.  You get the photos of who attended and they gain a strip of the same photos.  Some companies offer these with your names and wedding date on the final photo.

4.  Outdoor weddings.  If there are traffic sounds, rent a portable fountain as a sound inhibitor. A breeze or windy areas will create concerns, so bring a box of heavy/clean stones. These can decorated with the couple's name & wedding date to hold things down. You need five or six to a table. While rocks are not so glamorous, it is better than things blowing across the grass.

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5. The cake/dessert  table should be specially dressed if it is a focal point in the room.  This looks best with a full length skirted linen that corresponds with the cake decor, and set in front of a pretty backdrop.  By adding an elegant base to the cake, you increase the eye appeal.  Adding dry ice to a larger bowl or silver bowl the punch bowl sits in... adds glamour.

7.  We encourage those who choose to have favors at a wedding, do so with something that rings true to the theme or their personalities.  This way you do not feel you are wasting money.  We see couples give seeds, trees, plants that go home regarding the environment.  We see traditional (Jordan Almonds) for those following their ethnic trends. There are so many great favors on the market today. 

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Romantic Santa Barbara Weddings & Honeymoons

Santa Barbara, along the South Coast of California is a favorite wedding and honeymoon destination. The favorite regions include the Santa Ynez wine country for your wedding and honeymoon or a glamorous Santa Barbara beach wedding with state park or hotel venues at one of the honeymoon resort hotels. You will find it a relaxing smaller art-oriented community where the Hollywood stars come to hang out and enjoy romantic getaways.  The famous Ronal Regan Ranch sits above in the hillsides not far from a beautiful inland lake and pine-forested reservoir. The wines are world class and relish in the early morning fog that occasionally stays along the Pacific coast. 

Couples hosting a beautiful yacht wedding find the Santa Barbara Bay area a delight with sail boats dotting the harbor and romantic restaurants dotting the coast with excellent dining from note worthy chefs.  There are beach hotels and popular ocean side conference resorts with enjoyable shopping in most of the cities.  Montecito shopping can be pricey, yet we find around the university in Goleta just north of Santa Barbara a variety of price ranges for the students and creative clothing ideas. The county is varied and beautiful with the enjoyable Santa Maria being the larget city.  We found it has great wedding reception services and shopping for a wedding dress is made easy.  This area offers a more agricultural and space program oriented population with Vandenberg nearby. 

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You will find a variety of lovely hotels and wedding venues in the Santa Barbara area on  Along with wedding reception services and fine dining, wineries and tourism for the region.

The bakeries in nearby Solvang are world-renowned with some of the most creative breads exciting wedding cakes and awesome pastry known to vacationing couples.  The Scandanevian atmosphere is a fun backdrop for honeymooners and intimate weddings.  The little town of Buellton is known for their split pea soup and offer several restaurants in the region.  People come for thousands of miles for a tasty bowl.

This is a popular Los Angeles getaway region. It is a refreshing drive from LA along the Pacific Coast to Carpinteria for camping areas and nice hotels. Known for their beautiful historic Santa Barbara Mission, the city enjoys great restaurants along with popular catering services and knowledgeable wedding reception services. We found the region is a popular conference area with many unique event sites in California. Make your reservations early, the coastal cities fill up fast. Honeymoon in California is memorable in Santa Barbara. 

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Los Angeles For A Honeymoon

Los Angeles for a honeymoon? How much fun can that be?  Well, living there for many years, it is easy to understand the question. This is one of the busiest cities in the world with freeways going in a multitude of directions, crazy traffic and people finding the fun things there are to do.  Every weekend can be a holiday.  But a honeymoon?  Where are the romantic spots? 

No surprise, they are along the western beach communities with the low-keyed, sandy beach, ocean view restaurants and romantic bedrooms of Malibu, Santa Monica, Pacific Palisades, Marina Del Rey, El Segundo, Redondo and Hermosa Beach cities and the wild and wacky Venice.  Flights to Los Angeles Itl. Are generally reasonable and near the beach communities mentioned.  The laid back atmospheres of these areas can add to your honeymoon experience, and with a quick drive inland you find exciting things to spend your awake hours.  There are find many world-class restaurants, nightclubs and hotels on for Los Angeles.  Couples find unique areas to visit and entertainment ideas in this resource.  This is one city where you do need to rent a car at the airport and have good maps.

Take a yacht cruise for the afternoon; it is a camera’s delight to look back at the harbors and shoreline.  The Marina Del Rey’s yacht harbor is one of the largest in Southern California.  Many people live aboard their yachts and tour the cities along many coastlines.  I highly recommend you gain passage on a boat heading to delightful Catalina Island, just west of the mainland.  The island offers fun walking, shopping and swimming for the day.  Yes they too have hotels with views of the water. The feel is very European and tranquil as the daytime tourists leave for the day and the island becomes yours. 

Designing your visit is part of the fun.  There are tour buses that take you to the MGM Studios for a day visit.  Tours to take you through Hollywood and Brentwood (where the stars live).  Many couples find the amazing collections at exciting museums like the Getty and the Bowers and cowboy movie actor, Gene Autry’s Western museum along with the Huntington Library and Gardens house famous works of art to be rediscovered by you. The unbelievable Labra Tar Pits are also popular visits.  

When you are from relatively small cities, the inner Los Angeles skyscrapers are a sight to behold and experience.  Just taking the elavator to the top terrace and looking around at the sister buildings and views can be inspiring.  . Long Beach is home to the cruise ship harbor and the historic Queen Mary (now a hotel in the harbor). This is a very interesting place to stay, tour and host a wedding.  If you are fortunate to be in Los Angeles when the Hollywood stars are walking the red carpet or there is a performance at the art and cultural center, aim for tickets in advance.  If visiting on the New Years Day, try to go to the early morning Rose Parade in Pasadena.  Enjoy Los Angeles; it has a lot to offer!!