Thursday, August 18, 2011

Adding Luxury Ideas To Your Wedding Reception - Part 2 of 3

Photos by Dennis Urbiztondo - Written by Judith Rivers-Moore

A Luxurious Wedding & Reception Venue Can Be Chosen and Created

Ideas for a luxurious wedding and reception venue appear with photos in magazines and websites. Often these photos do not show the negative areas of a location and that is why you personally review the location prior to booking it. Some of the concerns in seeking the elegant location have a great deal to do with: The entry to a wedding site and/or views of parked cars from the gardens/grounds can be very distracting. The flow and access of the room to where caterers/staff enter and placing your head table away from EXIT signs and bright/light door entries.

The event room's ceiling is key to visuals. Room appearance is directly affected by the condition of flooring and any equipment in the room. The condition of chairs and linens that come with the event site. Your use of full-length tablecloths (or pooling linens) and overlay cloths of unique fabrics adds a luxury statement.

You tables set with complete and matching china, crystal or matching glassware as your table dinner service, the floral centerpieces and setting the table with specific folds to napkins for your personal printed dinner menu, and unique favors can all enhance the table appearance. While less is more was the old statement, we have entered a "new look of more". Creating a color theme of 2 to 4 colors will enrich your statment. Working with the new table fabrics can be so much fun.

Lighting with mood lights, display lighting and music lightshows all work toward a more elegant event. The use of candles and votives enrich the romance.

Luxury receptions will play softer music over the dinner hours so that people can talk. Smaller tables that seat six or eight instead of ten will enhance the visiting. Details, like the box of tissues in a bathroom to lighting over the bride and groom or dance floor, bring a reception room into focus. We are seeing delightful floral displays and unique color contrast swags added to the chair covers and canopies places over table arrangements, both inside and outside for shade and visual affects.

Tenting a site can be absolutly necessary with weather issues. But it can also be a very luxurious tent. Tents come with air conditioning, heating, sound systems and flooring. Amazing, and often very costly. Some locations with weather concerns often have their own tents for inclement day use.

Adding a Luxury Space -- Separate Areas...
Entry rooms sectioned off by plants and unique screening or actual rooms with high tables are set for cocktails and jazz or specific music is played for a stand-up area prior to dinner being served. As the couple arrives, they bring everyone into the main room. some form a reception greeting line.

We find larger event rooms incorporating a furnished area (couches, chairs, lamps & table conversation areas) placed near the bar and away from the music can provide an enjoyable space.

Adding a small Arabian style tent to an outdoor environment is pure luxury statement. Use it for pre-wedding cocktails or later with wine and cheese serving….posh with pillows, music and unique d├ęcor.


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