Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Flowers That Last For Bridal Bouquets

Planning a wedding involves so many decisions.  Your bridal bouquet is one of the accents to your wedding dress, you will want to pay close attention to.

Using your favorite flowers may not work out well because of several things that flowers do:

  • They can wilt in the heat
  • They have weak stems and do not make a sturdy bouquet
  • They are out of season and must be shipped which can deteriorate the blooms
  • They are fragile and break easily with hugs and handling

Brides want to look fresh all day and that can include their beautiful bridal bouquets. 

Our suggestions for Flowers That Last For Bridal Bouquets:

Calla lilies Come In Many Colors


Roses of Any Color

Peonies Come In Many Colors - The Smell Is Awesome

Tulips Are Fragrant and Multi-Colored

Succulents Combined With Other Flowers

Hawaii Style

Wild Flower & SunFlower Bouquets provides links to fantastic florists that specialize in creating memorable floral displays, bridal bouquets and reception table flower arrangements, plus unique aisle floral treatments. 

Enjoy this Pintrest Link for more ideas.