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Wedding Rings & Men's Wedding Bands

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Subject:  Wedding Rings & Men’s Wedding Bands

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Most of you have favorite jewelers in your neighborhood and some may be shopping for rings for the very first time.  When selecting rings, couples sometimes look for a 3-ring set to match between them. While this is romantic, it may come with a few concerns. You like diamonds – he does not want them in his ring.  You like certain metals or have a metal reaction (allergy) to gold that is less than 18 carat. You are both very strong individuals and require different looks. He does not plan to wear a ring.  Whichever it is, you may appreciate some of the tips below.

  1. You are looking for the 4-C’s when shopping for diamonds; cut, clarity, color and carat size.
  2. We see many rings including the birth date gemstones or her favorite stone in the rings.
  3. Platinum, Gold, Tungsten, Silver and Wood appear to be favorites. In some parts of the world Ceramics are used. We are seeing couples purchase designer rings, vintage rings and those specifically created by goldsmiths.
  4. Many couples seek the jewelers who carry specific companies. Hearts on Fire, Graff, Genisis, Cartier, Tiffany, Verraigo.
  5. Even stones graded SI1 -- seven levels below flawless -- can seem perfect to the naked eye if the diamond is well cut.  There are some amazing cuts available on the market.
  6. Online shopping for rings might be fun to review styles, but think about the romantic connection of selecting your rings together at a local jeweler.
  7. Saving Money can be done by: look for less-popular shapes, notably ovals, hearts and marquise. In jewelry retailers, not purchasing name brand rings, purchasing only matching bands, use of a cubic zirconia as the main stone in the engagement ring, purchase from reputable pawn shops and consider an inherited family ring, plus jewelry wholesalers are places couples save.
  8. Should you purchase ring insurance. Some swear by it. Losing a diamond of any type can be pricey to replace. So much has to do with your budget and what you do with your hands.
  9. Always ask about the store warranty before purchasing.   You should have a 30-day return policy at a reputable store. Also your credit card or a department store will have a warranty on purchase.
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P.S. He has surprised you with a ring and you do not care for it. Re-sizing is one thing, but replacing the look takes a delicate discussion to not hurt his feelings. This happened to me. He knew I loved hearts and he purchased a heart shaped diamond. I loved it, but because I type/write so much, I knew it would be off my hand all too often, and with the chance it might get lost. I explained my concern, so we went in to see if we could find one that was a solid piece – both engagement and wedding. It never swings on my hand, and I always wear it.

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