Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Ten Honeymoon Regions & TIPS on Planning Tahiti to California to Caribbean Travel

                                                         Pacific Islands - Tahiti

Most of us have ideas on where we would like to go for our honeymoon. Surprisingly the USA offers you several of these popular and romantic areas. Find a list below for ten of the most romantic areas in the world. I would like to help you understand some timing and travel issues people deal with first.

TIPS from
1. Do some reading on the region you are going to. Look up on the internet the safety precautions for the region. Some places are not very safe to vacation in.
2. Find out if you will need passport or Travel Visas.
3. Find out if you need medical shots (immunizations) for the region or country.
4. Snow Ski or Tropical....Always bring sun block, hats and for tropical - mosquito repellents.
5. Bring a small medical kit with antibiotic cream.
6. Bring your medications in their own bottles. Count out enough for 2-3 days more (in case flights are canceled or delayed). Rarely happens.
                                            Sonoma Wine Country Photo by

Great Favorites  For Honeymoons
1. Hawaii Islands
2. Tahiti Islands
3. Belize
4. East Coast Costa Rica
5. Venice, Florence & Rome
6. Island off of Thailand (Phuket)
7  USA - Niagara Falls
8. USA - Sonoma & Napa Wine Country
9. USA - Sedona & Grand Canyon, Ar
10 USA.- Yosemite Valley
11.USA - Lake Tahoe

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                                                Pacific Sunsets off the California Coast