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Cool Ideas For Hosting A Summer Outdoor Wedding -

                                             TIPS For Hosting Summer Weddings
Photo by Melinda Hughes

Destination Weddings and Local Brides Planning a Wedding in The Summer may find planning for wedding celebrations easier than those who live in the tornado or rainy mid-east USA.  No matter where we live, a bride will find herself dealing with weather conditions and problem solving.  I used to think tents were for rainy days, but umbrella tables and tents and awnings are really important in the heat of sun. Here are some tips regarding weather.

1. Even if your wedding and reception are indoors, couples often like to provide water bottles for the guests between the ceremony and reception.  They can be labeled with your names and wedding date, and placed in a basket near the exit of the ceremony or entry to the reception. They can also be offered by the flower girls and ring bearer.  You can also ask for a "water service" set up from your caterer at this time.  

2. Tents today come with misters, air conditioning and heaters  They are amazing, and work well to house your guests.  The protection from the elements is a great asset and they can be beautifully decorated for ceremony and include dance floors, audio etc.   The biggest concern for tents is to not place one of their stakes into your water lines. So if you have a water sprinkle system, you must give them the diagram.  Also anything on a lawn party, your watering systems must be taken off of their timers, so the grass will not be over-soaked and soggy.  Shade the food with  awnings - colorful or white. 

3. Beach weddings are a major concern for those who sun burn easily.  We see a multitude of creative ideas for beaches that include:  Everyone gets, sun block lotion, a large sun hat and sandals to wear - small individual tents are placed on the sand for children to play in, beach umbrellas, awnings affixed in the sand and sometimes the ceremony on the beach and the reception in a nearby ballroom or hall ... away from the elements. 

4. Coastal communities often cool off quickly with fog rolling in. So brides may choose a specific time of day for garden or beach weddings that can move from super hot to down right chilly for their guests.  Encourage many to bring wraps, or you will see your guests leaving early out of desire for warmth.  Many couples rent fire pits for those possibilities and the party rentals also have gas heaters that cover a great deal of area with extra warmth. 

5. Food can really be an issue with a beach or lakeside wedding.  This is one time you want to take the caterer's advice on best foods to serve.  Warm sun contamination sets in quickly and dryness to breads, and ice melts quickly.  Barbecue and picnic style foods work very well. 

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