Monday, December 17, 2012

Wedding Flowers, Bridal Bouquets & Table Decor That Reflect Your Wedding Style

Set your style with wedding flowers, bouquets, ceremony and reception table decor.
This takes several concerns into consideration.  Determine your love of flowers, your favorites, whether the chosen blossoms FIT the venue you have selected and your budget!

Choosing who will complete this for you also rests on your passion for flowers. 
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Floral Designers - Can pull the aisle, ceremony area, bouquets and reception flowers together to enhance and complete your theme.
Full Service Florist - Often have someone in their shop that specializes in floral design.
Grocery Stores  - Will often have someone who can create the basics of most arrangements, but do not deliver - nor do your cake flowers (if necessary). 
Do Them Yourself - Buying wholesale and creating the bouquets is NOT for the bride's hands.  Your hands are in many photos and flowers are not easy to do - staining and breaking nails.

Often I am in awe at what a floral designer or florist will create. This photo of a design specialist brings a soft combination of flowers into a pure romance bouquet...and this photo does nothing to really show you how beautiful the above creation is with sea shells for a beach wedding.

Your altar or ceremony flowers, arches, canopies and settings for your nuptials bring in the romance and can key the color theme you choose.  We see so many exciting ideas and unique floral displays. There are a few concerns for the tables and I will address these.
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Special Tips:
1. Centerpiece flowers on your linens should display low (no higher than 12 inches) or quite high 1.50 to 2 feet.  The ability to talk across the table without hindering the view is important for your guest's enjoyment.

2. Most flowers hold up well, but choose wisely as some have excessive perfume and may give a concern for hay fever/headaches.  

3.  When your colors from the ceremony work well with your reception room selection, your flowers from the ceremony can be transported to the reception and used at the head table and/or on the cake table or as an entry display.

4. Understand prices and availability have a great deal to do with the season of the year.  ie  Valentine weddings are sooooo romantic, but trying to put your flowers together for a wedding is often a challenge, and much more expensive. (Place your order early on these).

   Photo by Evening wedding reception
notice how the floral color choice pops in the photos.

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