Sunday, February 24, 2013

Your Wedding Invitations

From formal to informal, you want the guests to know where and when your wedding will be held.  In a small village there may be reason to tell one another through the gossip chain and put up a sign (like above), but in our major moving world - our reality is a printed invite that gives the message.  Meeting with many couples through the years, I find them unsure or undecided about themes, whats out there, what possible with a wedding, while others have been thinking about it for years, and know exactly what they are looking for.  The invitation gives an indication to the guests that (sets the tone), the formality or casualness of your celebration.

Couples set the theme of their wedding with exciting and unique papers, delightful "save the date" post cards and imaginative ideas plus traditional engraved, embossed and printed invites. I would like to offer a few tips on how our society is dealing with invitations. Believe me a great deal depends on where you live, the casualness and formality of your wedding celebration and the theme you have chosen.  You can find the Invitations Article with step-by-step process and timeline in the articles on

Some Invitation Tips 
  1. Understand e-mail, face book, wedding web pages and social media are not where you want to post the date, time and where your wedding will be held, nor your home phone number.  Not unless you want to post a guard at your home the day you are at your rehearsal or being married.  The hackers are into everything lately and believe me, the break-ins for newlyweds are rising in the crime rates. Please don't help them to your wedding presents.
  2. When you have a low budget wedding, there are some options. Print them yourself, use lightweight paper, so the postage for first class will work for both the reply card and for the invite.
  3. Hand deliver locally if your budget is less than great.
  4. Keep an e-mail and phone list for all your invites. So often people do not reply and you must send an e-mail or phone them to gain whether they are attending.  You will need this for the food count for a caterer or before you grocery shop for the big day - at least a week in advance.
  5. Sending a "save the date card" is great for people coming from a long distance.  We realize post card information can be gleaned from the many hands moving through a post office. Send a printed, stamped note in an envelope. 
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