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Seven Tips On Wedding Flowers, Bridal Bouquets & Table Centerpieces

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Brides are as different about choosing wedding flowers as they are about selecting a wedding dress. Many brides-to-be could care less about the floral décor while others, must be surrounded by specific blossoms or they will not think this, “the wedding of their dreams”.  Share with us on the blog, your flower ideas or requests!

I Want - What I Want - When I Want It

We all get a bit cheeky about it being “our day” and “we can have what we want”, but with everything there is a plus and a minus. Your mind may dance with a wedding and reception profuse with flowers, but certain blossoms will cost you two to three times more out of season and other favorites do not hold up well in heat, or after they are picked. We quickly understand there is more to planning the flowers than we anticipated.
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Trust these tips will help:
1. Understand if you order from the web, they may not get there on time or will need to be stored in a cooler to keep them fresh. With wedding flowers it is best to work with a local professional florist who will contract to create them “just as you requested and deliver them fresh and on time.”
2. Order early (6 or 8 months in advance) when you are married on or near popular flower gift times.  Mothers Day, Christmas, Valentines and Easter for the USA and other countries have specific celebration dates.
3. If you must keep your floral designs within a specific budget, it is important to have your bridal bouquet with your favorite flower(s). This is the most photographed and memorable display.
4. Flowers may be transported from the ceremony room to the reception room and decorate the front table, the cake/dessert table(s) and we have also seen them on the reception tables held in vases.
5. Allergies to flowers can sometimes require the removal of the flowers from a reception table. No one should be embarrassed by this request and made to feel at ease. Most people come prepared for their allergies, but new things (flower types) can set them off.
Please note the centerpiece height. Photo by JR Moore

6. When designing the individual reception table centerpieces, they should be kept very low so people may talk over them, or built high so people may talk through the base to their table partners.  
7. During Victorian Times books on flower meanings were the rage.  Bridal bouquets and hair flowers in particular give unique messages. You may want to study this and often your florist has a list or books.  We will be blog posting some of these meanings in the near future.

You are welcome to add your input and ideas to our blog.  

For local floral designers in your area or destination weddings, offers a wonderful variety of articles and links to professional florists. We have also placed a link to growers of Hawaiian flowers and rose petal companies.

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96 Years - Happy Birthday To USA's National Parks

Having traveled most of the United States and a great deal in California, our United States National Parks System is a crowing glory to those who desire an exceptional destination wedding area.  The dynamic park systems are in all states across this great nation, preserved for us to enjoy a multitude of ways.  We are so thankful for those who preserved and continue to take care of these great places from the Olympic Park to the East Coast Lighthouses.

We have experienced; magnificent water falls, forests of every magnitude, come to understand desert life and walked and swum in beautiful beaches and unique mountain parks. We have hiked in Bryce and Zion, camped in the snow at Yosemite and enjoyed everything in between in various states.

Join The Blog - Let Us Know Your Favorite National Park!!!

Many do not realize the Washington DC moments are part of the National Parks System.  Some of our favorite days were spent frolicking on the beaches and savoring moments no one can take away from us. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!

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Many of these lovely areas are available for wedding planning. Our website links the national parks .com,  a state parks .com for every state, county parks and city parks plus community  recreation center .coms in our  

Donations of funds and your volunteer hours are always welcome to continue these inspiring areas. 

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Bridal Shows & Wedding Fairs To Meet Los Angeles to Miami Wedding Venues, Services & Travel

Brides attend local bridal shows for a variety of reasons. The colorful wedding fairs are highly publicized on radio, TV and in the media, plus now on the web and Facebook.  It is fun to attend and can get you in the mood to begin your planning.  The shows offer many exciting prizes, booth prizes and discounts if you book the wedding vendor at the show.  Most have inspiring bridal fashion shows with the recent designs, tuxedos and bridal attendant ideas.  There are workshops at some and speakers who nail specific subjects for couples. Looking for a bridal show in your region - Look to BridalShowInfo and for current dates and places.
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Often the wedding shows are held in lovely hotels and wedding locations where the site manager can introduce couples to their venue and tour them through the setting. We occasionally see wedding shows held in shopping malls.  There is also a variety of price tags on the entry fees ranging from free to $25. 

Many couples have never planned a wedding before and in our recent economy, their combined funds are paying for the wedding celebration. Couples need to set their budgets and find out what the local price ranges are in the vicinity of where they plan to be married.  Though grooms do not always want to attend, we do meet many more of these wonderful guys at the shows now. 
                                                     Photo by JR Moore - The Wedding Coach

Through the years, and hundreds of bridal shows we have attended, people ask me if it is better to attend a very large show or a boutique style show.  The larger, over-crowed shows do not give time to speak with the booth vendors.  You might gain some brochures and hardly talk to the owner or representative.  Lets face it you have questions for the wedding photographers, the florist, the party rental company and the various services. Most services discuss their various packages and bring their appointment books.

Here are a few good tips and find current show dates on  WeddingLinks.CO 
(The Web address gives you California to New York, Canada & Worldwide Bridal Shows, Wedding Venues & Services Links - We link businesses with a history of five or more years in business.)
TIPS ...
  • Bring your groom or a friend to bounce the information off of later
  • You want to hire businesses that have been around for several years and worked on many weddings and/or receptions
  • Wear comfortable shoes
  • Sign up for the door prizes - winning a prize can off-set your budget in great ways.
  • You do not have to contract with anyone without checking their references first
  • Take a pen to note on a brochure when you want to call a person or price quotes
  • Most shows give you a bag, but sort it out when you get home for people you want to call for appointments. 
  • Understand when you call these venues and services, they consider Monday and Tuesdays their off work days – whereby you have Saturday and Sunday off.
  • Use your smart phone to store photos, names of businesses you want to contact in the future and find now that more businesses can be accessed through your smart phones.
  • Look for unique ideas, themes, party linen ideas and reception table possibilities.
Please ask permission before you take photos of dresses or the displays. Those are considered creative ideas.

Best Wish

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Wedding Planning, Wedding Classes and Online Webinar For Do-It-Yourself Brides

 There is so much information on the web today and a great deal of misinformation. When it comes to wedding planning you may want quick tips or elaborate details that can be gained from your pc with a webinar, a good book, or web articles.  It all takes time and an outstanding timeline, management skills and budget to see you through the process.

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For the do-it-yourself bride, planning solutions to wedding day dynamics and management concerns are often what couples search for on the web. When you are thinking about learning more on the subject you may want to consider checking the background of the person who created the articles and class you are about to consider gospel.  Sometimes it is what is not written in the instructions or article description that leaves brides in a lurch on their wedding day. 

Judith Rivers-Moore has a background in wedding and event management, taught wedding coordination/planning at several certified California University extended education sessions and has written seven titles on the subject of wedding planning. Judith understands what brides want.

Her website has thousands of wedding venues, wedding reception services plus a one stop area planning menu to complete all the wedding and honeymoon details. She has a number of articles on, her blog and facebook plus she is considered an authority on wedding planning.  Many of the articles cover:
  • How To Interview The Various Wedding Services
  • Themes and Wedding Venue Ideas
  • Honeymoon Ideas
Judith provides couples with a free access web portal called The site offers a creative and free 90 minute online Wedding Class (Webinar) at  Take the class at your leisure, repeat it if you want to and enjoy the great management forms, budgets, timelines, part of a photo enhanced book and audio clips - all downloaded to your computer. Right - Free. You can pass it on to your bridesmaids or family to enjoy.
Day Of The Wedding - Photo by
There are three more classes, but the first 90 minutes are free and funny with the cartoons providing a humorous slant on weddings. We loved the beautiful photos in the book portion we downloaded.  If you decide to take the rest of the classes, they are reasonably priced, (around $30 each). So many brides stated they got their wedding plans rolling with this one class. Personally, the classes lowered my stress levels and really helped me and my fiance’(now husband) get our wedding plans completed easily.

If you decide to request the remaining classes, call the J.R. Publications Inc. hotline 1-800-233-3850 toll free. The sessions open from an e-mail sent to your e-address.

Guest Contributor,
Jennifer Stanley

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Catering Questions For Wedding Receptions & Events

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Everyone enjoys a wedding reception, party and business event from different viewpoints.  Some guests love the flowers, food presentation and decor, while others comment on the food and service.  While most people host their event with the attitude of having a great and memorable time, we have found the choice for the right caterer comes with hundreds of questions.

Would love to have your input and your questions in our Blog. Join us.

There are a variety of catering services:
  1. Pick-up catering
  2. Full Service catering – complete with linens, bar, meal, deserts
  3. Location – in-house catering or banquet departments
  4. BBQ catering
  5. Full Service with a number of reception locations to offer
  6. Church or membership halls with food and serving committee
  7. Location’s selected vendor list of independent caterers to choose from
Lovely locations find themselves dismissed from the bride’s list because the caterer/chef has a poor reputation or same old menu for every wedding. Even a backyard wedding can create space, access and function concerns for food being prepped and served.
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Quick Tips:
Tip:  When you choose an event location where all the party rentals, tables and linens, dishes are rented, you will spend as much or more on these items than on the food and catering services. (backyard parties - home events)
Tip:  A buffet can be more expensive than a seated dinner
Tip:  Saving money – eliminate the canapés (they are labor intensive)
Tip:  Request two boxed meals for after the wedding with plastic forks etc. for the bride and groom – include some dessert also.
Tip:  When a friends or family gifts you the catering, it may not mean they are also giving you the food nor the services required with staff, please get clear and qualify any charges you will need to cover.
Tip:  If you have paid the bartender for services and included a tip in his check, you should not allow a tips jar on their counter

Judith's Suggestions:
Do not hire a caterer prior to selecting your location.  Many event locations want you to use their selected caterers list or their on-site chef. Couples are challenged by many of the following concerns and ask if the caterer can:
  1. provide ethnic style recipes or kosher kitchens
  2. health department licensing
  3. bring a wait staff to serve the food to seated guests
  4. set the buffet display in a quality presentation
  5. serve and staff the reception with trained personnel
  6. provide adequate food for the number of guests
  7. offer extended services such as party rental selection and setup, bartending, cake cutting or valet service
Most caterers offer you websites and photo albums, plus printed menus to assist in making your decisions. If there are specific food requests the catering choice may revolve around various ethic foods and menus and service.
Circumventing problems is twofold. Knowing the questions to ask  when you interview (sit down with the caterer) and calling their references to make certain their reputation is good.
Most important questions to ask their references are:
  1. Did the caterer provide the items and menu you requested?
  2. Was the food fresh, good and ample?
  3. Was the food well presented and displayed?
  4. Was the wait staff attentive to the guest needs?
  5. Would you hire this person again?
Once you have decided you require a caterer, select three. Request interview dates and if you like them during the interview ask for a bid.  Usually they will give you two price points with the option of including items or red-lining them.
If a bid comes in higher from your very favorite caterer, then ask them to review the bid with you and see if there are methods where you can lower your costs and still achieve your favored caterer.   

Find favorite caterers in your chosen region on 

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With caterers and their staff, the final bill will include tax, tips and often cake cutting charges and corkage fees for opening your wines.  Please ask to see the fees with all items included in the bid.  You don’t want any surprises.  Each catering company has their own policy and contract  to indicate charges and payment structure but generally 50% is requested for the reservation.
Most caterers want to know the number of guests attending in the week prior to the wedding day so they may order the food, etc. Most caterers expect the final payment on the quoted price prior to the date of the event/reception. There may be additional charges because of corkage and bar bills. Please place someone in charge of this payment at the end of the event - this can be the wedding planner who reviews the bill, a parent or designated person. 
Other questions you may want to ask:
  1. Who does the clean up?
  2. What happens to the leftover food?
  3. What are some lesser priced alternatives?

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Cocktail & Bar Set Up For Parties and Wedding Receptions

                                           Cocktail Parties, Martinis and blended drinks are in-style. 

Your  wedding reception, special event or cocktail party may begin or evolve in a room set aside, or the entry space prior to entering the reception room.  Some hosts set the bar up in the main reception room.  Couples set up a wine bar or spritzer bar with soft drinks for the youth.  Some couples create an entry area for their reception with soft music, and bar service to create a inviting area of luxury prior to their arrival after their photographs. There are trained bar staff services that will mix the "couple's cocktail" drinks created and named after the bride and groom. But the mixed bar that also serves wine ... is often more appreciated.

Love to have your input on this ideas are helpful. Join us on the blog.

Responsible hosts are moving away from the wine bottles on the tables for two reasons.  One, it is a waste of good wine with many open wine bottles at the end of an event and Two, some people drink way to much – reaching for bottles from other tables. We are seeing small individual bottles with personalized labels as favors and people getting up from their table to have a glass refilled or wait staff serving the alcohol and water.

Two Types Of Bar Setup

The FREE/hosted Bar is taken care of by the host or hostess and drinks are free to guests.  A tips jar is not allowed on the counter at these paid bars, the tip is part of the bill paid by the host/hostess provides.

The PAID No-Host Bar - or Public Bar  is where drinks are paid for by the individual guest.  A tips jar is allowed at this type of bar. 

Clubs and associations and most hotels have their own bartenders with alcohol purchased and do put up a tips jar. 

WISDOM - It pays (insurance wise) to have a bar tending service that practices Responsible Hospitality.
WISDOM - If children are invited - please understand parents get busy drinking and socializing and a good baby sitter or children's entertainment area is very helpful.

Bar Set Up

If planning a winery wedding - you likely will be serving their wines and they will have their
servers on hand to do this. 

If you are outfitting your own bar, we suggest speaking with the in-know people at a specialized liquor store, large warehouse-type beverage companies or a chain store (grocer) with staff who know alcohol serving and beverages. They can guide you.  Please understand if you are serving alcohol to a public group, you probably are required to have an ABC license in your city/county/state.  When you hire a bartending service, they generally come with this ABC license. Please check to see that the date is current on this license when hiring.

To outfit a general bar, understand people like to drink various things.  Water and ice are primary, beer depends on your crowd, wines are often the mainstay and hard alcohol or mixed drinks or special cocktails can be part of the bar setup.  If you do not want the expense of providing all these selections, then make it either or…a cocktail bar, beer bar, wine bar, margarita bar, sangria bar, etc….
Find LOCAL links to all types of vintners, alcohol and beverage stores and bar tending services on and our mobile friendly

Hors d’ oeuvres For Cocktails & Wine and Foods Served With Beer

 Appearances for the (hors d’ oeuvres) one-bite delectable go far beyond the chips and dips with beer, or cheese and crackers served with wines. Hours of prep time go into these adorable and tasty nibbles served on unique plates, stone surfaces, large leaves and unique cups or tiny glassware. The cocktails require specific bar glasses and a very talented bartender or two who know the rules on responsible hospitality. They usually come outfitted to set up in a specific space you designate.  People mingle around some exciting displays or servers bring the trays of hors d’ oeuvres. Attitude LUXURY, Fussy, Fabulous and Caloric are words to describe.  The caterer’s preparation-time is intensive, very tasty and sometimes just as costly as a seated dinner. They do lend elegance to a gathering and are a welcome surprise at the beginning of a dinner party or focus of a grand event. 

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Top Twelve Beach Wedding Areas In The World, From California To The Caribbean Islands

 Photo by Judith Rivers-Moore
Find Exciting Beach Wedding Venues from Puhket Thailand to Virginia Beach and San Diego
Along with garden weddings and wine country weddings we find many couples choose to have a beach wedding. Many of these are destination locations, hotels and resorts near the ocean or nearby lakeside settings. There is a tranquility and peace to hosting your ceremony at a beach, and fun quality to having a wedding reception with a beach party atmosphere. Since this is the way women shop for an event site…  You will find a variety of beach wedding venues on with ocean or lake settings. We have linked thousands of amazing beach wedding sites throughout the USA and the world. Mobile Access on

Review the TOP 12 Best Beach Wedding Locations Below
Love your input on the blog - What beach area or resort are you considering?

There are a few management concerns I wanted to tip you off about prior to booking your beach wedding site.  Best use time is important. Blistering heat or early morning fog, when the winds come up, high tide, low tide, dangers to children and public access can be major concerns.

We suggest – when selecting a beach wedding venue…
Pacific Sunset - Photo by Judith Rivers-Moore
  • Ask the site management which part of the day offers the best use time. Listening to the management regarding best time of year to plan and best part of the day is a very good idea. They know their event location.
  • If they seem sketchy, look for articles and complaints on Google regarding the location. If it is nearby, visit a few times to understand the beach location and look up the tide times for the specific date.
  • Ask what the policies are for set up and break down of the ceremony and how you get to the ceremony site in your wedding dress.
  • If a beach reception, you will want to know how things can be set up, water and power concerns, and lighting the way back to cars as the sun sets.
  • Certain beaches have “invaders” protected by environmental agencies.  Many of us do not want the “wonder sea crabs” crawling through our wedding ceremony.
  • Setting your ceremony area to close to the tides, can be a disaster as it rolls in.
  • Our ever-changing earth gives a variety of sunset times. I find many couples want their vows at sunset. Beautiful yes and very photogenic with western sunsets.
  • All state and most city beaches require wedding permits. You will find links to state beaches on our WeddingLinks
  • Consider the difficulty of getting the chairs to the ceremony area and out later. The dynamics of this is time consuming and a struggle in the sand.

Creative Beach Wedding Ideas

Tahitian Theme Wedding - Photo by, Judith Rivers-Moore
  • No high-heels.  Have a basket of flip-flops for guests
  • Umbrellas for the guests to protect from the sun or fun sun hats as favors.
  • Sun block available for the guests.
  • When it is a beach party reception find someone to attend the children for their safety. Water is an attraction to little ones and parents may not notice their child wandering toward the water.  A play tent outfitted with fun games and a nanny may help the situation.
  • There are fun tents and colorful awnings you can rent at the party rentals.
  • I love the favors for beach weddings and found has many ideas.
  • Some resorts along the beach have transportation (golf carts) to the beach event for the elderly. Walking through sand is a struggle.
  • There are catering companies that specialize in “beach parties” offering bbqs, themes and entertainment with wedding planners to help you complete the details.
TOP 12 Beach Wedding Locations For Weddings Islands  -  Tahiti Islands   -    both coasts and the Keys Diego York - Long Island           -  Galveston Carolina   -  Phuket

Also Consider Beautiful Lake Beach Areas Worldwide:
Lake Tahoe in California, Lake Louise in Canada, Lucerne Lake in Switzerland, Great Lakes in Michcigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, Lake Como in Italy, etc.

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Hotels For Wedding Venues, Destination Weddings and Honeymoon Resorts

Hotels and lodging are an integral part of wedding planning. We find brides and grooms want a hotel for a stunning ballroom as their wedding venue. Crystal chandeliers and regal settings plus the nearby housing of the wedding guests make the hotel venues very popular. Hotel lodging for your wedding guests and the rehearsal dinner at the hotel often works well. Many hotels have lovely banquet rooms, terraces by the pool and beachside spaces for dining. The hotel suites give you an excellent setting for wedding preparation and later your honeymoon suite.   Mobile Access to great hotels worldwide on  and our

Our readers love to know your favorite hotel and why you booked that hotel on this blog.
 Honolulu Hotel by Judith Rivers-Moore
Resort hotels are perfect for destination weddings. They often have a staff person to assist with the wedding planning details for your ceremony and reception. Hotels can give you group reservations rates.  Some hotels are all-inclusive with food, drinks, beach toys and some unique area tours included.

Major hotel chains and boutique hotels cater to honeymooners with special packages. These romantic honeymoon resorts are often in spectacular settings on beautiful beaches and near snow ski runs, African safari jungle adventures and adventure sports hotels with the ocean at their doorstep with reefs for scuba diving and rain forests for hiking. Many couples love the resorts near Disneyland and Disney World for another type of adventure.
Hotel poolside by Judith Rivers-Moore  and our mobile friendly offers a vast array of hotel links throughout the USA and the world. Many have amazing spa facilities and unique features with tours and experiences found in their region of the world.  We have reviewed many of the United States National Park’s lodging and find them beautifully maintained in their awe inspiring environments. The USA’s standards for beautiful hotel resorts finds couples enjoying exciting getaways and honeymoons through out the states and Hawaii.
 Maui Westin by Judith Rivers-Moore
In our searches, we discovered the United Kingdom and Europe offer a number of castle hotels and India has ornate palaces to choose from. The Italian countryside and Venice canals offer charming villas and romantic hotels.  The Caribbean Islands, Tahiti and Fiji prove there is sugar white sand and black sand on beaches just waiting for your feet. We have been writing articles on regarding travel. Trust you will take a few minutes to discover those faraway places.  

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Simple To Sexy Wedding Dresses, Designer Wedding Gowns & Bridal Shops

 Women seek a variety of styles in their wedding apparel today. While some of us want stunning bridal gowns with elegant lines, lace and figure flattering chic forms, other brides-to-be choose casual beach wedding styles or short length dress and many desire traditional ethnic gowns from their native culture.
                                                             Photo by
The  Wedding Dress Galley on provides you with an opportunity to review the designers who specialize in every style from all over the world.  From that great page with links to mother of the bride, flower girl, bridesmaid and top designers, Find Your Style - then enjoy opening the pages in your Local Area that offer you great service.  

This one link leads to both famous gown designers to review wedding dress styles and to our thousands of bridal shops in your search area of the USA and global cities.  Mobile Friendly access to to inspiring bridal shops. You will also find VIDEOS from the current fashion designer shows on the home page of

Photo by

There are a few tips you may want to consider before selecting your wedding dress
And we invite you to add your input on our Blog:
1. Choosing your dress style has a great deal to do with what type of wedding you are planning.  Some gowns adhere to elegant black-tie evening weddings, and other styles look best at the beach. Believe me, you will know when it is the “right dress”.

2.When this is a church wedding, check with their rulings prior to purchase. Some churches request shoulders be covered and no backless gowns.

3. You will want to emphasis your body’s positive lines and down play the over obvious. This often takes your acceptance of your figure and someone who will offer an honest opinion. I have swimmers shoulders, so I do not seek puffy sleeves and my face is heart shaped, so I look for specific necklines that enhance it. I have a narrow waist, but blossoming hips. Figure problems can be relieved by the right styles.

4. There are seven colors of white and some of these tones can drab down our coloring. Find out which white looks the best with your skin tones or work to achieve make-up tones to enhance your purchase.  Because shop lighting is not natural, request a mirror by a window to view your coloring as you try on dresses.

5. Ordering your dress from a bridal shop can take six to nine months and if you are having it made by a professional dress designer, this can take a year or more.  Most dresses when ordered require a great deal of fitting by a qualified seamstress.  Most quality shops and salons have this service.  It is with purchases from the web and pre-owned or family gowns, we run into dresses that require remodeling.

6. Wedding veils and be-jeweled headpieces, tiaras and hats are available. Selecting these has a great deal to do with the dress you decide upon. Often we can find gorgeous matches. Because of winds, you will want to fasten veils well on to your hairstyle. Many ladies choose to have elaborate wedding hairstyles and no other adornments.

7.  Getting ready and freshening up on your wedding day can lead to dropped lipsticks, and makeup getting on the dress. Use a covering over your dress, when applying.

8. Planning to dance at your wedding reception brings the element of bustling your long dress after the ceremony.  The more bouffant a skirt is, the more complicated the bustle. Bring a bridesmaid to learn how the bustle works from the seamstress or shop owner. This bridesmaid will assist you on the wedding day.

9.  Plan to have your wedding dress cleaned within three days. Stains set in quickly.  has a signup to receive our FREE e-Wedding Planning Book "The Wedding Manifesto"
authored by an educator of wedding planners. You will also receive management forms, time lines for the rehearsal and day-of wedding and several gifts along with our "Best Style California Wedding & Honeymoon" e-Magazine. 

Find bridal shops, wedding venues and wedding services on also.

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Wedding Photographers & Video Services Capture Your Wedding Ceremony & Wedding Reception Memories

There is no way to convey in words of what the wedding photographer captures in reflective moments of your wedding ceremony and celebration. The video services vibrate the moods, exciting movements and treasured sounds of the big day. Both are important wedding services to remind you of that moment in time.   A friend said, she did not cry during the wedding, but tears rolled down her cheeks as she viewed her wedding photos.

While we see a variety of photo ideas with photo booths, table instant cameras, family or friends running around with their digitals at the reception, and exciting online wedding albums, this is no area you want to short change. The difference between my quick shot digital and the ones the professionals use are miles apart.  Below you can see their quality over mine, at a glance.

Non-Pro Photo by Judith Rivers-Moore

Photo by a Professional -

As a writer of wedding planning and honeymoon books and ceo of, I find it impossible to complete a project without the submissions of fantastic photos from these awesome wedding photographers.

A picture is worth a thousand words, no matter how good a writer is.  They tell the truth of a life-story’s moment, and remain in our mind’s eye for years to come.
Contracting With A Professional Wedding Photographer:
In your contract you will provide them with specifics:
a.                   list of who you want photographed
b.                  notify them of the exact times they are to arrive and address
c.                   when you want the formal portraits
d.                  review the contract for all the details
e.                   give reminder calls 1 week ahead of your date

New things on the market are; photographers who do green photography, offering special paper and album services, unique albums, photo shop enhancements, large signature portraits, combined services of photo booths and photographers, and oil canvases of your favorite wedding photo for the wall.  The online fun you can enjoy with your photos is endless and you will find links to these many types of weddding services on for all these and more, specific to your event region. 

The interesting thing about a wedding photographer, is they often become your family photographer and are often there for you through the years.  They love to assist with portraiture of your anniversary, the baby portraits, the family and business portraits and graduations. and are part of  partner
websites. Sign up for our  free online wedding planning book and receive management forms, budgets and timelines for all you planning details.

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Limo Services - Red Carpet Treatment With Hummers, Vintage Cars, Wine Tours, Buses & Town Cars

        Limo Service - The Added Luxury To your Red Carpet Event - Your Wedding Celebration

We are often amazed at the length of Limousines and Hummers as they round the corners. They are huge and meant to keep a group togetherm and be part of a party and celebration!!!.  While many of us view limousine service for dignitaries, movie stars and the wealthy, they are possible for all of us to enjoy.  Their many services include: wedding day transportation, birthday parties, business events, wine tours, informative city tours, bachelor and bachelorette parties and graduation celebrations.  Often a great party on wheels!
photo by

The limo becomes center stage and invites fun. Popping the question is a popular scene for limousine trips. And some new dads are so euphoric they take mom home from the hospital in limo style. The limo is an excellent gift for any reason and we find this gift is popular for wedding anniversaries and dining parties.

 When booking a limo, you may want to consider some of the following tips…and feel free to add some of your ideas to the Blog.
  1. Book with a company that is licensed and insured.
  2. When a wine tour, or tour of a city, you want to request a knowledgeable person.
  3. Book well in advance of your required date and exact time needed.
  4. If a wedding, you may desire a white car and need to say so in the contract.
  5. Tipping the driver is additional to the fees already paid to the limo service.
  6. Airport runs will not guarantee you get to the airport on time, anyone on the road is subject to traffic issues that include accidents, road work and weather.
The limos stock alcohol within reach of those riding. If young people are why you are booking the limousine, ask to have it replaced with soft drinks.

You will find limousine services and ideas for transportation throughout the world on and mobile friendly

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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Catering Services For Kosher, Vegan, Vegetarian, BBQ, Ethnic and Elegant Menus

Questions regarding catering services haunt the most adept in planning a wedding reception, special occasion or business event.  From casual buffets, to dining with elegant china, silver and crystal, there seems to be a multitude of decisions. Budget has a great deal to do with it and there are some important things to know about catering services.

  1. Important to select a catering service that specializes in your preferred menu
  2. Not every caterer understands gluten free, vegan but most understand vegetarian. When a buffet is served, it is very helpful to the guest to have dishes marked for vegan, sugar free or gluten free. Plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit works well.
  3. The buffet is often more expensive than a plated and served dinner
  4. Hors d oeuvres are almost as expensive as a full course meal
  5. Beautiful presentation is extremely important to the taste of food. Colors, plating and a well decorated buffet table along with linens make it memorable.
  6. Themes are great fun and food and presentation can carry out a theme very well.
  7. Insist upon plates being cleared before the toasting or speeches begin.
  8. Your head count is vital the last two weeks prior to the event so they may order the food. Last minute changes can cost you a bundle and left over food even more. You also need to designate where the leftovers should go.
  9. Full service catering company can assist with reception coordination, serving staff, party rentals, linens, trained bartender services and often can get your alcohol at a discount. They often have contacts for lighting, audio and event design and many professional vendors are recommended.
  10. A general catering service does not offer the extras, just the food prepared in your kitchen and a staff to serve it and clean up.
  11. Food stations are fun, but expect more spills and additional staffing to assist with the serving. We often see a cocktail or margarita bar and dessert or candy stations, and must admit my favorite is the ice cream sundae station.
  12. Kosher foods have strict kitchen rules and your search is for a kosher kitchen.
  13. Review your contracts for time, food menu, what the caterer will provide and for what price – before you sign them. 50% down is requested at the time of booking.
Understand catering and staff tips range from 15% to 20% on fee before the taxes. You will find hundreds of qualified, licensed and insured caterers on in the areas where you are completing your plans.

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Napa Wedding Venues & Wine Country Honeymoon Hotels

Named one of the top ten "most romantic regions" in the USA and the third most popular destination wedding area, the picturesque Napa wine country combines with Sonoma wine country to host world class, award-winning wineries, great towns to explore and wedding venues that take your breath away.

photo by
There are hundreds of Napa wineries with beautiful tasting rooms and terraces for your wine tasting pleasure. You will find a variety of limousine wine tours with well informed drivers that are willing to help you discover the five major Napa regions and wines from many appellations, thousand-foot hillsides and endless vineyard views. Out of the hundres of wineries, wedding venues are a bit more difficult to find. The Napa or Sonoma wineries will happily do most business, fund raising and social events, but out of the hundreds of wineries... few will do weddings.

Napa is an hours drive North of San Francisco. You will enjoy visiting the historic vintners, Calistoga's quaint warm spring spas and the amazing shopping of St. Helena and Market V in Yountville. We are always inspired by the French Laundry's idea of dining elegantly and love the new Riverwalk Area of Napa City.  All this combines with the natural beauty seen as you move through the vineyards on the Napa Wine Train.

Sonoma is vast wine growning region and the origin of grape growing was the Buena Vista Winery. This part of the Carneros Valley has some of the finest vintners in the world. They include Gloria Ferrer Champagne Caves, Sebastiani and the new Jazzui winerys to mention a few. The Valley of The Moon enjoys Jack London State Park and his love for this moonstruck valley, now a famous wine growing and romantic honeymoon area.

The wine regions continue through Santa Rosa and west to the Russian River with famous Korbel and North to beautiful Healdsburg's Dry Creek Valley and Alexander Valley filled with major wineries and boutique style wineries. The views are awesome in these areas. After living here for forty years, the views still inspire this writer as I travel the roads. Summer greens move toward autumn golds and rusts with winters's promise of new mustard growth and the thrust of green leaves giving way to wild flowers sown in the endless rows of grapes.
Photo by

The new e-book Bob and I wrote is a big help to those choosing to find vineyard view wedding sites and great wedding services. The "Romantic Destinations ~ Napa & Sonoma Wine Country" helps you easily discover the favorites. The photo enhanced book is available on Guide Gecko and Amazon by September 2012. It offers selected vendors and romantic honeymoon hotels, b&bs, vacation rentals, fine dining and fun things to do while visiting the wine country. Links are found on the global portal where you find local and destination wedding and honeymoon resources.

It is easy to plan a destination wedding or elope to Sonoma Wine Country. California laws give you a license to be married the same day you arrive Monday-Friday by 12 noon. You will find romantic lodging, peaceful settings, glorious redwood trees, fun things to experience and a warm welcome to Northern California. Enjoy!

Honeymoon In The South Pacific

Tips on Honeymooning In The California Wine Country, Caribbean Islands or Belize Shores and The Tahiti & Pacific Islands.
BoraBora15.JPG               BoraBora18.JPG  
                                  Overwater bungalows or villas       View across the lagoon on Bora Bora

Wine Country honeymoons, romantic travel to Caribbean resorts and hotels, Tahiti overwater bungalows and the Belize reefs all share common concerns for their visitors. They all had some unique travel and safety tips for those desiring a "romantic honeymoon or getaway" while visiting their regions.  

If you have additional comments regarding this subject, please post it.

#1.  Understand they are located close to the equator and the sun will burn the skin easily.  Sun blocks do not stop sun burn, just screen the bad rays out.  One coordinator stated they have couples arrive one or two days in advance of their wedding ceremony and end up being so sun burned they do not want to wear the garments they brought for the wedding.

#2.  Side trips with unauthorized services without proper insurance and permits can turn into a problem for any visitor. Check with the hotel concierige or the visitors bureau before booking. Viator and Fare Buzz and Discovery on  & -  also offer well established tours and ticket services.
                                      We loved the colorful wedding on Moorea Island

#3.  Don't go alone. Especially night clubbing in strange cities. Make note o your taxi drivers phone number and car number.

#4.  Changing food habits and water habits can lead to digestive concerns. Many Caribbean resorts are all-inclusive or  have meal plans.  This can save you some money and food is expensive in Tahiti.

#5. Carry sun blocks, antibiotic ointments and band aids. Shoes can rub blisters when walking on strange turf.  Many hotels and honeymoon resorts carry some supplies and know the way to the emergency rooms in their area.

#6. When wine tasting in the various wine regions, understand 3 pours of wine have alcohol equal to a bottle of beer or a mixed drink. Best to have a dry driver. (one who does not drink)

Join Judith Rivers-Moore as a friend on Facebook.  She has recently written an e-book called "Romantic Destinations ~ Napa & Sonoma Wine Country". A fun read with vineyard view wedding locations, services and 8 days of gold medal wine tours, restaurants and wine country hotels.  The "Romantic Destinations for Hawaii, Tahiti and Fiji" will be out by December. Thousands of venues and services on

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Northern California Cities Offer Popular Wedding Venues

Chico, California is a North Valley, California University community with a variety of beautiful wedding venues in Butte County cities. From the wooded forest areas of Paradise, you will enjoy open meadows, golf and community centers plus park areas for your wedding ceremony and wedding reception venues.

The Oroville Dam region offers vistas of the Oroville Lake from golf courses and community parks for your wedding celebrations and events. The Sacramento River flows nearby and wanders through lovely groves of walnuts, almonds and riverbank settings. The Bidwell Park and mansion are favorite wedding sites and the park is a noted sports center with the brewery offers an excellent wedding reception location.

There are a variety of excellent catering services and bridal shops in Chico to review and wedding dresses and designer bridal gowns. The jewelers in each of the Butte County cities offer beautiful engagement and wedding rings.

We found the historic hotel in downtown Chico provides a ballroom and several banquet rooms, elegant catering services to complete a destination wedding with well appointed rooms. The B&Bs in the areas and ranches serve the local brides and grooms with spectacular settings with views of rolling hills, forested properties and ragged buttes where lupines wildflowers grow in early spring.

The history is gold country with one of the largest nuggets found in Paradise and the nearby ghost town of Cherokee was so famous a president of the United States visited because of its importance.