Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Fun With the Rustic Chic Trends

Finding that local barn is one concern for the trend toward rustic chic we are seeing. We have visited barns that make a better backdrop, than trying to involve your wedding inside.  Others are amazing, with lights, band stands, totally cleaned up from animal aromas and now perfect for your guests. Going beyond the venue, you can use the rustic chic a number of ways:  Select a vintage heirloom engagement ring. Find a Vintage wedding dress, use a barbeque caterer and suits instead of tuxedos for the men.

Your rehearsal dinner, wedding reception tables and various parties leading up to can include these settings, ideas for favors, fun and funky vases for your flowers, etc.  If this is where you are going, dive in and enjoy it. You will find some Victorian venues have barns and rustic backdrops along with farms, gardens and outdoor

Sometimes you can achieve it all with barns and vineyards.

Outdoor wedding with barn backdrop
Photo by

Fun lamps made from funky bottles & jars

Several great ideas by REVE

Notice the garden mixed bouquets and table box decor
Note the quilt.

Use of sunflowers and brown paper bags with favors

Find your barn and garden settings on - Search for your region in California, USA and Worldwide countries.  Mobile and PC access.