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12 TIPS on Selecting An Engagement & Wedding Photographer in New York City to Los Angeles, Sonoma, Napa, San Francisco, Bay Area, East Bay & San Jose

Subject:  Tips on Selecting Your Engagement & Wedding Photographer
We would love your input & ideas on selecting a photographer.

Whether a local wedding or destination wedding, YOUR  PHOTOGRAPHER  provides you with the history and record of your wedding day.... many years later. Those photos trigger your memories of a very happy occasion.   

When selecting a photographer you will want to review several websites for their work. The internet websites gives you an idea of how creative they are in capturing the backdrop, as well as the couple's love for one another.  Here are some tips for your engagement and for your wedding day:
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#1. Select a photographer according to their time in the business and number of photo sessions they have done. Ask for references and call them to find out if they would hire the same photographer again.
#2. In evaluating the photographer's work... Look first for the clarity or unique styling or capturing of the couple. Then the wedding party and children, and then the guests
#3. Look at their various packages.  Some include a free engagement photo when you book them for the wedding.
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#4. Often a very popular photographer offers lower prices for Friday and Sunday weddings.
#5. With the exception of a destination wedding, Couples also consider using the same photographer for baby, family, business and boudoir photography. 
#6. You may also want the convenience of reviewing your proofs online. 
#7. Understand, the albums offered by the photographer are often at a lower price than what you would find outside of their services.
#8. Many photographers provide a multitude of "unique photo services" and most can photo shop skin and weight in the photos upon request.
#9. Look for humor, romance, story-telling and intimacy in their work.
#10. You may also want a photographer who does video or a photo booth service combined with photography.
#11. Often couples seek a photographer who will travel with them to a destination. While this may add to your costs, it can be very worthwhile.
#12. We suggest selecting three photographers and then interview each to find your personality fit. 
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With a destination wedding, you may want to interview online with Skype or come into the area ahead of time to interview and sign a legal contract with your services.

Questions For Interviewing the Photographer and the other important services you will hire can be found on              Join us on The Wedding Coach Blog to discuss your ideas?

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