Friday, November 1, 2013

Holiday Weddings & Receptions

Many brides & grooms love to plan a 
Thanksgiving or a Hanukah or a Christmas & New Years Holiday Wedding

Why not??? The temples, churches, synagogues and reception rooms are often pre-decorated, this saves you some money and gives you an automatic theme and decor. Sometimes you may consider a similar menu.  I've known some delightful friends who threw a Winter Holiday party and surprised their guests with their officiant performing a ceremony. What Fun!!!

The holidays offer a warm, cozy feeling and creative styles with use of vintage ornaments or modern chic ideas.  Here are some timeless tips.
  • If you are planning on your venue to have their holiday flowers out as part of your decor, you need to ask their delivery dates and set up.... prior to scheduling your wedding day.
  • Rustic barns nor outdoor venues... do not work as well for this time of year. With the exception of tropical areas of the world.
  • Consider taking snow wedding photos if you are being married in snow country.
  • Once you have your event location, know where the thermostat is.
  • Often churches and religious locations have dress requirements. Know these concerns prior to purchasing your gown.
  • New Years Eve may be a higher price on vendors and services for your event. 
  • Winter wedding dresses may require a shawl or one of the great cape styles available to keep you warm.  
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Happy Holidays!!
From Judith & Staff at J.R. Publications