Friday, June 19, 2015

Can You Count on Wedding Services' References & Reviews? What Can You Count On?

Please DO  Count On Your Due Diligence ...

                Call The REFERENCES  Before  You  HIRE  The  Wedding Services

         People are hired to write, and  there is software designed to ADD reviews to Yelp, etc. 
                                        Now you are engaged - & thinking about wedding planning.

You are about to spend thousands of dollars -- this is one time you need to ask questions of the people who were suggested you call for a reference. Yes, you do see references, reviews... but where do they come from.  Don't use a wedding planning web portal that allows anyone to add their links.

The  and criteria are: they must be in business five or more years and have good personal reviews.

This is a very tricky area for corporate, bridal and social events.  It is beyond me how people can book just by calling a visitor’s bureau and asking for a referral -- businesses PAY to be members and referred. There are weak QUALIFICATIONS to become a member of a CVB or Chamber.  

Some publications & websites state they only do business with “quality vendors” and when you look at the complaints lodged against some of the businesses, it is amazing the publication or website would be able to make this statement.

Hiring people from magazines, web sites and/or a  friend’s recommendations can be “a road down buyers regret” when you do not check the references out by calling a them and asking specific questions.

ALWAYS Ask for three references from the people you are really interested in, and call each one -- questioning them regarding:
1.        How the business performed -- were they on time, have the proper attire for the formality of the event.  Did they provide the exact services requested, and were there unusual charges on the bill? 
2.        Ask if the business followed through on their contractual agreement?
3.        What was their WORK PERSONALITY like?  Same as when they interviewed them?
4.        Is the same person going to be at your event - as who you interviewed with?
5.        If the references check out -- then finalize your investigation by going on  The and find out if there have been any complaints lodged against the business.  Or you could type their business name in the Google cursor with complaints against as the searched business name or owner.
6.         Keep good notes on your calls.  If some references do not call you back, ask for MORE references regarding the business you are interested in.


From the Wedding Coach - Judith Rivers-Moore