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Ten TIPS on Selecting Your Wedding Venue From San Francisco to Atlantic City.

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Because wedding venues come with or without many different inclusions and extras it is difficult to understand their exact value when comparing them one to another.
There are several things you need to know before shopping for a wedding venue:
1. Please know your overall budget - Get a great budget sheet when you sign up for the free wedding planning book on
2. Add up the number of guests - and if you want the ceremony and reception at the same venue.
3. Whether you want a catered site or one you can bring in your own caterer.
4. Type of ambiance or theme - gardens, vineyards, ranches, hotel ballrooms, yachts, beach or Victorian.
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5. Determine the type of ambiance/theme you want and select 3 to 5 sites on the web or from a magazine before you personally go to review them and compare. Understand most venues & services can be closed on Mondays. The wedding and event industry works all weekends.

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Understand your budget and what you can afford prior to shopping. It is very hard on you to fall in love with a venue and not be able to afford it...or not have it the correct size for your guests.
6. Understand that many locations can come with their own caterer and recommended vendors do not hire these prior to looking for your venue.
7. Anytime you can gain the tables, chairs and/or linens in the rental, it will be an asset only if they are in good condition and you like them. We can spend a great deal covering up chairs and adding linens.
8.  This mobile and PC website offer local and destination wedding venues & services9. A destination wedding is best completed with a person in the area where you are planning your wedding. And a professional wedding planner, a friend or family member is very helpful.
9. Some venues require you to have a wedding planner/coordinator or hire their own recommendation.
10. In order to hold the date for you, a 50% deposit is required from most venues.

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7 Great TIPS on Attending A Bridal Show

Heading To a Bridal Show Soon - Enjoy These Seven Tips by  and

1. Winter shows are housed indoors. Wear garments you can peel off as you become warmer. Wear comfortable shoes to walk around in and bring a pen to write notes on who you meet..

2. Taking your camera in is not a good idea. Do not take photos of flower arrangements or designer dresses..... we still see this being frowned on by many in the industry.

3. Most shows ask a fee at the door to come in and require a registration of your name and wedding info at the door.  Pre registering on their website often gives the bride or groom a free ticket to get in.

4. Fill out the booth registrations, you might win a prize that could cut the cost of your wedding appreciable.

5. Most shows will give you a bag to carry items in (brochures)...or bring A plastic bag in your purse.

6. Booking a wedding professional at a show is not always a good thing to do, until you have had time to check the references and know you want that specific professional at you wedding.

7. Understand if you are trying to cut costs or find lesser priced vendors, they do exist outside of a wedding show. Often the wedding professionals you meet at a show have several priced packages to choose from.

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