Thursday, May 19, 2011

2015 Wedding Trends and TIPs On Best Ways To Utilize Them

We are seeing so many creative ideas from brides who want to save money on their wedding planning. Some work out very well and then they become a TREND while other ideas can be luke warm in the affects they have on a wedding day.  Join us on the Blog, we value your insight and input.

1. Having a Friend or Relative marry you. This has backfired for many a bride. We have seen the officiant faint, get sick, not say nice things, be silly or rude and forget to fill out the proper paper work to make it official - leaving couples un-married legally. There are non-denominational officiants, religious clergy, retired clergy, judges and men and women who are trained in creating personalized wedding services for couples at a modest of all you will be legally married with the documents to prove it.

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2. Doing your own wedding flowers. This can work very well if you have refrigeration to store a few days ahead, but lets face facts, our hands and finger nails really take a beating when working with table centerpieces, aisle decor and gazebo flowers and creating bouquets and corsages. Our hands and nails need to look nice with our gowns and for our photos.

3. Deciding to NOT hold a rehearsal prior to the wedding has seen increasing popularity. The friskiness of the wedding party and management of the wedding day can be smoothed out at a rehearsal of one hour or hour and a half. It has been proven statistically and through bridal surveys......That...Involved People feel less insecure on what they should do, and the bride and groom will sleep better the night before the wedding. It truly lowers your wedding stress.

4. Lack of ....Day-Of Management of a wedding can create higher bills by your event running overtime for your site and wedding services. Couples experience hassles - as people ask the bride and groom excess questions and sometimes accelerate arguments over settling bills properly at the event. You will find a FREE wedding planning e-book on with all your wedding management tools
and our newly release "Best Style Wedding & Honeymoon e-Magazine.

There are many methods to cut costs. If you did not receive your Money Saving Tips when you signed up at a bridal show or at our contest area, then e-mail and ask for this four pages of Money Saving IDEAS.

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