Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Vendor Communication Tips For Successful Weddings & Receptions

It take a multitude of services and clear communication to send a bride down the aisle.  Much of it leverages on being clear about what you want, setting those specifics into a contract and reminding your vendors/services near the date of your agreements.

I hear both sides in the business - bride's upset and the vendor's bewilderment.

Understand these wonderful wedding services bring a vast number of talents to your wedding day celebration!!! Many have business degrees, a passion for what they do, and tons of education on their subject.  You really want to look for wedding services with five or more years of experience. For better service, make it clear - they are not to drink alcohol nor do drugs, nor be involved with your guests - while working for you. Be clear about their breaks, food provided and any other specific details.
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Things that create problems ...
Bride's & Grooms can change their mind and not communicate it to the vendor.  Or a specific piece of music was requested and not added, and sometimes cars break down, people get sick, addresses were not given to reception halls or ceremony areas.....etc.  But the one thing we all know...

The Vendors/Wedding Services are not mind readers.  
They will do a better job for you when they are informed of last week changes, and that you understand,
it is very difficult to do last minute changes. They need to know who is in charge (wedding planner) and who else will be assisting in directing the vendors.

At the time of contracting .....Please outline with them the specifics that mean a lot to you.  Go back and review that list or update accordingly to your changes.  Not everything goes into your contract. If they have asked YOU to to provide a music list, or YOU want special photos or unique details on food preparation or film presentations for a videographer - do this quickly so they have time to map it out.  Make your list, go over it in person and/or e-mail it.  Call to confirm they have received you e-mail and they understand your list and can provide what is on it.
Communicating the details of what you want is important!!
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We have posted a number of lists for the various vendors on in the Articles Area  Please bring a witness to vendor meetings.  You will then have evidence to prove you did notify them of your requests.    
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1. Remind the vendor (such as the videographer) to call you prior to leaving anything out of your video.....that scene may be what you wanted more than any other.
2. Get music requests in early, so the dj or musicians have time to find the music or practice the request.
3. Your wedding or reception may begin at certain time, but you will need to give services an earlier time to set up decor, audio, cameras, cakes, flowers, food, etc. They will go over this with you, find out your contact person for the site or wedding planner and determine their set-up times.   Best Wishes, Judith

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