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Wedding Flower Ideas & Tips On Flower Selection For Brides In San Diego & Los Angeles To Sacramento & San Francisco

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Every Bride Has A Different Opinion On Flowers For Her Wedding Celebration
So much of a wedding has to do with your decisions. Some brides could care less about flowers and others want profusions of floral decor. It is a matter of taste and sometimes the allergy issues toward flowers.  Depending on your budget, your style and design, there are methods to cut costs or spend lavishly.  A professional florist is one of your greatest assets.
There are a variety:  Floral Decor Artists, Floral Designers, Flower Shops, Grocery Flower Shops, Discount House Flower Stalls, Mail order florists.

As a wedding coach, it is vital to say - please put someone in charge of your exact delivery and give them a list (guideline) of where you want the flowers placed.  Leaving them at a event site in the hot sun is not what you want for flowers. Also, if they are on the cake, you must have a pro do this. The cake maker may deliver, set up the cake - but if the flowers are not there to decorate at the same time, it does not get done - or done poorly.  While they are improving their services, mail order flowers are not my best wish for your wedding day.

You will find great florists on in the city/region where you want to plan.

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The Following List Will Give You Some Ideas on

 How Flowers & Green Decor Can Be Used At A Wedding and Reception
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Flowers, Herbs, Succulents & Silks
Table center pieces, petals on tables or down aisles, focus points, such as head banquet tables, stages, wedding altars,  ceremony area, food displays, wedding cakes, flower girl baskets, men's boutiners, corsages (pinned or wrist), or nosegays, flower bouquets in a tussy mussy or with ribbon wrapped stems, bridal bouquets, on chair backs, aisle flowers, serving trays and edibles in salads and potted plants, potted trees and flower seed favors. Ceremony arch decor and chuppahs, along with garlands, leis and many ethnic styles and color flowers. 
Green Decor
Reducing the size of a room or visual barrier with large plants. 
Tall plants or trees with twinkle lights.
Potted Ferns 

When making decisions on which flowers to use for your event it does help to understand:

  •  what flowers look like,
  •  how they smell 
  •  how they will hold up (wilt or bruise) after being picked
  • often brides want to know their meaning before including

I love the versatility of this Pinterest Board

The florist can help you understand them better, but do take the time to view some florist web sites or display books (found in floral shops)....or go to a Bridal Show and view some of the magical displays. This may give you great ideas and help you key into your choices and budgets with long lasting blossoms for events or weddings. Events and wedding days are often up to eight hours and often in warm weather or wind.