Monday, June 6, 2016

Writing Our Wedding Vows, and What is Love, and The Meaning of Love

Deciding to write your wedding vows is an exciting idea and VERY romantic.  Yet it does add to your Stress levels and lead to arguments in your relationship.  So discuss this carefully with your intended before going forward with the idea.  

This decision can hinge on several things:  
1. How a person feels about public speaking.
2. Whether each of you wants to participate.
3. If you are good writers.
4. Whether your officiant or clergy will assist or encourage this.
5. Lead time before the ceremony.
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There are many websites, books, video and special areas of great interest you may want to investigate as you begin to write and make valid points for a brief, but meaningful message
to your bride or groom.  I have listed a few links for you.

Anne Wycoff's White Paper on   LOVE IS A VERB

Love Poems and

The Poetry Foundation

Video   Couple saying their marriage vows

Video   10 tips on creating wedding vows

Please give us your comments & ideas on wedding vows.  
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