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"Best Style California Wedding & Honeymoon" e-Magazine Provides Venues & Services In TEN Regions

Announcing the 2017 release of 

"Best Style California Wedding & Honeymoon" e-Magazine
The digital magazine that links directly to the venue or vendor in ten beautiful regions throughout California.
Couples are looking for romantic California wedding venues and
quality wedding services for affordable to luxury weddings. 

We give you  Ten Regions of California in one great magazine ...
Best Style California Wedding & Honeymoon - online magazine.

You will find links to award winning venues, vendor services and honeymoon hotels. All our services offer you over five years of business experience and great reviews.
       2017 Wedding Trends
       Personal Couples Stories on proposals & unique celebrations.
       Feature Article on Popular California Wedding Dress Designer
       WOW Factor Ideas

Desire other parts of the USA or the World For Your Wedding, Elopement, Honeymoon.... please go to  where you will find thousands of links to wedding locations and expert services throughout the world.

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San Francisco, Bay Area & Wine Country to San Diego Wedding Venues & Wedding Services

Find Award Winning Wedding Venues & Expert Services in our...
2015 Release of the ....  Receive Your Free Copy

"Best Style California Wedding & Honeymoon" e-Magazine
The digital magazine that links directly to the venue or vendor
in the region of California where you want to plan.
Ten Beautiful California Regions ...
Where you will find Best Style's AWARD Winning selection of Wedding Venues  and Wedding Vendor Services - Wedding Flowers, Caterers and Cakes, Photographers, Bridal Shops and all things wedding and honeymoon.
          Find simple to sexy designer wedding dresses
          Couple's stories about their unique proposal and how another couple personalized their wedding.
          The 2015 colors and wedding trends
          Ideas with WOW factor
          Saves readers hours of researching for experts

Each Award Winner offers you over five years in business and great reviews

Sign up for your copy at where you will find thousands of venues and services throughout California, the United States and Worldwide.  We send the Magazine to you by e-mail. 

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Wedding Venues on The Mendocino Coast & Mendocino Wine Country

Sometimes you wonder how an area can be so beautiful and versatile in its environment & terrain.

Beautiful Mendocino County...
The area is one of those inspiring regions filled with redwood forests, vineyards, and one of the most beautiful coastlines in the nation.  All this and skilled, attentive wedding and reception services.
From Hopeland North through Ukiah and West toward Booneville, you will find boutique and large wineries for your weddings & events. Find many of them on

Be inspired with ocean backdrops from Gualala north to Fort Bragg and Beyond. Glorious Resorts & Hotels
                                                                         Photo by

My favorite Grove of Redwoods is the Hendy Woods Grove near Booneville.
                                                                          Photo by
Find out about Mendocino & The North Coast from our Best Style Wedding & Honeymoon e-Magazine Find AWARD WINNING venues and wedding services for this North Coast & Wine Country Region in our magazine.  Go to and sign up for the copy, we will send it to you by e-mail

The Anderson Valley and Hopland Vineyards are very popular for weddings and events.  You will find rustic barns too.

Whether you elope, have a large wedding or a destination wedding group, you will find beautiful vineyard settings, romantic coastal inns and joyous wedding vendors.

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FIVE Sonoma Wine Country Wedding Venues For Destination Weddings, Elopements & Honeymoons

The Sonoma wine country is considered the 2nd favorite wedding destination area and one of the top ten. honeymoon regions in the United States.  Find affordable to luxury wedding venues & the best wedding services on  On the California County Links - Wine Country - Sonoma County
and make your wedding planning easy with our

Enjoy our "Best Style California Wedding & Honeymoon" magazine offering award winning venues and services in TEN areas of California.

Elopement ideas are below:

Living in this region I have enjoyed location reviews, evening events, weddings and receptions at some of these inspiring venues. This brings me to write about the Sonoma Wine Country.  The region provides expert wedding professionals, a variety of wineries, vineyard view settings, food and wine pairing chefs that all combine to bring you years of experience. This area is known for producing great wedding celebrations for local brides and continues to bring destination wedding groups, eloping couples, and honeymooners into the vineyards.  Well known for world class wines, some of the vintners offer their locations for weddings and events. You will find a summary of the known sites on 

                                                 Paradise Ridge Winery Views in Santa Rosa, Ca.
                                                     Photo From

The vineyard and winery venues are booked out over a 10 to 18 month period on Saturdays, but couples find they can plan a Friday, Sunday or mid-week celebration easily. This is one of the most romantic experiences the engaged couple, wedding couple and your guests will savor and remember for years to come.

                                                       Trentadu Winery In Geyserville, Ca
                                                                                Photo by

Venues are designed  with the elegance of Old Italy to art filled modern and Spanish Style settings. The vineyards often have lovely gardens, barns, wine tasting rooms and tent sites as the backdrop of your wedding celebration.  Historic mansions and elegant Victorian Inns provide couples with uniqueness to their wedding backdrop.  The region enjoys beautiful sunsets and awesome moon rises over the hills.

                                               Kenwood Farms & Gardens, Valley of the Moon
                                                                      Photo by Kenwood Farms & Gardens 
                                                                          with Vineyards in the Background

The Victorian Inns are found nestled in the vineyards or perched on hillsides overlooking the wine country. Brides who enjoy the Vintage Style Wedding will find many settings in Sonoma County with lovely gardens and romantic rooms for your honeymoon or wedding guests.
                                                       Madrona Manor in Healdsburg
                                                                         Photo by

Along with award winning wines, the area provides breathtaking views. Many of the wineries offer spectacular perches and unique settings for your ceremony.  The autumn colors enhance your back drops with our extended warm fall season. The region often enjoys 70 degree days into late October.

                                                                   Kunde Winrey In The Valley of The Moon
                                                                          Photo by,

Honeymooners return year after year to savor the wine, excellent restaurants and the beauty of the area where they enjoyed the first week or more of their married life.

Enjoy our new "Best Style California Wedding & Honeymoon" e-Magazine with our chosen                                      AWARD WINNING venues, hotels and professional wedding services
                                               in the TEN REGIONS of beautiful California.

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Plan Wedding Music In San Francisco, Los Angeles To Washington DC

Photo by; 
Couples have a way of saying, “I will cut costs in some areas and spend my funds on what we believe to be the things we want most on our wedding day.”  Good for you!!! This is the best way to have the wedding of your dreams

Many of the couples set great music as a priority.
                                                             Photo by
It is part of their heart and soul and it would not be a wedding without it.  Here are a few great pointers regarding planning your music for the wedding & reception:

Many of the musicians’ websites have a list and sometimes you can listen to them play or watch their YouTube videos. You will find a MUSIC LIST  in the ARTICLES area. Find favorite traditional musical pieces often played at wedding ceremonies, pop to classical, show tunes and selections for country to rock favorites. You can also find expert musicians in California, The USA & worldwide from this website.  
                                                         Photo by
Popular instruments for ceremonies are; harps, violins, trumpets, mariachi, piano, flute and guitar are all great mood setters. We see soloist, quartets, audiences singing and choirs. Disc jockeys can play all of those chosen.  When working with a soloist or musician it is important to get the music to them a month ahead if they do not have the piece in their file.
For the Ceremony there are five areas where couples specifically ask for music.  Those pieces chosen will set the mood of your ceremony for your guests. 
  1. Several numbers as guests are seated
  2. Walking the groom’s mother down the aisle.
  3. Solo after the groomsmen appear or after both mothers are seated
  4. The bride & bridesmaid processional toward the ceremony
  5. The recessional as Mr. & Mrs.

                                                        Photo by JR Moore

For Receptions, the music is considered in five parts:
  1. Soft ballads and low level sound so people can talk and visit while eating.
  2. The second part is for the newly wed’s first dance
  3. The third, is key to getting father - daughter, mother - son up on the floor
  4. Then the wedding party up to dance and bring others onto the dance floor
  5. Finally bring the guests up to dance – Sometimes these are group-style dances like the Merungue, Hava Nagila, Congo Line, YMCA and some of the newer fun dances. Talk this over with the entertainer you have booked.
While your favorite style might be hard rock or Caribbean steel bands, you will find your guest dwindling in the room - as the older set will begin to leave (who may also love to dance, but not to that specific music).  For best results in keeping your wedding guests longer, ask your DJ or band to mix it up with songs from a few generations.

Receive Your Copy of our "Best Style California Wedding & Honeymoon" e-Magazine by signing up at

Announcement:  Enjoy our new website  A great place to look at the newest styles in wedding gowns created by International Designers for brides, grooms, bridesmaids, mothers and children. Find the local bridal shops that carry beach styles, sexy, glamour, classic and traditional gowns in lace and silks. Relax, and review the styles before you spend time in the shops trying on gowns.

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Writing Your Wedding Vows - A Quick Step Method

Photo by

You are launching your ship of life together and maybe you have a desire to create your wedding vows. It does add romance to any wedding ceremony.  Vows they personalize your love for one another, expressing how the two of you want to meet your future life is achievable.

Thee following quick steps will guide you through a process that many books have been written about, many an article can be found and enormous amounts of dialogue is spoken on.  There is no way to put your love and dedication to one another in a nutshell, but writing your vows will seem that way. Your lives add up in a variety ways, but hopefully this guide line can assist you in the writing process.

You will find specific searches helpful on Google for endearing terms and we offer a lovely gift to couples of historic poetry and prose when you sign up for our free wedding planning book on
We have posted author, Anne Wycoff''s Prose on LOVE helpful from the home page.

1.You each write a list of five words that help you think of one another in a romantic way and how you love one another - that you can say in public or in front of an officiant.
2. You each write a list of five words that help you think of one another in a respect of talent or knowledge, or mastering of struggles.
3.  You each write a list of five pre-discussed - life goals you want to achieve together. Possibly one anothers' families or children can be included.

You each write from your own list - you do not have to show one another - nor discuss this with one another. It does not matter if you duplicate your statements to one another on your wedding day.  If, when you get these written and do not want to say them during the ceremony, you will have them for one another to read later.  Also you can ask your best man and your maid of honor or the wedding officiant to read them to the gathering.
                                                                photo by:
4.  Your statements should clock/run approximately 1.5 to 2 minutes each.
You have four lists to begin your writing together. Done by hand or on your computer, bring your list together in brief sentences.  Bride and Groom write them separately.  You can begin anywhere in the lists, but I suggest you begin with the many ways you love one another.
5. Writing and re-writing helps to hone out and affirm how you feel.

It is important to understand - many people are shy about speaking in front of a group. This can be a very painful experience for a bride or groom. Understand that speaking in front of a group is one of the most feared life situations.  If either are uncomfortable, please love your intended for speaking up about not feeling good about doing this.  The wedding officiant can include much of this in the ceremony.  Your wedding day is a day of romance and not fear.
Sincerely, The wedding Coach, Judith Rivers-Moore, &

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Elope To California - Ten Same Day Wedding Areas

                                                               Photo From

Planning an elopement is considered a last minute decision. An elopement is for two people, a small destination group is the couple with friends or family - planned ahead. There are several things to consider when planning either:

  1. Whether the state or country where you are planning your elopement offers a same day marriage license.  Check with them to find out what legal papers you need to gain a license.  Most marriage bureaus are open Monday through Friday from 9:am to noon or 5:pm on Fridays, but it is best to call and check.  
  2. You will require a licensed wedding officiant.  
  3. Marriage Laws require you bring proper documentation of who you are, your divorce certificate - if previously married and it is suggested you call the local bureau or check their website for specific rulings. California is known for gaining your marriage license in a local California city, and bringing it with you to your chosen California wedding location. It is best to check the local rulings of the county/city where you plan to be wed by phoning ahead.
  4. Wedding officiants may also specialize in knowledge of the region you are traveling too.
  5. There are wedding coordinators that specialize in elopements for two, the ceremonies for renewing your vows and can recommend or book your time for marriage license and honeymoon arrangements in their region.
  6. It is suggested you arrive on Friday early to gain your marriage license by noon, enjoy your ceremony and have the weekend or more for your honeymoon.
Coronado Beach Hotel, Photo by

So Where Are The California Favorites for Elopements

  1. Sonoma Wine Country - north of San Francisco
  2. Napa Wine Country - north of San Francisco
  3. Yosemte Valley - East Central California
  4. Lake Tahoe - East Northern California in the Sierra Mountains
  5. Monterey Bay - South of San Francisco on the Western Coast
  6. Santa Barbara - North of Los Angeles on the Western Coast,
  7. Santa Monica Beach in Los Angeles County on the Western Coast
  8. San Diego - South of Los Angeles on the Western Coast
  9. Palm Desert  - Inland and East of Los Angeles in Riverside County
10. Temecula wine country - Inland of Los Angeles in Riveside County

Your Number ONE resource for easily finding everything .... and our mobile and PC accessed - both offer ELOPEMENT links in the counties throughout California. From the Del Norte redwood, Shasta Mountain... to San Diego, you will find the romance, the wedding officiants in our special Elopment Section or under officiants and clergy. And all types of wedding services to assist . Our area menus provide Small Venues & Chapels plus quaint Bed and Breakfasts and Inns along with major hotels and resorts. You will also find provides articles on various areas worldwide.
                                                            Vineyard photo from

Give us your input - What Venues do you like in California For Elopements.

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Five Tips On Writing Your Wedding Vows - Article on What Love Means

      We all have a difficult time defining specific words that can have a multitude of meanings.
LOVE is one of those, so I thought as a Wedding Coach, I could offer you some great tips and a fantastic article on the verb LOVE.  Review the tips below:

Photo by
  1. Are you really IN LOVE ???  
  2. Not sure What LOVE Means.
  3. Wanting To Write Your Wedding Vows
  4. What Is The Pathway To Love and Commitment
You will truly enjoy a article written to help us understand where some of the concepts come for this amazing WORD.  Chico, California writer, Anne Wycoff shares guidance on what this word means. You will find this informative and inspiring article on the Home Page of  

The website where you also find local and global wedding planning with thousands of wedding venues and expert wedding and honeymoon services.  "LOVE IS A VERB" ......written by Anne Wycoff provides us with an excellent analysis of this magical word. The in depth look at this word offers you great insight.!!

                                                        Photo by

Five Tips
Confirm that both of you and your officiant... is in agreement to your writing the wedding vows
Decide and calendar.... when you will sit down and compose them
Gather information, articles, and list how you love one another...Create a framework
Find inspiration in what you LOVE about your relationship
Complete your outline and fill in the areas with your personalities.

You can read them from a paper in front of all.... or practice, practice practice.

Save these words in a wedding treasure box and re-read them during difficult times.

Sign up for the FREE, colorful Wedding Planning Book with management forms authored by the Wedding Coach, Judith Rivers-Moore.

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Wedding Planning Coach From Hawaii To Houston, and Chicago To Santa Rosa, California

No  not  this type of Wedding Coach!

Photo by

We are discussing this type of Wedding Coach

Photo by                                                                         

Over 80% of the brides do not hire a professional wedding planner. They ask a sister or friend to assist and that can lead to huge problems in relationships. It can also mean you get your friend or relatives  vendors and all. We also see the mother-daughter relationship dissolve over the wedding. Worst of all, the bride who is a control freak attempts to make every tiny decision and handle every problem themselves - leading to huge amounts of stress.

We sometimes see...this undo pressure --undo the engagement.   

There is an old saying, "Hind-sight is often better than fore-sight." This is one situation where a little fore-sight goes a long way. You have this "one wedding and honeymoon" so why not make it happen smoothly.

What Is A Wedding Coach?
A wedding Coach has a back ground in professional wedding planning, she/he no longer works in the field, but offers advice, tips on planning, often great planning materials and has often taught professionals how to be planners. They are not with you on your wedding day, but TEACH you alternative methods to make it all run smoothly. Do they charge? Most do. How do they work. By phone, blog, skype, hangouts, e-mails to answer your questions and by blogging.                                          Enjoy Your Wedding Day 

Intelligent women understand they may want to do it all, but with this they know there will be the dynamics of new, uncharted territory, lost funds over something that could have been averted (if they had only known), and last minute details. Many ladies get on the internet, in blogs, and the social networks asking "who knows"  and this can lead down a path of problem solving or lead into murky waters - depending on who is answering.  Sign up for Judith's Free Wedding Planning Book, Her Best Style Wedding & Honeymoon e-magazine and receive her Becoming Engaged e-Newsletter filled with trends, tips and wedding topics at:
You find professional wedding planners, thousands of wedding venues and expert services.

Access to Judith Rivers-Moore as your Wedding Coach givesy Access to a history of wedding planning, event planning. She is an author of books, magazines, her present e-magazine "Best Style Wedding & Honeymoon for California..... and websites filled with links to pre-qualified wedding and honeymoon services throughout the USA and parts of the destination wedding world.  Join her on Facebook or respond to this blog with your Q & A.   

LETS FACE IT...Isn't it better to put yourself in line with experience and gain the tools you need from an expert who knows how to communicate. Take advantage of Judith...go ahead it will be fun.  Check the blog for friendly input - we hope by many brides-to-be. PS grooms are welcome too.

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Find Best Wedding Services in Los Angeles, Central California to Napa, and Bay Area To Tahoe

Excerpt From My Becoming Engaged Newsletter!
sign up for the Newsletter & Free Wedding Planning Book on

Great Tips, Find expert wedding services from Chico, Sacramento, San Jose, Fresno, Santa Cruz to San Diego and Palm Desert cities and all of California to New York City, London, Italy Hawaii, the Caribbean and Tahiti.
catering services for weddings,  Photo by

Brides and Grooms spend endless hours in searching the web, when really all it takes is one or two great web portals to shape up your wedding quickly.  

  1.  With venues you want a resource that states the number of guests and the ambiance.
  2.  With services, you want a resource that does not allow some business to add their own business....WHY - because you want experts, people in business five or more years. 
  3. The search engines are pulling up only the "major players" so often you must look beyond the first or second page for real links.  This is your wedding day - you want good reputations and a history of well done weddings. Check their references.
to transportation experts.  Photo by
  1. The first two or three pages of results are those who have paid for visibility. The next group seems to be the phone directories, styles and review sites.  When your search time turns into something that does not pay off, frustration begins!!

The Wedding Coach Has A Few Good Research Tips. So Why Listen To Her... Judith has over 35 years in planning events and weddings and 25 as a writer and publisher of books, magazines & articles. 

1. Be very specific in your search.  ie.   sexy wedding dresses; city, region specific added to wedding venues or locations;  city + organic caterers,  best flowers for bridal bouquets at beaches.  A precious few of the web portal check out their businesses for your safety in contracting....WeddingLinks.CO seeks to achieve proven wedding venues and services in business five to twenty-five years. We realize the major portals come up in the first two pages - then go to and begin the third to find individual links.

2. Look for websites with mobile access, so you can access where you are. We see brides and their bridesmaids or grooms, taking photos and filing under specific categoies and with web addresses on their smart phones....Find some very useful APPS on HoneymoonLinks.CO.

3. Often venues are not clear on the number of guests possible at a site and you spend hours searching -- find out the location cannot hold your guest list.  Frustrating, that is why attempts to
provide the number of guests and links them under the ambiance description for venues. ie:  luxury, garden, historic, wine country, hotels, small, 

4.  Giving you the Fee may not be the best way to shop, most wedding services have a number of packages.  You want affordable to luxury, and that can range in price and expertise from one company to another.  Prices often go up with the New Year.  

5.Bookmark the websites you like... and go back often for the region you want to plan in. This way you continue to plan every detail from beginning to end with articles, blogs, videos, pinterest and the services possible for any budget in the region.

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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Ten Favorite Wedding Destinations In The United States

TEN Favorite Wedding Destinations in the USA - It is difficult to give you ten, when there are so many more. and our mobile accessed brings you the entire USA and favorite destination and honeymoons in the world.

# 1 Disneylands - in Anaheim, California and Orlando, Florida

# 2  Sonoma and Napa Wine Country of California
                                                  Photo by

# 3 Las Vegas, Nevada
                                                   Photo by:

#4  Lake Tahoe California and San Diego vie for this position

#5  Sedona, Arizona
                                                        Photo by
#6  Gatlinburg, Tennessee (Smokey Mountains)

#7  Niagara Falls, New York
                                                       Photo by

#8   Cape Cod, Massachusetts
                                                         Photo by:

#9  Dauphine Island and Gulf Shores, Alabama

#10  Galena, Illinois
                                                   Photo by

#wedding destinations
#elopement venues
#top ten destination wedding area

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New York City to San Francisco Bridal Jewelry For Wedding Dresses & Bridesmaids

Receive A Copy Our 2015 Best Style Wedding Magazine - Sign up on

Bridal Jewelry Trends
The wedding scene is going crazzzzzy with exceptionally beautiful jewelry items for your wedding dress.

The trend is razzle dazzle.  Bracelets on brides are IN...  While many of us want to continue with our beautiful pendants and pearls there are brides selecting statement pieces tha be-speak extravagance and a particular period in history.

The Gatsby Style. 
                                                 photo by
The Victorian Style
                                                       photo by

The Statement Bling Style
                                                             photo by

photo by

Many ladies choose simple dress styles to show off the amazing bling of rhinestones, vintage pieces and inspiring crystals.  Real or costume jewelry can be the showpiece. Bridal jewelry can be the real thing or a beautiful costume piece.  We see bling for the hands, necklaces, bracelets, toe rings, earrings, anklets and exciting hair clips and gorgeous tierras.   Tips on Selecting Your Bridal Jewelry
1. We each have different body chemistry. Some of the metals used in the jewelry may turn our skin green or dark, while this may wash off, you do no t want it happening during your wedding celebration. (suggest you wear it ahead of time to find out). 
2. Purchase from a reputable dealer with a money back guarantee.
3. Jewelry with Silver and Gold have a specific mark inbedded on the underside of the piece.
4. Purchase your dress first and then find your jewelry to coordinate with the wedding dress and signature look you want to achieve.
5. Understand tierra or crowns require extra pinning to hold them up, and can cause a headache.
6. Matching jewelry for your bridesmaids make a wonderful gift they can use for years to come.
7. Have a jewelry party at your home and let the ladies select from a pre-selected group for their individuality!

For many ladies, it is the perfect time for pearls.
                                                           Photo by provides thousands of links to LOCAL bridal shops and jewelers throughout the USA and parts of the world where you can find perfect bridal jewelry and wedding accessories.

Sign up on WeddingLinks to receive your free wedding planning book created by the Wedding Coach, Judith Rivers-Moore.  It come with your management forms, some very helpful gifts and assists in planning any style and budget wedding and reception.  The e-book is photographically enhanced and we e-mail you the web link.

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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

2015 Wedding Shoe Trends

LOVE Those Shoes - Seven Questions To Consider When Selecting Wedding Shoes!

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I love the glamour shoes on the market…..they make our legs and ankles look amazing!

I see brides and brides to be - wearing some very unique platform shoes and strappy styles, boots and tights, and fun styles to match their attire. I have also had to help brides who fell in them, and helped tuck wedding dresses around the ankle boot worn for broken ankles. Yet my sensible fights with my shoe fetish in selecting any shoes for my wardrobe. So as a Wedding Coach, you may want a few tips on select great shoes for your celebration day.

Yes we have all been warned. Some of us are very adept at wearing very high heels. So whether you are great at wearing the 3-7 inch heels,  consider  these Seven Questions to think about as you select your shoes for your wedding day apparel.

1. Can you wear them again with anything else?
2. Are you on a beach, garden terrace or lawns with uneven steps at your venue?
3. Can you dance in them?
4. Can you score the bottoms of the soles so they do not slip on different surfaces?
5. How many hours can you stand in them without the shoes hurting?
6. Do you have strong ankles?
7. Do they make you taller than your groom?

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Sometimes brides select two pair

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