Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Music For Your Wedding Ceremony & Reception

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Couples have a way of saying, “I will cut costs in some areas and spend my funds on what we believe to be the things we want most on our wedding day.”  Good for you!!! This is the best way to have the wedding of your dreams.  Many of the couples set great music as a priority. It is part of their heart and soul and it would not be a wedding without it.  Here are a few great pointers regarding this: 
Many of the musicians’ websites have a list and sometimes you can listen to them play or watch their YouTube videos. WeddingLinks.com has a list of traditional musical pieces often played at wedding ceremonies from classical, show tunes and pop artists selections to country rock favorites. Popular instruments for ceremonies are; harps, violins, trumpets, mariachi, piano, flute and guitar are all great mood setters. We see soloist, quartets, audiences singing and choirs. Disc jockeys can play all of those chosen.  When working with a soloist or musician it is important to get the music to them a month ahead if they do not have the piece in their file.
For the Ceremony there are five areas where couples specifically ask for music.  Those pieces chosen will set the mood of your ceremony for your guests. 
  1. Several numbers as guests are seated
  2. Walking the groom’s mother down the aisle.
  3. Solo after the groomsmen appear or after both mothers are seated
  4. The bride & bridesmaid processional toward the ceremony
  5. The recessional as Mr. & Mrs.

For Receptions, the music is considered in five parts:
  1. Soft ballads and low level sound so people can talk and visit while eating.
  2. The second part is for the newly wed’s first dance
  3. The third, is key to getting father - daughter, mother - son up on the floor
  4. Then the wedding party up to dance and bring others onto the dance floor
  5. Finally bring the guests up to dance – Sometimes these are group-style dances like the Merungue, Hava Nagila, Congo Line, YMCA and some of the newer fun dances. Talk this over with the entertainer you have booked.
While your favorite style might be hard rock or Caribbean steel bands, you will find your guest dwindling in the room - as the older set will begin to leave (who may also love to dance, but not to that specific music).  For best results in keeping your wedding guests longer, ask your DJ or band to mix it up with songs from a few generations.

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