Monday, April 16, 2012

Safety TIPS For Weddings & Receptions

Who would ever dream a wedding and reception could be unsafe in any way?   Surprisingly, there are a few things to think ahead about regarding safety for yourself and guests beside the responsible hospitality rules around alcohol serving.  Please join us on the Blog and share your safety issues and ideas for safer parties and events.

1. Children:  In a public setting, children should be attended constantly for their safety.  Many locations have pools, ponds, trees to climb and ocean surf.  We find parents relax with a few drinks and sometimes do not pay attention to what their children are involved with.  We find brides hire nannies or special entertainment and sometimes have a play room or tent on the beach set up for the children to be accounted for. At some locations, large trucks and cars moving in parking lots can be a concern.

2. Using an event site with non permitted kitchens can often lead to lack of fire equipment and exits. Poor refrigeration and stoves can be a nightmare to work with and food spoils. 

3. Couples lighting the unity candle can set the wedding veil on fire.  Candles at the ceremony area need to be placed firmly into the candelabras indoors and in a glass container outside.  Check with facility rules before purchasing candles, some event sites and churches do not allow them. 

4.  Electrical Power concerns for event rooms or back yards is a big problem and important question to ask if you have a musical entertainment, electric light show and need of a back-up generator.

5. Horses are beautiful and a wonderful part of a wedding, but they often weigh 1,500 pounds or more and have been known to step (unintentionally) on the feet of humans.  Also, if a horse is not used to crowds, it may become excited, buck and run.

6. For private home or ranch events: Parking areas in fields or grassy areas could be subject to fire with car ignition sparks starting one.  Please have canister fire equipment and watering hose hooked up and on hand, and a parking attendant to watch over this.

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