Monday, July 4, 2011

Destination Wedding Location Ideas and TOP Favorite Wedding Destinations Areas

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Many couples decide they want a destination wedding. For some, it is to cut the cost, while other couples want a private wedding and honeymoon together and reception at home at a later date. There are those who met in a unique area and want to take their wedding day to that location. Every state and country we have reviewed appears to have favorite wedding and honeymoon destinations. We have scoured the world to find some of the favorites and you will find these included below.

With wedding planning for any size, it is best to learn the local marriage laws prior to making your plans and find out if you need your passport or visa travel papers. You will find thousands of links on our and our (mobile friendly) web portal, providing unique weddings and honeymoons in all parts of the world. Some states grant a marriage license in 24 hours and others do ask for a 3 day wait, and a few areas in the Caribbean want you to wait several weeks.

Along the East Coast we find Kennybunkport, Cape Cod in the New England regions for weddings and the lovely Myrtle Beach, Virgina Beach and Hilton Head have amazing resorts, vacation rentals and great things to do for honeymooners along the south Atlantic seaboard.

Niagara Falls and the New York wine country region provide two beautiful backdrops for the Eastern weddings and honeymoons. There is not enough to say about the fine hotels, beautiful views, wineries and services for couples wanting a memorable wedding or honeymoon.  Find out more about destination weddings from the articles and links on

The blue Smokey Mountains and Gatlinburg, Tennessee appear to provide exceptional services to couples for weddings and honeymoons. The views, bbq houses, music and interesting history bring couples in high numbers. There are a few luxury resorts too.

Burmuda and The Caribbean Islands extensive and exceptional resorts, awesome diving, excellent food and seafood. So many are tropical with rain forests while others are dry - almost desert-like. Some encourage very strong environmental attitudes and beautiful underwater preserves. There is something for every style wedding you choose. Reggae, clypso and steel drums fill the sounds of the islands and you will find highly trained wedding professionals at most of the resorts.

Yes, Las Vegas is touted as the Wedding Capital of the USA. Same day weddings are everything from drive-through, to elegant lakeside resorts. You can be married in Venice and honeymoon in Paris with breakfast the next day in another superior hotel along the strip and be entertained constantly.

The Fiji, Tahiti and Hawaii Islands - White sand beaches, over water bungalows and Polynesian themed wedding ceremonies on the various islands of the South Pacific provide a memorable backdrop for weddings and honeymoons. There are various styles to your stay. Authentic experiences and non-luxury hotels, private islands, luxury resort with all the amenities. Disney recently opened the Auluni Resort on Oahu Island (Honolulu area). If you love to snorkel, the South Pacific Islands are the locations of your dreams.

The Sonoma and Napa Wine Country of Northern California is now the second favorite area for weddings and elopements. The hillside vineyards, boutique hotels and amazing restaurants allow for exploring and enjoying the vines, wines and beautiful countryside. You experience views of oaks, vineyards, redwoods and in Sonoma County, the Pacific Coastline. Bustling San Francisco is just an hour away.
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Lets talk other countries for a moment. .... Venice, Italy is very popular, Monte Carlo, Paris, France and Thailand's Puhket Island with more wedding ceremonies in Instanbul, Turkey than anywhere in the world....While all of these answer the call of the eloping and honeymooning couples, they each have a different situation - where often it is best to hire a wedding planning professional at the other end or go to a resort with a professional on staff....and contact a honeymoon expert.