Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Wedding Planning Ideas For Table Linens & Party Rentals For Your Wedding Reception

You can quickly upgrade the look and feel of your reception with use of quality table linens. 

The following are tips regarding their use for specific tables that look best when dressed and completed first for the wedding and reception areas:
                                               Unique dessert table with twinkle lights.
These Are Important To the Entry For Your Guests.  The Ceremony, the guest book and a gift table. (some people still insist on bringing presents to the wedding). In the reception room, your cake/dessert table should be clothed, skirted and ready prior to the cake delivery time.
                                                           Photo by

1. The Cake Table. Full length round or square cloth makes a huge difference on the presentation of this very important centerpiece to the reception. Visually we see this table from many parts of the room. When the legs of a table show, it distracts from the cake's beauty. White works well, but if you have bright colors on the cake, you can select one of the shades for the cloth you use.
                                                          Photo by

2. The Head Table. So often we see feet legs and purses under the table if it is not clothed to the floor. Consider the view and rent the linens if you do not own them.
Understand the hotels and restaurants will have clothed these and you may request - clearly - ahead of time - your preferences on length.

3. The Banquet Tables. We are seeing some very exciting linens and table settings. The ornamental sheer cloths over a solid shade are awesome. Some of these fabrics have metalic threads and vibrant colors. The chair covers and bow ornaments add to the elegance. Here again the full length cloths enrich the look of your wedding. Outdoor events have a wind factor for blowing the lighter fabrics consider this if you are having an outdoor reception.   Check out the Pinterest Boards for some great ideas.
                                                 All white weddings will always be in style.

4. Paper & Plastic Cloths. We see these used for more casual outdoor celebrations, but not that often for a wedding reception. Weight them down on the top to make it easier to keep them on.

5. Use of Color. Your reception colors do not have to match exactly the colors of your ceremony flowers. The look of your reception room can be completely opposite of your ceremony area. Understand your ceremony flower colors may not move on into the reception room as well, but flowers usually transition. We see the use of cloth color changes from table to table to add interest to a reception room. All white is still in style. Black linens tend to be more for an evening affair. Evening is also where the metalic sheer overlays shine.

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