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6 Tips Regarding Wedding Veils and Hair Style Ideas

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The Big Day is coming up and you are still trying to decide on hair, make up and whether you want a wedding veil.  As a wedding planner I've seen a few mishaps with veils, last minute hair dos and these are a few tips worthy of being passed along. 

1.  When at all possible, consider having one or two pre-style hair salon appointments with your beautician.  Even if your stylist will not go onsite to a destination wedding, it will give you the photos and vocabulary to direct the person who will be completing your look for the day.

2. If you are having a veil with your dress, bring the veil to your hair stylist to understand how this will be attached to your hair style.  The pre-day appointment helps you relax and feel prepared. See the video below.  Also find exciting designer house dresses and veils on plus your local bridal shops are linked in each area.

3. If you are having an outdoor or beach wedding, the long veils can get away from your head in a stiff breeze.  Consider a shorter veil  or hair clip style, and/or flowers - securely attached.

4. Some alternatives to veils are the beautiful designer hair clips, flowers placed on combs that the florist creates for you, and delightful hats that match your dress.  Hats too can fly off with a brisk breeze.

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5. If  you have decided on a very long chapel veil, consider having some help lifting this as you go down the aisle.  Jr. Bridesmaids can help ease the strain on your head.  Yes, the veil looks light and airy, and barely weighs a pound or two, but it can really tug on your head and neck.  No bride needs a headache on her special day.

6. Flower garlands and floral clips on the head are lovely for those who do not have allergies.
Consider this problem for your groom too. Either take a pill or plan to sneeze your way through.  There are many less-allergic flowers to choose from.

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