Thursday, August 2, 2012

Honeymoon In The South Pacific

Tips on Honeymooning In The California Wine Country, Caribbean Islands or Belize Shores and The Tahiti & Pacific Islands.
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                                  Overwater bungalows or villas       View across the lagoon on Bora Bora

Wine Country honeymoons, romantic travel to Caribbean resorts and hotels, Tahiti overwater bungalows and the Belize reefs all share common concerns for their visitors. They all had some unique travel and safety tips for those desiring a "romantic honeymoon or getaway" while visiting their regions.  

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#1.  Understand they are located close to the equator and the sun will burn the skin easily.  Sun blocks do not stop sun burn, just screen the bad rays out.  One coordinator stated they have couples arrive one or two days in advance of their wedding ceremony and end up being so sun burned they do not want to wear the garments they brought for the wedding.

#2.  Side trips with unauthorized services without proper insurance and permits can turn into a problem for any visitor. Check with the hotel concierige or the visitors bureau before booking. Viator and Fare Buzz and Discovery on  & -  also offer well established tours and ticket services.
                                      We loved the colorful wedding on Moorea Island

#3.  Don't go alone. Especially night clubbing in strange cities. Make note o your taxi drivers phone number and car number.

#4.  Changing food habits and water habits can lead to digestive concerns. Many Caribbean resorts are all-inclusive or  have meal plans.  This can save you some money and food is expensive in Tahiti.

#5. Carry sun blocks, antibiotic ointments and band aids. Shoes can rub blisters when walking on strange turf.  Many hotels and honeymoon resorts carry some supplies and know the way to the emergency rooms in their area.

#6. When wine tasting in the various wine regions, understand 3 pours of wine have alcohol equal to a bottle of beer or a mixed drink. Best to have a dry driver. (one who does not drink)

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