Friday, December 14, 2012

Wedding + Flowers = Beautiful

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Custom Wedding Flowers and Decor
            Whether you are attempting to achieve a loud WOW or a hushed awesome wow, you will want to set the style and add romance to your wedding with flowers. They are at the top of the list in achieving themes, fantasy, passion, flirtation to your wedding and reception. They also bring creative beauty to indoor and outdoor settings.  
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Wow your guests with the vibrant hues, exotic or traditional blossoms available today, or draw them into your romantic setting with soft floral shades, tulle and candlelight. With our worldwide flower markets anything goes in today’s wonder of flowers. Imagine the remarks from the guests if you had no flowers… We have many local florists linked in for every budget. 

 No matter where the wedding and reception are, it is important to work with a local professional florist who offers you several recommendation letters to call and confirm his/her standards from prior clients.  Yes, call those recommendations -- who knows better than someone he/she has worked for previously? You’ll want to know …
·         if the flowers were delivered on time and was the order what was talked about and requested?
·         if the order was filled completely and marked for who gets what?
·         if the flowers were fresh and held up well throughout the day?
Your best question is ....Would use that florist or floral designer again?

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We will discuss table flower decor in the next blog. Questions, join Judith Rivers-Moore on Facebook.
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