Friday, October 19, 2012

Creative Ideas & Fun Things To Do For Your Destination Wedding Guests

Castle de Amorosa in Napa Valley, Ca. photo by Judith Rivers-Moore

So why publish a photo of this castle in Napa Wine Country.  We know you cannot get married at this Napa Valley castle, but you can have fun tours, events and dinners. There are many wineries who will not do weddings & receptions but will do unique and wonderful tours, picnics and dinners for your guests while in the area.

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Couples realize many of their wedding guests are coming from far away and some think about giving them a nearby accommodations list.  Many couples hosting destination weddings in regions will make it part of their plan to have tours available they may all go on.   includes most area's Tourism Bureaus in the Area's Services Menu. Many of the wedding venues and hotel websites include a list of local tours.  

I have listed a few ideas below and we would love to have you join us with your ideas regarding your wedding region.

Sonoma and Napa wine regions: wine tours, private wine tasting, hot air balloon rides, Safari West tours, Coppola's swim and museum, Charles Shultz Museum, Green Music Center and the Napa Wine Train are fun experiences. There are hundreds of wineries in these counties.

San Francisco night club tours, walking the Golden Gate Bride as a group, Greyline city bus tour and take the Bart around the Bay Area if you do not have local transportation. The museums and art are amazing.

Los Angeles and Orange have the Disneyland idea with MGM as another favorite tour. Greyline takes you to Grahams etc for a variety of tours.  From Gene Autry to Getty -- the museums are awesome.

New York City holds a vast array of nightclub and top theater musicals and plays for enjoyment. We also found tours for the Rockettes to the Statue of Liberty.

The Caribbean Islands include a nightclub evening, snorkel day cruise, Ragga music and dances, moonlight cruises on sailboats and beach parties.

Hawaii is one big beach party and awesome hikes, sailings and water sports. While Pearl Harbor is somber, we know you will enjoy the unique trips to a live volcano and furtherest views of the stars!!. 

Take a look at where you are hosting your wedding and determine what might be of interest to your guests.

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