Saturday, November 3, 2012

Rehearsal Dinners

You are probably saying, "Why is she talking to me about a rehearsal dinner, when I have so many other things to think about!!" Correct, but in the forefront of stating who will be responsible for what and number of guests to invite, there are some quirky concerns as you work on your budget and speak with your future in-laws. So lets consider them and you can add your questions or ideas right here on the Blog.

1. Financial and Planning Responsibility for the Rehearsal Dinner has historically fallen on the family of the groom. Leaving those concerns out of the bride and groom's worry area. It is vital to communicate in early planning WHO will be responsible for this event.  It is also vital the couple communicate the number of guests to the host of the rehearsal dinner - so they may look for a site.
Also, we are seeing some changes in this area as many couples are paying for their weddings and take on this in their scope of planning.

2. The guest list has historically been just the immediate wedding party (groomsmen, bridesmaid, officiant, parents and siblings of each side and the coordinator plus their one guest).  We do see changes in the destination wedding group as they ask many of those who traveled in early for the wedding to join them at the rehearsal dinner. This can get pricey and should be discussed completely with the host/hostess of the dinner.

3. Reason to set the number of guests is because some restaurants do not have room for a larger group than anticipated.  Many rehearsals fall on Friday nights and it is a task to gain a restaurant that wants to serve a group. Friday is one of their best commercial nights. If the final number is less, that is so much better than more.  

Crab Feeds and Beach Parties Are Fun 

4. Even tho there are children in the wedding, remember a babysitter is an asset as they will be a happier child/children on the wedding day if they go to bed on time.  

5. Some times the groom's family cannot afford to pick up the tab on an entire rehearsal dinner.  They may be able to provide a portion and require support from the couple. This is a time where we bring understanding to a situation. Also, couples deal sometimes with the rehearsal dinner being more grand than the wedding day celebration.  Again flexibility is needed and open discussion is necessary.
Awesome Picnic Areas You Can Reserve

6. Consider some different ideas for Rehearsal Dinners.
  • Evening picnics in parks or beach parties with games 
  • Art Gallery, Museum or Aquarium dining with a caterer to serve
  • Roof Garden Restaurants overlooking a city
  • Out on the bay in one of the exciting tour ships
  • Backyard swim party
  • Pizza Parlor (at a favorite)
  • Wine country - cave dining or picnic ground use
  • Hotel where most of the out-of-town guests are staying
  • If you have rented a house or a condo in the wedding area, plan the dinner there. Caterers, chefs or potlucks work well, as do pizza take home and salads.
A Historic Restaurant In Your Area

You will find hundreds of ideas for pre-wedding parties and rehearsal dinners or your date nights on  Photos by JR Moore

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