Friday, November 16, 2012

Ease Your Bridal Research Strategy

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It’s a “Given” - Brides surf the web when shopping for all their bridal needs. We all get busy reviewing designer gowns and styles of wedding dresses, tuxes and want to find our local shops. We explore hundreds of links to wedding venues.

We are driven to use the lunch hour at work and stay up until 1 or 2 am to surf.  So here are some tips to help get back to that perfect wedding dress you saw and find those exciting wedding venue, reception services you liked or honeymoon location. So between our work computer and home, we become “frazzled” when we cannot find the item we liked.  We have all signed on to so many websites we become deluged with e-mails. Even the professional Wedding Services ask you to sign in to enter their websites….

So here are a few helpful tips and I trust you will sign on to the blog and add your tips to the following:

  1. Take out an e-mail address – specific to your wedding planning time and dump it after the wedding. This way your personal e- account can continue for your friends and family.
  2. If you are going to sign up everywhere, use the same password
  3. Find and use “Free Access Web Portals” where all your shopping can be completed from one or two geographical areas (menu).
  4. Shopping for wedding locations can be difficult – find a website that shows the number of guests in the description, so you do not spend hours looking inside the websites for this information.
  5. Look beyond the first two pages on your Search Engine searches – there are amazing companies.
  6. Bookmark a web address you like or e-mail to your bridal e-mail so you can get back to it quickly.  Research is difficult enough without losing your favorites.

You will find all the above tools on…

  • Free access to all the venues and services
  • Thousand of links to low budget and elegant locations
  • Wedding Planning Classes (online webinars that provide budgets/timelines and more.) 
  • Worldwide destinations for the wine country wedding regions, beach wedding sites, garden venues, major hotels, religious settings and castles
  • Ease to bookmark and e-mail your findings.

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