Sunday, December 30, 2012

Beach Wedding Sites & Honeymoon Resorts from Long Island, The Gulf Coast to California's Pacific Coast

Pacific Sunset - Photo by Judith Rivers-Moore

There are a huge variety of beach wedding sites, romantic beach vacation rentals and beach resort hotels in the USA and the world.  Long Island and Virginia Beach in the East Coast  to California offers a multitude of coastline favorite wedding sites and honeymoon resorts. We cannot forget the beautiful lake regions in our USA that provide the lakeside backdrop for wedding celebrations and inspiring honeymoons. 

We have found beautiful settings from the tip of Florida to Maine where beach weddings flourish along the Atlantic Seaboard.  From Newport Beach, the beautiful New Jersey coastline, Chesapeake Bay, Virginia Beach, South Carolina and the Atlantic coastline of Florida around to the Gulf Coast reveals hundreds of remarkable hotels bed and breakfasts, inns, vacation rentals and resorts.
 Beach view bedrooms & Sound of the Ocean Waves

These wedding venues and honeymoon locations provide many styles of services and you can discover these as you open up links on Some will house your guests making them a perfect wedding destination. Event sites sometimes have all-inclusive planning, while most give you a list of recommended local reception services eager to complete your celebration in style. 

We know many couples desire a private and/or small family wedding or choose to elope.  Often this is where the vacation rental on the beach works well for couples and they are great ideas for housing wedding guests for a nearby celebration.

Tips on Hosting A Beach Wedding: 
  • Consider the time – the tides come in and where it ends up on the beach
  • Choose a season with less seaweed or sea nats
  • The owners of the property will suggest best times for ceremonies
  • Not all beachfronts are safe for swimming – if this is a beach party or vacation time please inquire.
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