Thursday, August 16, 2012

Wedding Planning, Wedding Classes and Online Webinar For Do-It-Yourself Brides

 There is so much information on the web today and a great deal of misinformation. When it comes to wedding planning you may want quick tips or elaborate details that can be gained from your pc with a webinar, a good book, or web articles.  It all takes time and an outstanding timeline, management skills and budget to see you through the process.

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For the do-it-yourself bride, planning solutions to wedding day dynamics and management concerns are often what couples search for on the web. When you are thinking about learning more on the subject you may want to consider checking the background of the person who created the articles and class you are about to consider gospel.  Sometimes it is what is not written in the instructions or article description that leaves brides in a lurch on their wedding day. 

Judith Rivers-Moore has a background in wedding and event management, taught wedding coordination/planning at several certified California University extended education sessions and has written seven titles on the subject of wedding planning. Judith understands what brides want.

Her website has thousands of wedding venues, wedding reception services plus a one stop area planning menu to complete all the wedding and honeymoon details. She has a number of articles on, her blog and facebook plus she is considered an authority on wedding planning.  Many of the articles cover:
  • How To Interview The Various Wedding Services
  • Themes and Wedding Venue Ideas
  • Honeymoon Ideas
Judith provides couples with a free access web portal called The site offers a creative and free 90 minute online Wedding Class (Webinar) at  Take the class at your leisure, repeat it if you want to and enjoy the great management forms, budgets, timelines, part of a photo enhanced book and audio clips - all downloaded to your computer. Right - Free. You can pass it on to your bridesmaids or family to enjoy.
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There are three more classes, but the first 90 minutes are free and funny with the cartoons providing a humorous slant on weddings. We loved the beautiful photos in the book portion we downloaded.  If you decide to take the rest of the classes, they are reasonably priced, (around $30 each). So many brides stated they got their wedding plans rolling with this one class. Personally, the classes lowered my stress levels and really helped me and my fiance’(now husband) get our wedding plans completed easily.

If you decide to request the remaining classes, call the J.R. Publications Inc. hotline 1-800-233-3850 toll free. The sessions open from an e-mail sent to your e-address.

Guest Contributor,
Jennifer Stanley


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