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Top Twelve Beach Wedding Areas In The World, From California To The Caribbean Islands

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Find Exciting Beach Wedding Venues from Puhket Thailand to Virginia Beach and San Diego
Along with garden weddings and wine country weddings we find many couples choose to have a beach wedding. Many of these are destination locations, hotels and resorts near the ocean or nearby lakeside settings. There is a tranquility and peace to hosting your ceremony at a beach, and fun quality to having a wedding reception with a beach party atmosphere. Since this is the way women shop for an event site…  You will find a variety of beach wedding venues on with ocean or lake settings. We have linked thousands of amazing beach wedding sites throughout the USA and the world. Mobile Access on

Review the TOP 12 Best Beach Wedding Locations Below
Love your input on the blog - What beach area or resort are you considering?

There are a few management concerns I wanted to tip you off about prior to booking your beach wedding site.  Best use time is important. Blistering heat or early morning fog, when the winds come up, high tide, low tide, dangers to children and public access can be major concerns.

We suggest – when selecting a beach wedding venue…
Pacific Sunset - Photo by Judith Rivers-Moore
  • Ask the site management which part of the day offers the best use time. Listening to the management regarding best time of year to plan and best part of the day is a very good idea. They know their event location.
  • If they seem sketchy, look for articles and complaints on Google regarding the location. If it is nearby, visit a few times to understand the beach location and look up the tide times for the specific date.
  • Ask what the policies are for set up and break down of the ceremony and how you get to the ceremony site in your wedding dress.
  • If a beach reception, you will want to know how things can be set up, water and power concerns, and lighting the way back to cars as the sun sets.
  • Certain beaches have “invaders” protected by environmental agencies.  Many of us do not want the “wonder sea crabs” crawling through our wedding ceremony.
  • Setting your ceremony area to close to the tides, can be a disaster as it rolls in.
  • Our ever-changing earth gives a variety of sunset times. I find many couples want their vows at sunset. Beautiful yes and very photogenic with western sunsets.
  • All state and most city beaches require wedding permits. You will find links to state beaches on our WeddingLinks
  • Consider the difficulty of getting the chairs to the ceremony area and out later. The dynamics of this is time consuming and a struggle in the sand.

Creative Beach Wedding Ideas

Tahitian Theme Wedding - Photo by, Judith Rivers-Moore
  • No high-heels.  Have a basket of flip-flops for guests
  • Umbrellas for the guests to protect from the sun or fun sun hats as favors.
  • Sun block available for the guests.
  • When it is a beach party reception find someone to attend the children for their safety. Water is an attraction to little ones and parents may not notice their child wandering toward the water.  A play tent outfitted with fun games and a nanny may help the situation.
  • There are fun tents and colorful awnings you can rent at the party rentals.
  • I love the favors for beach weddings and found has many ideas.
  • Some resorts along the beach have transportation (golf carts) to the beach event for the elderly. Walking through sand is a struggle.
  • There are catering companies that specialize in “beach parties” offering bbqs, themes and entertainment with wedding planners to help you complete the details.
TOP 12 Beach Wedding Locations For Weddings Islands  -  Tahiti Islands   -    both coasts and the Keys Diego York - Long Island           -  Galveston Carolina   -  Phuket

Also Consider Beautiful Lake Beach Areas Worldwide:
Lake Tahoe in California, Lake Louise in Canada, Lucerne Lake in Switzerland, Great Lakes in Michcigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, Lake Como in Italy, etc.

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