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Simple To Sexy Wedding Dresses, Designer Wedding Gowns & Bridal Shops

 Women seek a variety of styles in their wedding apparel today. While some of us want stunning bridal gowns with elegant lines, lace and figure flattering chic forms, other brides-to-be choose casual beach wedding styles or short length dress and many desire traditional ethnic gowns from their native culture.
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The  Wedding Dress Galley on provides you with an opportunity to review the designers who specialize in every style from all over the world.  From that great page with links to mother of the bride, flower girl, bridesmaid and top designers, Find Your Style - then enjoy opening the pages in your Local Area that offer you great service.  

This one link leads to both famous gown designers to review wedding dress styles and to our thousands of bridal shops in your search area of the USA and global cities.  Mobile Friendly access to to inspiring bridal shops. You will also find VIDEOS from the current fashion designer shows on the home page of

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There are a few tips you may want to consider before selecting your wedding dress
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1. Choosing your dress style has a great deal to do with what type of wedding you are planning.  Some gowns adhere to elegant black-tie evening weddings, and other styles look best at the beach. Believe me, you will know when it is the “right dress”.

2.When this is a church wedding, check with their rulings prior to purchase. Some churches request shoulders be covered and no backless gowns.

3. You will want to emphasis your body’s positive lines and down play the over obvious. This often takes your acceptance of your figure and someone who will offer an honest opinion. I have swimmers shoulders, so I do not seek puffy sleeves and my face is heart shaped, so I look for specific necklines that enhance it. I have a narrow waist, but blossoming hips. Figure problems can be relieved by the right styles.

4. There are seven colors of white and some of these tones can drab down our coloring. Find out which white looks the best with your skin tones or work to achieve make-up tones to enhance your purchase.  Because shop lighting is not natural, request a mirror by a window to view your coloring as you try on dresses.

5. Ordering your dress from a bridal shop can take six to nine months and if you are having it made by a professional dress designer, this can take a year or more.  Most dresses when ordered require a great deal of fitting by a qualified seamstress.  Most quality shops and salons have this service.  It is with purchases from the web and pre-owned or family gowns, we run into dresses that require remodeling.

6. Wedding veils and be-jeweled headpieces, tiaras and hats are available. Selecting these has a great deal to do with the dress you decide upon. Often we can find gorgeous matches. Because of winds, you will want to fasten veils well on to your hairstyle. Many ladies choose to have elaborate wedding hairstyles and no other adornments.

7.  Getting ready and freshening up on your wedding day can lead to dropped lipsticks, and makeup getting on the dress. Use a covering over your dress, when applying.

8. Planning to dance at your wedding reception brings the element of bustling your long dress after the ceremony.  The more bouffant a skirt is, the more complicated the bustle. Bring a bridesmaid to learn how the bustle works from the seamstress or shop owner. This bridesmaid will assist you on the wedding day.

9.  Plan to have your wedding dress cleaned within three days. Stains set in quickly.  has a signup to receive our FREE e-Wedding Planning Book "The Wedding Manifesto"
authored by an educator of wedding planners. You will also receive management forms, time lines for the rehearsal and day-of wedding and several gifts along with our "Best Style California Wedding & Honeymoon" e-Magazine. 

Find bridal shops, wedding venues and wedding services on also.

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