Friday, August 10, 2012

Cocktail & Bar Set Up For Parties and Wedding Receptions

                                           Cocktail Parties, Martinis and blended drinks are in-style. 

Your  wedding reception, special event or cocktail party may begin or evolve in a room set aside, or the entry space prior to entering the reception room.  Some hosts set the bar up in the main reception room.  Couples set up a wine bar or spritzer bar with soft drinks for the youth.  Some couples create an entry area for their reception with soft music, and bar service to create a inviting area of luxury prior to their arrival after their photographs. There are trained bar staff services that will mix the "couple's cocktail" drinks created and named after the bride and groom. But the mixed bar that also serves wine ... is often more appreciated.

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Responsible hosts are moving away from the wine bottles on the tables for two reasons.  One, it is a waste of good wine with many open wine bottles at the end of an event and Two, some people drink way to much – reaching for bottles from other tables. We are seeing small individual bottles with personalized labels as favors and people getting up from their table to have a glass refilled or wait staff serving the alcohol and water.

Two Types Of Bar Setup

The FREE/hosted Bar is taken care of by the host or hostess and drinks are free to guests.  A tips jar is not allowed on the counter at these paid bars, the tip is part of the bill paid by the host/hostess provides.

The PAID No-Host Bar - or Public Bar  is where drinks are paid for by the individual guest.  A tips jar is allowed at this type of bar. 

Clubs and associations and most hotels have their own bartenders with alcohol purchased and do put up a tips jar. 

WISDOM - It pays (insurance wise) to have a bar tending service that practices Responsible Hospitality.
WISDOM - If children are invited - please understand parents get busy drinking and socializing and a good baby sitter or children's entertainment area is very helpful.

Bar Set Up

If planning a winery wedding - you likely will be serving their wines and they will have their
servers on hand to do this. 

If you are outfitting your own bar, we suggest speaking with the in-know people at a specialized liquor store, large warehouse-type beverage companies or a chain store (grocer) with staff who know alcohol serving and beverages. They can guide you.  Please understand if you are serving alcohol to a public group, you probably are required to have an ABC license in your city/county/state.  When you hire a bartending service, they generally come with this ABC license. Please check to see that the date is current on this license when hiring.

To outfit a general bar, understand people like to drink various things.  Water and ice are primary, beer depends on your crowd, wines are often the mainstay and hard alcohol or mixed drinks or special cocktails can be part of the bar setup.  If you do not want the expense of providing all these selections, then make it either or…a cocktail bar, beer bar, wine bar, margarita bar, sangria bar, etc….
Find LOCAL links to all types of vintners, alcohol and beverage stores and bar tending services on and our mobile friendly

Hors d’ oeuvres For Cocktails & Wine and Foods Served With Beer

 Appearances for the (hors d’ oeuvres) one-bite delectable go far beyond the chips and dips with beer, or cheese and crackers served with wines. Hours of prep time go into these adorable and tasty nibbles served on unique plates, stone surfaces, large leaves and unique cups or tiny glassware. The cocktails require specific bar glasses and a very talented bartender or two who know the rules on responsible hospitality. They usually come outfitted to set up in a specific space you designate.  People mingle around some exciting displays or servers bring the trays of hors d’ oeuvres. Attitude LUXURY, Fussy, Fabulous and Caloric are words to describe.  The caterer’s preparation-time is intensive, very tasty and sometimes just as costly as a seated dinner. They do lend elegance to a gathering and are a welcome surprise at the beginning of a dinner party or focus of a grand event. 


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