Friday, August 3, 2012

Wedding Photographers & Video Services Capture Your Wedding Ceremony & Wedding Reception Memories

There is no way to convey in words of what the wedding photographer captures in reflective moments of your wedding ceremony and celebration. The video services vibrate the moods, exciting movements and treasured sounds of the big day. Both are important wedding services to remind you of that moment in time.   A friend said, she did not cry during the wedding, but tears rolled down her cheeks as she viewed her wedding photos.

While we see a variety of photo ideas with photo booths, table instant cameras, family or friends running around with their digitals at the reception, and exciting online wedding albums, this is no area you want to short change. The difference between my quick shot digital and the ones the professionals use are miles apart.  Below you can see their quality over mine, at a glance.

Non-Pro Photo by Judith Rivers-Moore

Photo by a Professional -

As a writer of wedding planning and honeymoon books and ceo of, I find it impossible to complete a project without the submissions of fantastic photos from these awesome wedding photographers.

A picture is worth a thousand words, no matter how good a writer is.  They tell the truth of a life-story’s moment, and remain in our mind’s eye for years to come.
Contracting With A Professional Wedding Photographer:
In your contract you will provide them with specifics:
a.                   list of who you want photographed
b.                  notify them of the exact times they are to arrive and address
c.                   when you want the formal portraits
d.                  review the contract for all the details
e.                   give reminder calls 1 week ahead of your date

New things on the market are; photographers who do green photography, offering special paper and album services, unique albums, photo shop enhancements, large signature portraits, combined services of photo booths and photographers, and oil canvases of your favorite wedding photo for the wall.  The online fun you can enjoy with your photos is endless and you will find links to these many types of weddding services on for all these and more, specific to your event region. 

The interesting thing about a wedding photographer, is they often become your family photographer and are often there for you through the years.  They love to assist with portraiture of your anniversary, the baby portraits, the family and business portraits and graduations. and are part of  partner
websites. Sign up for our  free online wedding planning book and receive management forms, budgets and timelines for all you planning details.

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