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Bridal Shows & Wedding Fairs To Meet Los Angeles to Miami Wedding Venues, Services & Travel

Brides attend local bridal shows for a variety of reasons. The colorful wedding fairs are highly publicized on radio, TV and in the media, plus now on the web and Facebook.  It is fun to attend and can get you in the mood to begin your planning.  The shows offer many exciting prizes, booth prizes and discounts if you book the wedding vendor at the show.  Most have inspiring bridal fashion shows with the recent designs, tuxedos and bridal attendant ideas.  There are workshops at some and speakers who nail specific subjects for couples. Looking for a bridal show in your region - Look to BridalShowInfo and for current dates and places.
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Often the wedding shows are held in lovely hotels and wedding locations where the site manager can introduce couples to their venue and tour them through the setting. We occasionally see wedding shows held in shopping malls.  There is also a variety of price tags on the entry fees ranging from free to $25. 

Many couples have never planned a wedding before and in our recent economy, their combined funds are paying for the wedding celebration. Couples need to set their budgets and find out what the local price ranges are in the vicinity of where they plan to be married.  Though grooms do not always want to attend, we do meet many more of these wonderful guys at the shows now. 
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Through the years, and hundreds of bridal shows we have attended, people ask me if it is better to attend a very large show or a boutique style show.  The larger, over-crowed shows do not give time to speak with the booth vendors.  You might gain some brochures and hardly talk to the owner or representative.  Lets face it you have questions for the wedding photographers, the florist, the party rental company and the various services. Most services discuss their various packages and bring their appointment books.

Here are a few good tips and find current show dates on  WeddingLinks.CO 
(The Web address gives you California to New York, Canada & Worldwide Bridal Shows, Wedding Venues & Services Links - We link businesses with a history of five or more years in business.)
TIPS ...
  • Bring your groom or a friend to bounce the information off of later
  • You want to hire businesses that have been around for several years and worked on many weddings and/or receptions
  • Wear comfortable shoes
  • Sign up for the door prizes - winning a prize can off-set your budget in great ways.
  • You do not have to contract with anyone without checking their references first
  • Take a pen to note on a brochure when you want to call a person or price quotes
  • Most shows give you a bag, but sort it out when you get home for people you want to call for appointments. 
  • Understand when you call these venues and services, they consider Monday and Tuesdays their off work days – whereby you have Saturday and Sunday off.
  • Use your smart phone to store photos, names of businesses you want to contact in the future and find now that more businesses can be accessed through your smart phones.
  • Look for unique ideas, themes, party linen ideas and reception table possibilities.
Please ask permission before you take photos of dresses or the displays. Those are considered creative ideas.

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