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How To Handle The Bride and Dad Relationship

    SUBJECT:  Handling Dads While Planning A Wedding Celebration!
by Judith Rivers-Moore - The Wedding Coach on
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A great deal happens in all your relationships as you plan a wedding celebration!

Can any of us really handle our dads.  The answer is YES.  Most of us by 15 know their touchy spots, how they feel about money, their weaknesses and their you have most of the tools to bring your dad into focus.  So why is a wedding celebration such a touchy subject with dad, and just where does he fit into the planning experience.  From meeting the parents of the groom to participating in bachelor party (sometimes) to toasting at the engagement party or rehearsal dinner, taking you down the aisle, and your dad and daughter is important to keep him in the loop.

1.  Of course brides often look to parents for monetary assist, but today please comprehend many of the parents lost a great deal of their retirement funds and cannot be as generous as they were ten years ago... (easy to understand).  Most parents try to come up with a gift of substance or specific dollar amounts today  So you may be on your own more in the funding of your wedding.  Believe me, it really hurts a dad, so this may be something where you can sooth his bruised ego.  No matter, encourage him to enjoy the celebration and contribute in other ways.

When he is miles away, set up family HangOuts on Google or Skype dates. When dads have a close relationship with their daughters, it is a unique experience to let them go to another man.

2. His assistance can be invaluable.  If nearby, take him to a bridal show to price out the venues and vendors.  If he is good at web research have him find the best for the least price in your area.  Men often like to price out the wine and beer or bar services for an event and possibly transportation services.  

3. Feeling left out of his daughter's life and letting go to another man he has two major concerns for a caring father. That the guy is good enough for you, and if you truly love this man.
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He's been the king of your world for years!

4. Sometimes brides confide they are closer to a step-dad - than their own dad. We often see both dads walk the bride down the aisle or.... no dads on the aisle. We see bride and groom walking in together, and brides walking alone and independent.  We see favorite uncles, granddads, moms, business partners, etc walking her down the aisle. So relax and make your own decision.

5. Sometimes brides have a dad and a step-dad.  There are many concerns with this. Her decision for the seating arrangement at the ceremony can be a horrific decision for brides to make .  Here are some clues.

Brides' families that get along well:  Front seating:  Left side: Both sets of mothers and fathers in front aisle. 
Rest of mother's children and families sit in 2nd aisle back and step mothers children 3rd aisle back

Brides families that do not get along well (even if dad brings the bride down the aisle.)  Mother and her new husband or guest in front aisle with her children in second row.  Former husband (brides' dad) sits down with his new wife or guest and children in the 3rd aisle.  

At the reception: If it is a hard choice, give each of the dads their own table to host or place them with different groups of people.  
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