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Writing Your Wedding Vows - A Quick Step Method

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You are launching your ship of life together and maybe you have a desire to create your wedding vows. It does add romance to any wedding ceremony.  Vows they personalize your love for one another, expressing how the two of you want to meet your future life is achievable.

Thee following quick steps will guide you through a process that many books have been written about, many an article can be found and enormous amounts of dialogue is spoken on.  There is no way to put your love and dedication to one another in a nutshell, but writing your vows will seem that way. Your lives add up in a variety ways, but hopefully this guide line can assist you in the writing process.

You will find specific searches helpful on Google for endearing terms and we offer a lovely gift to couples of historic poetry and prose when you sign up for our free wedding planning book on
We have posted author, Anne Wycoff''s Prose on LOVE helpful from the home page.

1.You each write a list of five words that help you think of one another in a romantic way and how you love one another - that you can say in public or in front of an officiant.
2. You each write a list of five words that help you think of one another in a respect of talent or knowledge, or mastering of struggles.
3.  You each write a list of five pre-discussed - life goals you want to achieve together. Possibly one anothers' families or children can be included.

You each write from your own list - you do not have to show one another - nor discuss this with one another. It does not matter if you duplicate your statements to one another on your wedding day.  If, when you get these written and do not want to say them during the ceremony, you will have them for one another to read later.  Also you can ask your best man and your maid of honor or the wedding officiant to read them to the gathering.
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4.  Your statements should clock/run approximately 1.5 to 2 minutes each.
You have four lists to begin your writing together. Done by hand or on your computer, bring your list together in brief sentences.  Bride and Groom write them separately.  You can begin anywhere in the lists, but I suggest you begin with the many ways you love one another.
5. Writing and re-writing helps to hone out and affirm how you feel.

It is important to understand - many people are shy about speaking in front of a group. This can be a very painful experience for a bride or groom. Understand that speaking in front of a group is one of the most feared life situations.  If either are uncomfortable, please love your intended for speaking up about not feeling good about doing this.  The wedding officiant can include much of this in the ceremony.  Your wedding day is a day of romance and not fear.
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