Thursday, July 5, 2012

Romantic Santa Barbara Weddings & Honeymoons

Santa Barbara, along the South Coast of California is a favorite wedding and honeymoon destination. The favorite regions include the Santa Ynez wine country for your wedding and honeymoon or a glamorous Santa Barbara beach wedding with state park or hotel venues at one of the honeymoon resort hotels. You will find it a relaxing smaller art-oriented community where the Hollywood stars come to hang out and enjoy romantic getaways.  The famous Ronal Regan Ranch sits above in the hillsides not far from a beautiful inland lake and pine-forested reservoir. The wines are world class and relish in the early morning fog that occasionally stays along the Pacific coast. 

Couples hosting a beautiful yacht wedding find the Santa Barbara Bay area a delight with sail boats dotting the harbor and romantic restaurants dotting the coast with excellent dining from note worthy chefs.  There are beach hotels and popular ocean side conference resorts with enjoyable shopping in most of the cities.  Montecito shopping can be pricey, yet we find around the university in Goleta just north of Santa Barbara a variety of price ranges for the students and creative clothing ideas. The county is varied and beautiful with the enjoyable Santa Maria being the larget city.  We found it has great wedding reception services and shopping for a wedding dress is made easy.  This area offers a more agricultural and space program oriented population with Vandenberg nearby. 

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You will find a variety of lovely hotels and wedding venues in the Santa Barbara area on  Along with wedding reception services and fine dining, wineries and tourism for the region.

The bakeries in nearby Solvang are world-renowned with some of the most creative breads exciting wedding cakes and awesome pastry known to vacationing couples.  The Scandanevian atmosphere is a fun backdrop for honeymooners and intimate weddings.  The little town of Buellton is known for their split pea soup and offer several restaurants in the region.  People come for thousands of miles for a tasty bowl.

This is a popular Los Angeles getaway region. It is a refreshing drive from LA along the Pacific Coast to Carpinteria for camping areas and nice hotels. Known for their beautiful historic Santa Barbara Mission, the city enjoys great restaurants along with popular catering services and knowledgeable wedding reception services. We found the region is a popular conference area with many unique event sites in California. Make your reservations early, the coastal cities fill up fast. Honeymoon in California is memorable in Santa Barbara.