Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Los Angeles For A Honeymoon

Los Angeles for a honeymoon? How much fun can that be?  Well, living there for many years, it is easy to understand the question. This is one of the busiest cities in the world with freeways going in a multitude of directions, crazy traffic and people finding the fun things there are to do.  Every weekend can be a holiday.  But a honeymoon?  Where are the romantic spots? 

No surprise, they are along the western beach communities with the low-keyed, sandy beach, ocean view restaurants and romantic bedrooms of Malibu, Santa Monica, Pacific Palisades, Marina Del Rey, El Segundo, Redondo and Hermosa Beach cities and the wild and wacky Venice.  Flights to Los Angeles Itl. Are generally reasonable and near the beach communities mentioned.  The laid back atmospheres of these areas can add to your honeymoon experience, and with a quick drive inland you find exciting things to spend your awake hours.  There are find many world-class restaurants, nightclubs and hotels on for Los Angeles.  Couples find unique areas to visit and entertainment ideas in this resource.  This is one city where you do need to rent a car at the airport and have good maps.

Take a yacht cruise for the afternoon; it is a camera’s delight to look back at the harbors and shoreline.  The Marina Del Rey’s yacht harbor is one of the largest in Southern California.  Many people live aboard their yachts and tour the cities along many coastlines.  I highly recommend you gain passage on a boat heading to delightful Catalina Island, just west of the mainland.  The island offers fun walking, shopping and swimming for the day.  Yes they too have hotels with views of the water. The feel is very European and tranquil as the daytime tourists leave for the day and the island becomes yours. 

Designing your visit is part of the fun.  There are tour buses that take you to the MGM Studios for a day visit.  Tours to take you through Hollywood and Brentwood (where the stars live).  Many couples find the amazing collections at exciting museums like the Getty and the Bowers and cowboy movie actor, Gene Autry’s Western museum along with the Huntington Library and Gardens house famous works of art to be rediscovered by you. The unbelievable Labra Tar Pits are also popular visits.  

When you are from relatively small cities, the inner Los Angeles skyscrapers are a sight to behold and experience.  Just taking the elavator to the top terrace and looking around at the sister buildings and views can be inspiring.  . Long Beach is home to the cruise ship harbor and the historic Queen Mary (now a hotel in the harbor). This is a very interesting place to stay, tour and host a wedding.  If you are fortunate to be in Los Angeles when the Hollywood stars are walking the red carpet or there is a performance at the art and cultural center, aim for tickets in advance.  If visiting on the New Years Day, try to go to the early morning Rose Parade in Pasadena.  Enjoy Los Angeles; it has a lot to offer!!

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