Monday, July 23, 2012

Destination Wedding, Elopements & Honeymoon Planning

If it is in your plan to create a romantic destination wedding for just the two of you or a larger group meeting in one spot from all over the world, we have some special tips to assist you in creating your dream wedding. Be concerned with:
§         The legal marriage license factor when traveling to any city/country to be married.
§         You are encouraged to have a wedding planner at the destination or use a hotel with services provided.  It is too frantic arriving and not having qualified services and difficult to interview from afar.
§         Expectations in remote regions must be lowered and then be delighted when the venue and services surpass your dreams. 
§         Go where safety is highest and there are less threats for health and safety.
§         Give your group 12 months to 16 months to save up for the trip and make personal arrangements with time off from jobs.
§         Understand food is often more expensive in other countries. There are so many favorite destinations worldwide and we offer you several in the USA. You will find many exciting wedding and honeymoon venues in these areas on
  1. Sonoma & Napa wine country weddings are the third most popular in the USA

  2. Hawaii, with Honolulu for honeymoons and Maui for weddings is tops.
  3. Las Vegas wedding plans are popular for elopements and destination groups.
  4. Galena, Illinois along the Ohio River is a very historic setting for weddings.
  5. Disney World and Disneyland continue to be favorites for the princess brides.
  6. San Diego beach weddings and resorts draw thousands to romance every year.
  7. The Florida coastal cities of Miami, the Key West, Ft. Lauderdale and Palm Beach along with a 
  8. Virginia Beach is fast becoming a top east coast wedding scene.
  9. New Englander’s love Newport, Rohde Island and the New York City skyline.
  10. San Antonio in Texas is the lover’s Venice of the southwest with its canal.
  11. Those seeking a spiritual center love Shasta, Ca,  Santa Fe, NM and Sedona, Arizona and the great Smokey Mountains  in Gattlinburg.

Our suggestions for other countries consist of:

  1. Tahiti or Fiji, they recently changed requirements on marriage and they are extraordinarily beautiful.
  2. Cancun and Cabo, Mexico cater to romance in a big way with amazing resorts.
  3. The Caribbean Islands have long drawn romance in the white sands of their shores. The leisure activities range from nightclubs to scuba diving.
  4. Banff and Jasper in Alberta, Canada appear to be drawing the movie stars.
  5. Belize and the resorts along the reefs on the eastern side welcome the adventurer.
  6. Italy, whether Rome or Venice, Tuscany and Florence and the waters of Messina and Sardenia enhance any wedding celebration or honeymoon.
  7. Paris continues its romantic call to couples and for the inquisitive or art lovers, you will immerse in unique restaurants and artist streets and the Louve’.
  8. Hong Kong’s bustle, Dubai sky scraper hotels and the Indonesia islands are great choices for unique honeymoons. 
  9. Many Australians and Zelander’s choose Tasmania and the South Pacific Islands.  
  10. However you choose... enjoy looking up links on


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