Tuesday, September 8, 2015

FIVE Unique Catering & Beverage Decorating Ideas For Wedding Receptions or Special Events

We  would like to stimulate your thinking and tickle your budget with some inspiring ideas.  Money and budgets are often a concern with any type of catering, but some of these ideas are not to pricey.  From various styles of drinks served to fun desserts. Enjoy!

There are so many fun ideas for couples to use in their wedding reception.  Even if you are a vegetarian or vegan and require gluten free, you will find caterers who specialize in all types of catering. From barbeque, Spanish Paella, colorful sushi, Thai foods and amazing local, sustainable farm to table ideas.  Floral decor and fruits are beautiful & elegant accents.

Image result for buffet table with flowersImage result for buffet table with flowers
              Buffets                                          Dessert Tables                                                              

                                    Inline image                                                                                         Image result for free catering photo ideas

  • Decorate the buffet tables, salad, and dinner plates with carved vegetables and fruit. Adds a splash of color and a fun way to serve.  
  • Edible flowers can pull your color theme into play on the plates and drinks served.
  • Your signature drink served with your recipe note and an orchid on the drink.
  • Candy Favor Bar - set up so your guests may help themselves.
  • Ice cream sundae making bar for dessert - instead of cake.
  • Fresh fruit instead of cakes.
Image result for free food photos with flowersImage result for free food photos with flowersInline image          Inline image

Notice this ice tea has various garnishes.Inline image

A final tip...
A toast to the happy couple:  Does not always have to be in champagne, consider sparkling cider or punch.  

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