Monday, August 31, 2015 Can Assist In Planning Weddings from Hawaii, Sonoma Wine Country to Roof Gardens In New York City

While offers thousands of links to venues & services, we also realize a picture is worth a thousand words.  You will find these on

How Exploring Can Assist In Wedding Planning

As a wedding planner I have worked with brides to narrow down what they want from everyone's tips, ideas, themes, facts, etc to what THEY WANT.  It would have been great to have the to assist years before.  We would show them photos of theme ideas, and advise with tours to locations, and still do, but now a bride can wiz through Pinterest and come up with many details on her own....making decisions much easier while achieving her budget.

#1.  Pull and pin photos onto your personal/non-public board.  Begin to enhance with wedding dress ideas, themes, desserts, food, photo ideas and unique ideas.  

#2.  Narrow down into a theme that carries out through the ceremony

#3.  Narrow out into a theme that carries out through the reception

#4.  Pull hair styles, decor styles, etc. jewelry and gift ideas

#5.  Pull together photo ideas for your honeymoon

Add the link to your pages on your smart phone I-Pad or PC for quick reference

We would love to hear back on how YOU use  
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When you want help with the details of HOW TO for wedding planning. We offer a free
digital wedding planner with forms & management.  Just Call 707-539-3585 and leave your name, approximate wedding date... and e-mail address or 800-233-3850.   Or e-mail us at 
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Engagement is a wonderful time of your life -  Make it easier by using many of the exciting tools and services made available to you.

We will send this EASY & FUN wedding planning BOOK filled with your step by step process.  
It includes budget, management forms for each part of the wedding & timelines.
Judith Rivers-Moore is the author of the Wedding Manifesto. and creator of ... with thousands of links to venues and services for every budget. 

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