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Romantic Valentine Ideas and Valentine Day Gifts From Washington DC to Seattle and Spokane

It must be that time of year again. Valentines Day, February 14th, 2015 is heading our way.  There are amazing cupid ideas springing forth for enjoying this celebration of romance. Many couples become engaged or get married on Valentines Day. Personally, I would love to see the emphasis and action on love year round. As Anne Wycoff says in her Essay on,  "Love Is A Verb" on

                                                 LOVE IS AN ACTION WORD

For those of us who are out of touch with creative thinking, I would like to share some valentine ideas.  First of all romance does not mean you must spend enormous amounts of money to prove your affection for someone. There are fun ways to valentine the man or woman in your life. If you are into gifting, preview some of the suggestions below...but fist here are some creative ways to valentine.
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Take note of hints and desires, not needs - being impractical at times is fun because not to many of us want brown socks on Valentines Day. Maybe socks or undies with hearts will bring an endearment. But endearment and memories is what you are after.  Consider the following:

If your love interest takes their lunch to work, pin your valentine on their fruit or slip it in the bag/box. Maybe you love to bake and cookies are a favorite. Say it first thing in the A.M with an amazing breakfast. 
                                                         photo by Forest Park Library

Find 10 ways to make your Love Interest happy and write it out as a proclamation or a coupon book to collect on.  Do at least two on the list - on Valentines Day- take action of the rest through out the weeks ahead.
    ie      give you a foot rub  - cook your favorite meal once a week  -  have your ladies night out here or poker night here once a month -  start a new sport together - take you to dinner at our favorite restaurant - wash your car once a month - (do what continually makes them happy).

Create a romantic dinner for two at home. This really takes effort if you have children requiring care.
Work on the details (babysitter) days ahead, menu, shop, cook... so you are not worn out that night.

If you - are or your love interest is into APPS - download their phone or IPad with... A Free App

Free Apps are found on
(You can often gain an APP for free on one-time-offers - as they will be temporarily offered on the website.)
Pick out a children's APP, game APPs, adult use APPS for the entire family to enjoy.  I have posted some great travel apps on

Unique APPs for small fee
Paper By Fifty-Three Make your own designed paper APP
Red Stamp Cards   are so much fun when you have a long list of valentines to send out.

TOP favorite gifts for Valentines:  Sports Equipment or Tickets, Perfumed Items, Flowers, Champagne or Wines, Underwear Garments, Chocolates or Candy Favorites, and Cards. Big Priced Items appear to be Kindles, Phones, Unique Electronics and Items for Cars.

Dinning Out:  Did you know this is the most booked night of the year at restaurants. This is a do-it-ahead reservation, weeks in advance at popular restaurants.

                                                   photo by


Give a Unique Experience To Your Sweetheart

Spa Products Are Long Enjoyed Gifts

Life Can Be A Box of Chocolates   Especially Dan's Chocolates & Truffles.

Create A Memorable Photo Scrap Book, Cards or Fine Leather Bound Book

Valentines Day Jewelry

Give Tickets To Far Away Places For A Lover's Escape

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