Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Wedding Magazines, Wedding e-Magazines and Digital Bridal Magazines - Newest Trends

It is a known fact a newly engaged bride-to-be will shop for beautiful bridal magazines as they begin to plan their wedding. They are searching for ideas, gowns, inspiration and services to assist in their wedding and reception.  We are seeing a growing trend toward wedding e-magazine (digital bridal magazines) that open from their e-mail, a sent web address and from web magazine stands.

This fast growing trend is toward the e-magazine with the major publishers offering both print and
e-magazines. They titles have doubled over the past year and new regional magazines added. Some are free and others are paid per issue.

We ask brides why they prefer digital e-magazines and we found these common answers.
  1. We have a Kindle or IPad for reading e-magazine. We can go directly to the advertisers website and review their information. 
  2. I am doing everything on my I-phone and my I-pad. 
  3. e-Magazines work for for how I live my life.
  4. Area defined digital magazines save me time.  I scroll through the magazine, click to persons' website and gain complete information for shaping up my wedding. I don't need the PC
  5. They are easy to access with so many web news stands on the internet today.
  6. I commute and can open and plan everything with the WIFI available.
You will seen from the links below... why a Wedding Coach would find the versatility amazing!!
These are free to read. 

*Ideal for any bride hosting a wedding in California that wants proven venues and expert wedding services.

 Best Style California Wedding & Honeymoon

*Ideal for brides who want to capture the Paris Trends in their wedding celebration.

Paris Publication Fearless Bride

*Unique application of bridal ideas and trends for brides of color.

Munaluchi Spring & Summer Bridal e-Magazine

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